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URGENT: Impending Health Crisis After Sandy

November 2, 2012

WIKI: Deterioration is a term now commonly used in health care, to describe worsening of a patient’s condition.

The plight of Hurricane Sandy Survivors is deteriorating. The longer so many people remain isolated without power, water, food amid a crowded metropolis, the faster the survivor/victims will turn to chaos.  Reports of dumpster diving for food is incredible. Whole East Coast Communities in chaos are still waiting.  The whole East Coast is at risk of a PLAGUE!.

  While all the focus is on New York City, there are millions of people stranded in the suburbs and other states along the Eastern United States.  The logistics are indeed incredible, but those in crisis don’t care, they are in trouble.  Survivors are at risk!  New York City is just a little too arrogant right now!  Applying critical resources to pomp and bling is criminal! There are people living with candles and batteries. Why can’t Navy and Coast Guard ships provide power and support to devastated areas? Food, water, power medical are needed to those at risk!

The carcasses of dead rats and other creatures are mixing in the already toxic soup that covers the Hurricane Sandy path.  Carcasses bread PLAGUE!  People need hygiene NOW!

Why Is Bubonic Plague In America

Tunnel flooding may drive subway rats onto NYC streets  – Most vermin will drown, but if lairs dry out quickly, it’ll bring a bounty of garbage for scavenging.

NY, NJ shelter victims to get help for hotel stays

Tens of thousands of people displaced by storm Sandy could soon need housing as cold weather closes in, New York’s political leaders have warned.   New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg put the figure at 30,000-40,000 people.

Federal agencies are looking for flats and hotel rooms in order to get people out of shelters, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has said.

At least 106 US deaths – 40 of them in New York City – have been blamed on Sandy, which struck on 29 October.

Homes without heat would become uninhabitable as temperatures fell, state Governor Andrew Cuomo said.

Residents who had so far refused to leave their homes would have no other option, Mr Cuomo told a news conference on Sunday.

He also said there would be increasing pressure on public transport on Monday, as more people returned to work and the schools re-opened.

Fuel shortages were easing, but Mr Cuomo urged New Yorkers not to hoard petrol, saying more supplies were on their way.

Housing crisis looming in post-storm New York  Authorities in the US say tens of thousands of people affected by superstorm Sandy in New York are going to need emergency housing as cold weather moves in.

New York City Marathon canceled after severe backlash from public

Under enormous pressure from a city in distress, New York City Marathon officials decided late Friday afternoon to cancel the race less than two days before it was scheduled to begin.

The announcement came only a few hours after Mayor Michael Bloomberg defended his decision to keep the marathon scheduled for Sunday. Bloomberg called the annual event a way to show “solidarity” with the millions affected by Hurricane Sandy, many of whom still remain without power and plumbing several days after the storm devastated the region.

Where the Power Is Out and Returning Across the Northeast

Image over substance:  The great idea to hold a marathon in downtown NYC is appalling.   The giant generators in place for the marathon should be sent to blackout areas.  The weather is getting colder.  People are getting desperate.  They will want to burn debris for warmth … that is another disaster in the making!  Not only does furniture wood have toxic components, there are still broken natural gas lines spewing everywhere.  The toxic debris may be contaminated with toxic materials from spills spread all along the East Coast. 

The first priority is getting power back to the effected areas to prevent more explosions and fires.

WIKI:  Desperation is an emotional state in which a person feels a situation to be hopeless and without satisfactory options. Decisions made in desperation may be more rash, impulsive, and inappropriate than those made in a rational frame of mind.

Desperation can refer to: Panic

The dangers threatening survivor health increases the longer they are exposed to unsanitary conditions. Survivors cannot control their personal hygiene, as long as the power and water are missing. 

FEMA has volumes of information addressing Planning for Post-Disaster Recovery.

OPM has Post-Disaster Guidance and Other Information but, where are these guidelines being implemented?  Words vs inaction.

Why are precious resources being provided to concerts and marathons when people are dying and suffering without power, water, food and in unsafe structures?

The US Military has instant shelter resources they deploy and waste all over the world and usually leave them behind The US Military has emergency food rations they supply to disasters all over the world and usually leave them behind.  The US Military has Emergency Field Hospitals and Field Kitchens they deploy all over the world and usually leave them behind.  Show us these resources RIGHT NOW!







These facilities are ALWAYS available for concerts and “Marathons”.  What about the displaced hurricane victims?

Whatever and however relief arrives, it must be faster! Victims do NOT need their assistance applied to a publicity stunt!

There is always the risk of mis-managed disaster funds, like after Katrina.  Sleazy FEMA contractors abused the system and put victims at greater risk.  Only years later are some of those crooks being held accountable in court.  Litigation is a very expensive investment, so the dollar criteria has to be high enough to justify all the attorneys and court costs.  All the fraudulent scams under $10,000 have been written off and the contractors blacklisted.  Much of that outsourced money has been forever lost. I don’t want to see more headlines in America like the one Japan is suffering through:

Outcry in Japan Over Diversion of Post-Disaster Aid Funds  TOKYOJapan has funneled much of the money it promised to disaster-ravaged communities into an array of unrelated projects, recent independent audits have shown, setting off outrage among a public already wary of the government and its response to last year’s devastating earthquake and tsunami and the nuclear crisis that followed…


  1. November 22, 2012 2:32 am

    black people aren’t the only ppl rencivieg food stamps There are plenty of white people on welfare as well as other races It’s a shame that some ppl do abuse the system But alot of ppl are on welfare to get on their feet Alot of black ppl weren’t awarded some of the benefits that white ppl were, although we all choose our own path It is still much harder for blacks in America today as it was in the 50,s nd 60 s U are only white maybe in this world that matters but


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