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America’s Disappointing Role Models

January 20, 2013

The Tsunami of America’s Fallen Angels is drowning us.  Shame is now a way of life and no longer as shocking as it should be.  The shock has worn off because America has become desensitized.

America’s high profile role models have betrayed all of us … especially the children.  There is no shortage of genuine role models, but those in our face every day have fallen from grace. 

Immature Hollywood characters and sports figures are to be expected.  Immaturity, arrogance, and special privilege is exposed to us a daily basis … but, not always from the usual suspects.

Judges, Mayors, Congresspeople, Senators, Religious Leaders and Military figures are redefining Truth, Honor and Honesty in America. 

Honesty is the primary victim, accountability is lost in the noise and integrity is not profitable anymore.  How do we teach our children to be honest?  How do we convince our children to be truthful and honest? 

Politicians, judges, prosecutors and policeman look out for each other, while they lock up the everyday citizens for anything from the trivial to the atrocious.  If they make us all look like criminals, their indiscretions don’t appear as damning.  Can they control and threaten us to stop the questions we ask?  The latest round of Role Models crashing around us include sports figures, politicians, judges and various celebrities.  They lie, they cheat, they steal, they commit sexual crimes … They deny over and over and over … only to look like cartoon characters once they are finally nailed to the wall with overwhelming evidence.

The most disgusting aspect of all this, is the damage to those who dare speak the truth.  Some ‘TruthHuggers’ are blasted, bruised and discredited by high profile criminals protecting their advantages of celebrity and wealth.  This is the legacy America is leaving to it’s children. 

Certainly, there are local heroes, who stretch their capabilities to help individuals and their communities. But, sadly, there are fewer and fewer state or national heroes that are infallible.  These high profile celebrities, politicians, clerics, sports figures and judges are crashing all around us.

Superman would have to change his motto from “Truth, Justice and the American Way”, to “Our Way or No Way” or “America, the land of the Free to Lie, Cheat and Steal …”  The world watches America’s headlines and judges us as not trustworthy.  Our children learn from us and figure out better ways to Lie, Cheat and Steal.

Lets not make a list of the fallen role models … too depressing.

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