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Corporate Takeover Fails To Win White House

November 7, 2012

NO! The “Ground Game” for campaign GOP workers could not change the fact that the Tea-Publicans brought too much baggage into the election.  Arrogance, theocracy, bigotry and personal intrusion into women’s lives, turned their rhetoric toxic, using a disgusting demonstration of hatred.  Social Engineering is NOT an American value! 

By appealing to childish racism and unrealistic interpretations about “Good and Evil” and Science, the Tea-Publicans made fools of themselves by adding Social Manipulation into their platform. Today, November 7 2012 Wolf Blitzer interviewed a GOP spokeswoman who just blew me away with the hatred and vicious rhetoric she spewed about Romney losing.  Yes, Romney is a nice guy, but he allowed himself to become a Sock Puppet for the Corporate manipulators that took over the RNC. 

A country divided by hatred is doomed. 

All of America needs to tighten it’s COLLECTIVE Belt!  Everyone has to pitch in to repair what is so broken and PAY for the services they receive … maybe reforming how taxes are assessed and collected.  Targeting those least able to defend themselves is NOT a solution.  The least among us are NOT able to carry the burden for everyone.  This is an ALL IN effort that must solve the reasons why America is NOT ready to protect itself against the reality of diminishing water supplies, pollution, crumbling infrastructure and weather changes.  Tea-Publican disinformation will block any progress America tries to make.

Grover Norquist, Carl Rove and Koch Brothers Oligarchy Loose The White House

WIKI:  Who is Grover Norquist?

UK Guardian:  Koch brothers

The link is a script of “The Pledge” which aired on Nov. 20, 2011 on CBS. Steve Kroft is correspondent, Frank Devine, producer.

America is not as stupid as corporations would like them to be.

Social Conservatism and Theocracy dealt a set back for now.

Climate facts, Planet Abuse and Population Poisoning can finally be addressed.

Corporate ‘Sock Puppets’ still work to undermine what America stands for.

Alan Simpson called Grover Norquist for what he is.  The ‘Man behind the curtain’ who does not want the responsibility of answering to voters.  He just wants our representatives to answer to him and his lobby, Americans for Tax Reform and the Tea Party.  Grover Norquist, the Poster Boy for Oligarchy, has ruined the Republican Party.

The Tea Party started as a viable idea, but opportunistic elements bought and paid for it by appealing to the uneducated voter. Opportunistic coporate blocks decided the best way to take over the Tea Party was to paint a whole segment of America as unacceptable.  .

There is a huge population that wants huge corporations to dictate their religion, to accept questionable science to allow irresponsible manufacturing to poison a whole population so that corporations can profit.  Tax reform MUST include oversight and enforcement of regulations.  Lobbyists are always looking for loopholes in regulations their corporations can slip through.  If their clients cannot slip through a loophole, the lobbyists will buy enough politicians to fight regulations.

There are still enough Corporate Sock Puppets to cause GRIDLOCK in Washington DC and that is because the Supreme Court has given Big Corporations a Superhighway to take over America and make it into a ‘Sock Puppet’ nation … reminiscent of modern dictatorships.  Corporations buy HATE, they exist because they sell something that someone wants and they profit.  Profit is a drug that corporations are addicted to and, like someone addicted to heroin, cocaine or prescription drugs, they will do ANYTHING for their FIX.

Sadly, Tea-Publicans feel it necessary to be MEAN to anyone who disagrees with them.

Obama’s first term was difficult at best, his second term will be just as daunting.  Maybe he can actually get enough legislators on the same page to slam the brakes on this driverless bus … finally.

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