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GOP Says OK To Beat The Crap Out Of Women They Don’t Like

March 21, 2012

What is it with Republicans? How many ways do they want to shame women? Are they seeking revenge for the progress women made in the past 50 years?  Most of these guys are reformed hippies, their glory days are over and now it’s all about grabbing what little macho they have left.  They want to court the extreme right wing and dismantle the hard won equality and respect that women and minorities have made.  Ultra-conservatives blame higher education for the woes of America … WHAT?  That is because, anyone who has learned to think will question some of the premises these hopeless socially regressed ape men spout.

When Alexander Pope said “a little learning is a dangerous thing” liberals knew he meant they needed more of it. Conservatives, on the other hand, took Pope literally to mean all learning is dangerous.

Why is it only their kind of people get protection under the law? The carrot and the stick approach to discrimination is a pretty clever way to mask bigotry.  Republicans want to relieve non-white, non-conventional Americans and immigrants of their human rights. It is appalling these self righteous white men don’t want to protect anyone that does not meet their approval.  They will pass the bill (the carrot), but they don’t want to protect everyone (the stick).  Just don’t protect:

1. undocumented (illegal immigrant) victims,

2. gay or lesbian or trans-gender victims,

3. and of course, if a native American woman is beat up by her white man, that is just fine.

These good ‘ole boys don’t want to burden their law enforcement buddies with having to protect everyone, just those who count.  I can guarantee you that if one of these victims succeeds in fighting back against her abuser, off to jail they go … or deportation, whichever is cheaper. Today’s Republican appears to want ‘Lebensraum’ (meaning ‘living space’), just like the NAZIs did by using a form of religious EUGENICS. .

The scariest part of all the disenfranchising of perceived undesirables is the resemblance to the list of undesirables that Hitler and the NAZIs used to justify their death camps. The list is updated for American undesirables … right now the jews are on the good list because the Messianic Prophecy will give us war with Iran and the ultimate Armageddon they seek.

WIKI Answers for original NAZI targets – The short list: Jews, ‘gypsies’ (Romanies and Sinti), Soviet prisoners of war, Communists, liberals, other political dissidents, incurables, Jehovah’s Witnesses and homosexuals.

The long list: 

  • Jews
  • Roma/Sinti (Gypsies, Romanies)
  • Freemasons
  • Opponents of the Nazis, including communists, socialists, labor leaders and people who opposed the Nazis on religious grounds
  • Soviet political advisers (‘Politruks’)
  • Soviet prisoners of war (with 3.3 million to 3.5 million killed, this was by far the largest group after the Jews)
  • Resistance fighters
  • ‘Unco-operative’ Poles
  • Polish academics and other intellectuals and other members of the Polish elite
  • Gays
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • Various incurables (mental and physical)
  • Social ‘misfits’ (for example, prostitutes and people with no fixed address, beggars, the ‘unemployable’).

Republicans Getting Ready to Approve of Violence Against Women

Republicans say the measure, under the cloak of battered women, unnecessarily expands immigration avenues by creating new definitions for immigrant victims to claim battery. More important, they say, it fails to put in safeguards to ensure that domestic violence grants are being well spent. It also dilutes the focus on domestic violence by expanding protections to new groups, like same-sex couples, they say.

Republicans Are Blocking the Violence Against Women Act

In a speech before the Senate Judiciary Committee in February, Grassley laid out his objections to the bill. Republicans’ biggest qualms are about provisions that make federal grants to domestic violence organizations contingent on nondiscrimination against gay, lesbian, and transgender victims; rules extending the authority of tribal courts over domestic violence matters; and a section that would provide more visas for abused undocumented women who agree to cooperate with law enforcement.

Tribal law: There is an epidemic of domestic violence on Native American reservations. According to the National Congress of American Indians, a Native American rights advocacy group, about 40 percent of Native American women will face domestic violence. But more than half of Native American women are married to non-Native American men, which means that when cases of abuse arise, the local tribal authorities can do very little because they don’t have jurisdiction over non-tribe members.

Immigration: The original Violence Against Women Act contained provisions that allow undocumented victims of domestic violence to apply for legal status, called a U visa, if they agree to cooperate with law enforcement. But because it took a few years for the federal government to set up the program, there’s a backlog of thousands of U visas that were never used. The U visas are crucial for domestic violence victims because they give them work authorization along with legal status, which means they aren’t reliant on their abuser for income.

LGBT rights: Republicans agree that organizations receiving federal grants shouldn’t discriminate against people on the basis of sexual orientation. They just don’t understand why Democrats want to make it the law.  “I agree that shelters and other grant recipients should provide services equally to everyone,” said Grassley. “But advocates of this provision haven’t produced data that shelters have refused to provide services for these reasons.” He added that the nondiscrimination provisions were “a political statement that shouldn’t be made on a bill that is designed to address actual needs of victims.”

When Violence Against Women Becomes a Political Game

What’s Wrong With the Violence Against Women Act

Today’s Neo-Con Tea Partiers are the most dangerous hypocrites of all. As they joyfully repeat the mantra of lies using the catchwords “Jesus”, “God”, “Bible” and “Family Values”, you are experiencing the Dick Cheney flavor of mind control.  Take a look at Project MKULTRA and  plans to create a mind controlled workers society have been in place for a long time.  The first step is to remove individual freedoms, like women’s control over their own bodies.  Neo-Cons are using their twisted version of religion as their basis.  If Neo-Cons can convince enough voters that it is “God’s Will” that they take the reins of power in America, then they can conclude their ultimate agenda.  Demonizing the word “progressive” and turning the clock back to a medieval mindset where they are lords of the realm appears to be their goal.  Eliminate diversity.  Create another elite race of religious supermen … SUPERMEN?  ARYAN?  Does anyone ever read history?  They already have the money … they just don’t want to share the power anymore… This sounds too much like the classification of undesirables used by the NAZIs to justify their atrocities.  Violence is NOT justified, no matter who you are.  War is sanctioned violence that gets endorsed by governments and religions and destroys everything in its path, while it make a few very rich and many mentally ill!

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