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Corporate Religion, Corporate Education and the Mental Devolution of America

March 22, 2012

The success of Education bashing will make or break America’s future.  The future of the world is at risk if America slips back into the stone age.  Humans build upon knowledge accumulated over thousands of years of observation and testing and the scientific process. From the beginning, this country has stood out from it’s roots and risen to the top because it represented freedom of the mind to think and create. 

Attacking what humans have learned, by expanding their thought process, is an attack on what makes us human.  The average American is so susceptible to lies that it is an unspoken truth that an advertiser or marketer can make claims that no one will question or hold them accountable for.  The American Political process is one of the major examples of this fact.  The same marketing technique that sells you Viagra, Celebrex or Cialis will sell you a governor or president.  This is also true for the “word of God”.  Preachers with all the best intentions, will sell a concept they have interpreted from a 2000 year old book, written about a human who lived hundreds of years before the authors were born.  The entire focus is repeating the words Jesus, God and Bible over and over again as an hypnotic suggestion.  Any congregation subjected to this form of spellbinding, will do just about anything suggested by their preacher. Education cuts protested at Capitol rally  Texas still puts education last …. 

It is absolutely appalling what Republicans are preaching to Americans.  Not only are Republicans twisting and denying the advances from hard won scientific evidence, but Republicans are slashing funding to education in almost every state in America!  De-funding education puts the minds of our children into the hands of special interest corporate religions.  Some of those religions are pretty scarey…

The concept of questioning is wonderful, because it serves to validate premises and procedures.  AND, questioning what is already proven and experienced is OK, as long as the process is valid.  Dogma has no place in the scientific process.  Dogma should not be used to convince people that what they see and experience is not true.  Dogma is being used as a tool for the benefit of making money.  Corporate Religion is the process where a business will interpret a Holy Book in a way that encourages a consumer to buy their product.  In America, Corporate Religion is used to convince consumers that a harmful or toxic process is to their benefit.  In order for the corporate entity to do this, it must bring into question any proven scientific facts that reveal harmful processes to humans and the environment.  Once a group of people decide to place their entire faith and trust in words from corporate sponsors, spoken by their religious leaders, devolution has begun.

WIKI: (Political) Devolution is the statutory granting of powers from the central government of a sovereign state to government at a subnational level, such as a regional, local, or state level. Devolution can be mainly financial, e.g. giving areas a budget which was formerly administered by central government. 

WIKI: (Biological) Devolution, de-evolution, or backward evolution is the notion that a species can change into a more “primitive” form. Biologically, the term is a misnomer for that concept because evolution has neither a teleological direction nor a motive, so it is difficult to speak meaningfully of its “reverse” at all. In simple terms, anything resembling “devolution” in that sense amounts to evolution of organisms into simpler forms. That confusion is based on two conceptual errors: the idea that evolution is supposed to make species more “advanced”, as opposed to “primitive”; and the idea that some modern species that have lost functions or complexity accordingly must be degenerate forms of their ancestors.

BossKitty: Mental Devolution, the removing of intelligence from the mental capacity of the human race.

Tennessee bill protects teachers who challenge evolution and climate change – State legislature gives legal protection to teachers who do not believe in the science and want to debate alternate explanations


US teachers offered support for climate change lessonsNational Centre for Science Education gives teachers advice on how to deal with demand to drop classes on climate change

Campus Connection: Update — Wisconsin among national leaders in defunding higher ed

Wisconsin comptroller issued a number correction for how much their state actually cut from higher education …   Wisconsin (13.3 percent cut) – state support for higher ed took an even deeper cut in Arizona (25.1 percent) and New Hampshire (41.3 percent).  California (13.5 percent), Colorado (15.5 percent), Louisiana (18.5 percent), Nevada (14.0 percent), Oklahoma (14.5 percent), Pennsylvania (13.4 percent), Tennessee (15 percent), Virginia (14.7 percent) and Washington (14.5 percent) suffered deeper one-year cuts to higher education than Wisconsin.

What does seem clear is that higher education is taking it on the proverbial chin across the nation. Overall, the report indicates that state spending on higher education — including 2009 federal stimulus funds awarded to states and passed along to colleges — dipped by 7.6 percent between last year and 2011-12. Historical data within the report indicates that marks the steepest decline in at least 50 years.

“What the survey overall shows is there is a national trend here in disinvesting in public higher education,” says UW System President Kevin Reilly. “We’re not alone. But we can’t keep doing this as a country and as a state and be competitive in the 21st century. We know we’ve slipped down to around the 10th-most highly educated country in the world, and this will not reverse that trend; it may accelerate it and that’s the wrong way to go.”

De-Funding Education: it really is about theocracy versus democracy

 Is the Tea Party is predominantly dominionist? Yes, argues this author, and dominionism has an all-encompassing agenda that includes crushing labor unions, abolishing reproductive rights, and driving women from the workplace. For a treatment of Christian conservative ideological roots of the current war on unions, see part 3 of Rachel Tabachnick’s extended series on “Biblical Capitalism”, Two Decades of Christian Nationalist Education Paved Way for Today’s War on Labor. For explanations of dominionism, see Political Research Associates Head Analyst Chip Berlet’s The Christian Right, Dominionism, and Theocracy – Part One and also Tabachnick’s The Rise of Charismatic Dominionism.]

End note: the term Christian-sharia-law is based on the definition of sharia law popularized in the American press: a law which imposes the strict moralizing rules of a religious group on the whole of a population. Actual sharia law is another thing all together.

 Republicans working to create Future Education Privatization Disaster, or, how to Gaining Power with their Free Market Failures?

Human Race:Evolution or Devolution-my take

By Kwabena Owusu Ansah Owusu Ansah News Blog | 23 October 2008

This is a great article with many powerful observations that apply to humankind. The author concludes with:  Mankind has, via the industrial revolution, brought pollution to many of the planet’s resources. We need those resources to survive but we are more concerned with inanimate resources than vital survival ones. There are youngsters today who don’t know where milk comes from, or bread. Everything to them comes from a carton, a box, or a parcel, and all of these are bought from a shop. How these things got to the shop is a mystery that they are not encouraged to understand.

Yes, Mankind, the human race, is devolving but only because it has forgotten how adaptable, how important it is, to do things personally, to keep our bodies and minds very active, and to carry out physical and mental activities to keep ourselves fit.
Everything in life has a peak to reach before it declines: the human race has reached its point and is now in decline – devolving, due to its own actions, not nature’s. Perhaps we can stop this decline, but it requires effort on behalf of everyone, and a limited reliance on technology if we are ever to succeed.   The author is a Ghanaian graduate Student

American Students have suffered progressively watered down education for decades. 

Teachers have their hands tied by School Boards.

School Boards have their hands tied by their state politicians. 

State Politicians have their hands tied by their Corporate sponsors and contributors.

Federal Politicians have their hands tied by Corporate Lobbyists. 

Corporate interests pursue privatization of education by encouraging congregations across America to influence their votes.  Cutting public funding for education allows corporate sponsors to step in and get their marketing message across to young minds.

Families are expected to fill in the gaps in public education with family discussions and shared experiences. 

Families are too busy holding their jobs and merely surviving, to do in depth research for who they vote for.  They just vote for whoever their church says, it’s just easier that way.


Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum calls President Barack Obama “a snob” for wanting all Americans to attend college, he may be out of step with the public’s overall view of higher education.

On the campaign trail, Santorum has criticized what he perceives as the liberal nature of the higher education community. He upped the ante on his arguments leading into Tuesday’s primaries in Michigan and Arizona.

“President Obama has said he wants everybody in America to go to college. What a snob,” Santorum said Saturday. “There are good, decent men and women who go out and work hard every day, and put their skills to test, who aren’t taught by some liberal college professor (who) tries to indoctrinate them. I understand why he wants you to go to college. He wants to remake you in his image. I want to create jobs so people can remake their children into their image, not his.”

Rick Santorum acknowledges he may have misstated Barack Obama’s position Boston Globe:  Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum acknowledged today that he may have misstated President Obama’s position on education.

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