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OMG, Rush Limbaugh Endorsed Christian Cannibals

March 7, 2012

Lest we forget what Rush Limbaugh is really all about, the transcript of  his October 11, 2011 radio show, Rush Limbaugh endorsed Lord’s Resistance Army.  It was not headline news in American Main Stream Media, but the rest of the world is very familiar with Lord’s Resistance Army.  Anyone with a computer can look these guys up. They were NOT what Rush thought and he really did not care …

Obama Invades Uganda, Targets Christians

Quote Rush: LRA is Lord’s Resistance Army.  And it doesn’t mean God’s resistance army.  Lord is some Lord, some guy.  A “Defense Department official tells ABC’s Luis Martinez at the Pentagon that the U.S. troops will be in Africa ‘for a few months in an advisory role.'” One hundred troops in an advisory role. 

So nothing to worry about here, folks, only gonna be for a few months.  Now, up until today, most Americans have never heard of the combat Lord’s Resistance Army.  And here we are at war with them.  Have you ever heard of Lord’s Resistance Army, Dawn?  How about you, Brian?  Snerdley, have you?  You never heard of Lord’s Resistance Army?  Well, proves my contention, most Americans have never heard of it, and here we are at war with them.  Lord’s Resistance Army are Christians.  It means God.  I was only kidding.  Lord’s Resistance Army are Christians.  They are fighting the Muslims in Sudan.  And Obama has sent troops, United States troops to remove them from the battlefield, which means kill them.  That’s what the lingo means, “to help regional forces remove from the battlefield,” meaning capture or kill. 

So that’s a new war, a hundred troops to wipe out Christians in Sudan, Uganda, and — (interruption) no, I’m not kidding.  Jacob Tapper just reported it.  Now, are we gonna help the Egyptians wipe out the Christians?  Wouldn’t you say that we are?  I mean the Coptic Christians are being wiped out, but it wasn’t just Obama that supported that.  The conservative intelligentsia thought it was an outbreak of democracy.  Now they’ve done a 180 on that, but they forgot that they supported it in the first place.  Now they’re criticizing it.

… RUSH: On sending the soldiers to fight the Christians in Africa, here is how Obama ends his letter to John Boehner justifying sending troops to Uganda: “I have directed this deployment, which is in the national security and foreign policy interests of the United States, pursuant to my constitutional authority to conduct US foreign relations and as commander-in-chief and chief executive.” Would somebody explain to me what you think our “national security interests” are in Uganda. Now, keep in mind, folks, this is the same Barack Obama who said that we had no national security interests in attacking Iraq. After they were shooting at our planes and trying to kill our president and Allah knows what else, Obama said, “We got no national security interests in Iraq! They don’t threaten us! What are we doing?” We’ve got 500 to a thousand soldiers in the Lord’s Resistance Army and Uganda trying to wipe them out, and we’re sending a hundred soldiers to help them.

Vital national interests are at stake, according to Obama.


RUSH: I wonder when the Nobel Committee is gonna call Obama and ask for the Peace Prize back. You think this is what they had in mind when he got the Peace Prize? Remember, he got that prize on the come. He hadn’t done anything for peace, and since then, how many wars are we in now, five? And he hasn’t gotten us out of any of these wars? I know, isn’t gonna happen.

When someone finally told Rush what the LRA really is, you can hear him back-pedal … OOOPS!


Is that right? The Lord’s Resistance Army is being accused of really bad stuff? Child kidnapping, torture, murder, that kind of stuff? Well, we just found out about this today. We’re gonna do, of course, our due diligence research on it. But nevertheless we got a hundred troops being sent over there to fight these guys — and they claim to be Christians.


If you have the stomach for it, you can hear the radio commentary HERE.

WIKI: The Lord’s Resistance Army (also Lord’s Resistance Movement or Lakwena Part Two) is a militant group with a syncretic religious ideology, known for the extreme atrocities they commit against civilians, including killings, mutilations, rape, and in some accounts even cannibalism.[4]. The group operates in northern Uganda, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic.[5]

Let’s define SYNCRETIC: it is the combining of different (often contradictory) beliefs, often while melding practices of various schools of thought. Syncretism may involve the merger and analogising of several originally discrete traditions, especially in the theology and mythology of religion, thus asserting an underlying unity and allowing for an inclusive approach to other faiths.

The LRA is accused of widespread human rights violations, including murder, abduction, mutilation, sexual enslavement of women and children and forcing children to participate in hostilities.[17]

A Terrorist by Any Other Name

Rush Limbaugh took President Obama to task for sending troops to central Africa in an effort to take out Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army. This in itself isn’t newsworthy. Limbaugh would take the President to task for anything short of resigning. But Limbaugh apparently supports the LRA. He believes the LRA should be protected because they are Christians and they are fighting Muslims in Sudan. This is stupidity on a monumental scale.

This article by Graeme Wood tells the tale as well as any I’ve seen. The LRA have probably killed 12,000 people. Their 20+ year reign of terror has affected nearly 2 million. They commit atrocities like cutting off children’s noses and lips, cutting off the feet of people they catch riding bikes, forcing children to rape and then kill their parents, mass rape, mass forced conscription of children, burning villages, murder, mass murder. And yet, because they have the word Christian in their name, Lambaugh thinks going after them is a bad thing.

Are these your kind of people, Rush? Seriously? Dude, these are terrorists, not Christians. Do your homework.

If there is a lesson here for the rest of us, perhaps it is in choosing names. Apparently putting a reference to the Lord in your terrorist group’s name earns you a pass with right-wing talk radio’s leading light. Limbaugh claims he’s going to conduct his due diligence. We’ll see…

Rush cannot control his mouth.  When this verbal terrorist decides he has an opportunity to disrespect the President of the United States and he criticizes the sending of American soldiers to Uganda.  Rush accidentally forgot to mention that these so-called Christians commit atrocities that would absolutely make a human being throw up.  This radio mouth is a total disaster.  I am embarrassed to think he is a member of the human, race.  This sad excuse for a human lets his mouth cut a swath of destruction in the name of mindless greed.  It makes no difference to Rush who he hurts, as long as it is controversial.  If it is controversial, it makes him money.  Rush Limbaugh could care less that children are being mutilated. 

Rush needs to get out of the business of verbal terrorism.  There are enough terrorists.

Rush is in it for Rush, his Facebook post says it all: RUSH: “Everybody knows what’s in my heart. Everybody who listens to this program and every one of these critics who’s jumping on this for the political advantage they think it gives them knows what’s in my heart. Everybody knows what I do here. Everybody knows how I do it, and everybody knows what …”

Why You Should Feel Awkward About the ‘Kony2012’ Video

Most Americans began this week not knowing who Joseph Kony was. That’s not surprising: most Americans begin every week not knowing a lot of things, especially about a part of the world as obscured from their vision as Uganda, the country where Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) commenced a brutal insurgency in the 1980s that lingers to this day.

UPDATE: Invisible Children’s Kony campaign gets support of ICC prosecutor– The International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor has said he supports a new campaign to capture alleged Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony.

Louis Moreno Ocampo said the social media campaign by Invisible Children had “mobilised the world”.

The US group’s half-hour film on the use of child soldiers by Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army has been viewed nearly 20 million times on YouTube.  The group aims to bring Kony to justice at the ICC, where he is charged with crimes against humanity.

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  2. Athena Ploumis Bradley permalink
    March 12, 2012 11:20 pm

    I’d like to see Rush taken over by Kony !


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