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Guilty of being a Woman in Republican Theocracy

March 15, 2012

What we are hearing from the Republicans is all about “SOCIAL CONSERVATISM” and “CULTURAL CONSERVATISM“.  What exactly would that mean to the average American, if a Republican Social/Cultural Conservative becomes President of the United States of America? It’s all about having the authority to tell an individual how to live their personal lives without any choices or adequate secular education. It’s all about imposing an exclusive patriarchal, male dominant society, using extreme puritan religion as a weapon.  Next could be witch burning.  Right now, Radical Republicans are opposing the “Violence Against Women Act”, what more evidence does anyone need?  There are men who are domestic violence victims also, their numbers are very small by comparison, but should not be forgotten in this law. This bill should address all Domestic Violence!  Don’t be one of the mindless lemmings who mimic an ideology without knowing the definition of what you advocate! 

I applaud Slate Commenter, Lary Waldman: “Roy Blunt is an idiot. President Obama took the oath and swore to protect all Americans from any threat foreign or domestic. If the Republicans think beating your wife should be something that families handle at home, and the Government is over reaching, then they have their heads currently stuck in a septic tank. Women in America, with abusive husbands or boyfriends should have a safe place to go, get counseling, financial aid, and Police in all jurisdictions at all levels have a duty to prosecute, even if it is one of their own. Too many police beat their wives to take out the frustration they feel on the job. If Republicans think this is an over reach I would remind all male members, that it is their mothers, sisters, all their kin, and friends, that will pay a heavy price. These ideologues should resign, and go back to real work, in the real world.”


WIKI: PATRIARCHY is a social system in which the male gender role acts as the primary authority figure central to social organization, and where fathers hold authority over women, children, and property. It implies the institutions of male rule and privilege, and entails female subordination. Many patriarchal societies are also patrilineal, meaning that property and title are inherited by the male lineage. The female equivalent is matriarchy.

Historically, patriarchy has manifested itself in the social, legal, political, and economic organization of a range of different cultures. Patriarchy also has a strong influence on modern civilization, although many cultures have moved towards a more egalitarian social system over the past century.[1]

WIKI: SOCIAL CONSERVATISM is a political, and usually morally influenced, ideology that focuses on the preservation of what are seen as traditional values. Social conservatism is a form of authoritarianism often associated with the position that the national government, or the state, should have a greater role in the social and moral affairs of its citizens, generally supporting whatever it sees as morally correct choices and discouraging or outright forbidding those it considers morally wrong ones.[1][2].

WIKICULTURAL CONSERVATISM is described as the preservation of the heritage of one nation, or of a shared culture that is not defined by national boundaries.[1] Other variants of cultural conservatism are concerned with culture attached to a given language such as Arabic.

The shared culture may be as divergent as Western culture or Chinese culture. In the United States, the term cultural conservative may imply a conservative position in the culture war. Cultural conservatives hold fast to traditional ways of thinking even in the face of monumental change. They believe strongly in traditional values and traditional politics, and often have an urgent sense of nationalism.

Cultural conservatism is distinct from social conservatism, although there are some overlaps. Social conservatives believe that the government has a role in encouraging or enforcing what they consider traditional values or behaviors. A social conservative wants to preserve traditional morality and social mores, often through civil law or regulation. Social change is generally regarded as suspect.

Morally Wrong? Who’s morals are Social Conservatives  and Cultural Conservatives willing to make into law?  The extreme right wing Republican thinks they are on a mission from GOD!   Al Qaeda and the Taliban say they are on a mission from GOD!  This has nothing to do with the economy of this country.  We have demonstrated that we are not the ethical role model for the world.  Right Wing Evangelicals want to be viewed as the role model for how the world should think and behave.  So far, I have seen nothing admirable about the way Evangelicals have behaved.

First of all, Women’s Rights would be shaved a little bit at a time, until America’s Theocracy would resemble Islamic attitudes and laws concerning women.

Second, anyone who follows religious beliefs other than the sitting political majority would become second class citizens.

Third, anyone who has different sexual preferences, than the sitting political majority, would be treated and prosecuted as criminals … unless of course they were ministers or priests who have the blessing of some vague passage in the holy book of their choice.

Forth, the sitting political majority would hold the entire population to one standard of ethics, while men enjoy the freedom to engage in the ethics of traditional values, which allow them to enjoy special privileges, when it comes to satisfying their own sexuality.


  …What follows is an extreme example of how the theological tide could turn, if America decides to become a Theocracy.  America’s religious extremists have managed to remove hard won rights to the availability of “full coverage” women’s health care.  This sanctimonious minority have decided that abortion is against God’s will, because it ends a potential human life.  However, this same sanctimonious group of extremists endorse killing as many Muslims, immigrants and gays as they can.  They are in the delusion that God has chosen them as the elite mouthpiece for God’s word, just like radical Imams do.  These radicals who call themselves Christians want to put women in their place, just like radical Islam Sharia does .

Current law in MOROCCO states modern ideas, but at the judicial level, women are still treated as possessions.  “Article 475 is an embarrassment to Morocco’s international image of modernity and democracy,” President of the Democratic League for Women’s Rights (LDDF) Fouzia Assouli told the BBC.  “In Morocco, the law protects public morality but not the individual,” Ms Assouli said, adding that legislation outlawing all forms of violence against women, including rape within marriage, has been held up since 2006.

Understand what SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES really mean in conservative parts of Morocco, it is unacceptable for a woman to lose her virginity before marriage – and the dishonour is hers and her family’s even if she is raped. This can only happen in a conservative theocratic legal system .

Morocco outraged over suicide of Amina Filali, who was forced to marry her rapist

Amina Filali, a 16-year-old Moroccan girl, killed herself this week after being forced to marry her rapist, who beat her, the Associated Press reports. The case has sparked outrage in Morocco’s online community, which is calling for change in the country’s laws for women.

“Many girls have been in this [situation], but it took this tragedy to mobilize popular opinion!” wrote a Facebook page calling itself “We are all Amina Filali.” “Because we do not want raped women to be forced to marry their executioner to preserve the family honor, and because the law should be changed, organize a sit-in to demand justice!”

Amina Filali’s choice: Stay silent, or marry your rapist

A woman losing her virginity outside of marriage is considered to bring families into dishonour in Islam, so the law is said to be enforced to allow a women’s virtue to be restored.

The “special circumstances” in this case forced an underage girl to marry the man who sexually assaulted her. After months in a violent marriage with the man who should have been locked away so he couldn’t repeat such a crime, Amina felt she had no other choice than to take rat poison to end her own life.

An online Moroccan newspaper even reported her father as saying that it was the court officials who suggested marriage.

A government study last year found that about 25 per cent of Moroccan women had been sexually assaulted at least once. That’s a quarter of women who would possibly have to make the choice between keeping their attack secret, or reporting the violent crime and risk facing a life married to their rapist.

Despite this Morocco has a reasonably low rate of reported rape in comparison to other countries. In 2009, the UN revealed that there were 3.6 cases of rape reported per 100,000 women. This might indicate that many women are deciding against reporting their attack, as they face dishonour or forced marriage as a result.

In many societies in the Middle East, the loss of a girl’s virginity outside of marriage—even in cases of rape— can be seen as a stain of honor on the family and the girl. The family’s honor can often be restored if she marries her rapist.

Filali’s father said in an interview with online Moroccan newspaper that the court officials themselves had suggested the marriage option after Amina’s family reported the rape. Amina is believed to have been first accosted on the street and raped when she was 15.

“The prosecutor advised my daughter to marry, he said ‘go and make the marriage contract,’” Lahcen Filali said in the interview.

The perpetrator initially refused to marry Amina, but consented when faced with prosecution and up to 20 years in prison, Filali said.

Morocco protest after raped Amina Filali kills herself

An online petition has been started – and protests are planned for Saturday against a law branded by campaigners as an “embarrassment”.

The penal code allows the “kidnapper” of a minor to marry her to escape jail.


Women’s rights groups say the law is used to justify a traditional practice of allowing a rapist to marry his victim to preserve the honour of the woman’s family.

“The article 475 is an embarrassment to Morocco’s international image of modernity and democracy,” President of the Democratic League for Women’s Rights (LDDF) Fouzia Assouli told the BBC.

“In Morocco, the law protects public morality but not the individual,” Ms Assouli said, adding that legislation outlawing all forms of violence against women, including rape within marriage, has been held up since 2006.

The BBC’s Nora Fakim in Rabat says in conservative parts of Morocco, it is unacceptable for a woman to lose her virginity before marriage – and the dishonour is hers and her family’s even if she is raped.

Ms Filali came from the small northern town of Larache, near Tangiers.

The legal age of marriage in Morocco is 18, unless there are “special circumstances” – which is the reason why Ms Filali was married despite being under-age.

Local media reports say that the girl complained to her family about her mistreatment at the hands of the man who raped her – but they disowned her, prompting her to take her own life.

Witnesses say her husband became so outraged when she drank the poison he dragged her down the street by her hair – and she died shortly afterwards.

A Facebook page called “We are all Amina Filali” has been formed.

Campaigners are also calling for the judge who allowed the marriage and the rapist to be jailed.

What this ugly story illustrates is the consequences of THEOCRACY.  Men in America already enjoy privileges when it comes to Domestic Violence, prosecution is not as effective as it could be … because men in law enforcement can be reluctant to take seriously or follow through with abuse claims.  My very own sister was demeaned by a responding officer, when she called to report domestic violence and threats to her life.  The officer was put off because my sister was upset and experiencing an anxiety attack..


WIKI: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE also known as domestic abuse, spousal abuse, battering, family violence, and intimate partner violence (IPV), is defined as a pattern of abusive behaviors by one partner against another in an intimate relationship such as marriage, dating, family, or cohabitation.[1] Domestic violence, so defined, has many forms, including physical aggression or assault (hitting, kicking, biting, shoving, restraining, slapping, throwing objects), or threats thereof; sexual abuse; emotional abuse; controlling or domineering; intimidation; stalking; passive/covert abuse (e.g., neglect); and economic deprivation.[1][2] Alcohol consumption[3] and mental illness[4] can be co-morbid with abuse, and present additional challenges in eliminating domestic violence. Awareness, perception, definition and documentation of domestic violence differs widely from country to country, and from era to era.

Domestic violence and abuse is not limited to obvious physical violence. Domestic violence can also mean endangerment, criminal coercion, kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, trespassing, harassment, and stalking.[5]

Domestic Abuse Bill Latest Front in Political Fight Over Women – Democrats are pushing forward with a plan that has been met with fierce GOP opposition.

Women Figure Anew in Senate’s Latest Battle

WASHINGTON — With emotions still raw from the fight over President Obama’s contraception mandate, Senate Democrats are beginning a push to renew the Violence Against Women Act, the once broadly bipartisan 1994 legislation that now faces fierce opposition from conservatives.

The fight over the law, which would expand financing for and broaden the reach of domestic violence programs, will be joined Thursday when Senate Democratic women plan to march to the Senate floor to demand quick action on its extension. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, has suggested he will push for a vote by the end of March.

Democrats, confident they have the political upper hand with women, insist that Republican opposition falls into a larger picture of insensitivity toward women that has progressed from abortion fights to contraception to preventive health care coverage — and now to domestic violence.

“I am furious,” said Senator Maria Cantwell, Democrat of Washington. “We’re mad, and we’re tired of it.”

Republicans are bracing for a battle where substantive arguments could be swamped by political optics and the intensity of the clash over women’s issues. At a closed-door Senate Republican lunch on Tuesday, Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska sternly warned her colleagues that the party was at risk of being successfully painted as antiwoman — with potentially grievous political consequences in the fall, several Republican senators said Wednesday.  Some conservatives are feeling trapped. . 

WIKI: TheocracyWatch is a project run by the Center for Religion, Ethics and Social Policy (CRESP), located at Cornell University. It was founded by Joan Bokaer, an environmental activist because, she says, “After the 2000 election she realized that few people understood that the religious right had taken working control of the Republican Party…”[1]

TheocracyWatch’s major area of interest is what it considers to be the influence of dominionism in the U.S. government.[2] TheocracyWatch has a “mission to spread the word about the complete restructuring of our government. We want to get the word out to as many people as possible because the agenda of the Christian right is to replace the Constitution with biblical law,” said Kathleen Damiani, president of TheocracyWatch.[3]

TheocracyWatch’s method for gauging the influence of dominionism is by studying the voting patterns of members of Congress. Legislators whose voting pattern matches such organizations as Christian Coalition, Family Research Council, Eagle Forum, and the Heritage Foundation are said to “illustrate the strength of dominionists in Congress” even though none of these groups identifies themselves with the dominionist movement.[4]

TheocracyWatch makes free videos available to the general public to distribute through Public Access television stations.

The Center for Religion, Ethics and Social Policy is an independent not-for-profit agency and an affiliate of Cornell University with administrative offices in Cornell’s Anabel Taylor Hall. TheocracyWatch is one of sixteen projects sponsored by CRESP.[5]

Whatever happened to plain old “FISCAL CONSERVATISM“?

WIKI: FISCAL CONSERVATISM is a political term used to describe a fiscal policy that advocates avoiding deficit spending. Fiscal conservatives often consider reduction of overall government spending and national debt as well as ensuring balanced budget of paramount importance. Free trade, deregulation of the economy, lower taxes, and other conservative policies are also often but not necessarily affiliated with fiscal conservatism.

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