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Update: BossKitty Tweets as akaXochi daily

June 24, 2018

My personal observation:  America has been hijacked by both extremes: selfish and self serving right and the selfish and self serving left . Where am I? I tweet when I’m riled up. I am disappointed in both of America’s political parties.

My statement has generated criticism mostly from the left. I am a progressive that sees little or no progress on either side.

What does align me with the left is Compassion for fellow Earthly life forms. Today’s Worldwide shift toward Authoritarianism and Fascism is terrifying. History is repeating.

Dehumanizing a class of people is the most vicious tool any leader will use to foment the hate that gives him dictatorial powers.

Today’s charismatic leaders are creating diasporas worldwide without concern for the consequences to the Planet or it’s occupants.

War is profit for a few, devastation for many. Earth is a finite and fragile ecosystem that has it’s own disruptions and tantrums. Humans ignore the injuries they inflict on Earth’s ability to sustain life at all.

For the remainder of 2018 America’s politicians will take to media to bash ‘the other side’ and demonize people for where they were born or what color they are. My grandfather taught me that those who holler loudest are the most guilty. I have seen this to be true.

If you are alive, can read, are engaged with those around you, don’t be fooled by mere words. Watch the actions of candidates. See their history of behavior. Decide at the ballot box who will most protect you from future chaos in your life.

Hate is a social cancer used by Dictators as a tool to justify selfish, dangerous behavior. I don’t want to live in George Orwell’s nightmare or Hitler’s Germany or Mussolini’s Italy or Trump’s America.



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