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NRA Whack-A-Mole Questions

December 23, 2012

On Wednesday, January 16, 2013 – President Obama announced 23 Executive orders moving toward a more responsible environment surrounding Gun Control for Military update iconAssault Weapons. Finally, recognizing that comprehensive background checks are necessary to REDUCE the availability of firearms in the hands of people who could or would misuse those firearms. The NRA has taken their opportunity to exercise it’s 1st Amendment rights to condemn ANY responsibility applied to their sponsors. 

Obama unveils sweeping plan to battle gun violence

NRA is sponsored by a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry that profits from purchases of Military Weapons and profits from armed conflict and from Drug Cartels.  These weapons manufacturers supply the ordinary citizen PLUS Armed Militias, Drug Cartels and Terrorists (by proxy … of course).  This industry really has no interest in any reasons for  conflicts or consequences, they just know that’s where the money is! It’s always about the money.

In America, the weapons industry is funding NRA attacks on President Obama.  NRA resents applying the word RESPONSIBILITY applied to gun ownership.  President acknowledges the rights of responsible gun owners, hunters, sports and collectors.  What the President did NOT say is that America’s Armed Militias will ultimately become Domestic Terrorists … again, NRA, the front for the weapons industry, wants to distract the public from THAT reality.

There are currently 114 Gun Manufacturers in America according to WIKI: Firearms manufacturers in the United States

NRA and the Weapons Industry has recruited a lot of voices to plug their message that ANY gun control is a THREAT! Oregon Sheriff Vows He Will Not Enforce ‘Unconstitutional’ New Gun Control Legislation, and Gun Advocate Larry Pratt Defends NRA Attack Ad: ‘Spot On’ In Proving Obama ‘Hypocrisy’

After the Aurora Theater massacre in July 2012, Forbes article:  The NRA Industrial Complex – … the key to gun industry growth in the last few years is the NRA’s effort to scare gun owners and stop President Obama from being re-elected. NRA’s power comes from the way it spends money to reward politicians, who turn its self-interest into the law of the land and use its money and power to defeat politicians who oppose its will. Guns are an essential ingredient in senseless mass murders like the one in Aurora.  And gun industry money is similarly vital to stifling anyone who dares discuss changes in the law that would keep Rugers and Glocks out of the hands of lunatics like Holmes, Loughner, and Cho. –

After Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre in December 2012, Forbes article: The Gun Industry Needs to Reinvent Itself Before It’s Too Late

The Atlantic: The Struggle Over Gun Control in Congress Begins With These Two Men

There is incomplete data for the average for gun related deaths a day in America, including suicides.  There is a gap in reporting consistency to follow the actual figures as  they happen.  Not all gun deaths are as spectacular as the recent massacres America has suffered recently.

CNN: Analysis: Why gun controls are off the agenda in America

The FBI reported a record-high 2.8 million background checks for gun purchases in December, up from 2 million in November and 1.9 million from December 2011.  Mr. Obama said law-abiding gun owners shouldn’t fear his proposals, due later this week, which he said are only designed to prevent mass shootings such as last month’s rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

Sunday morning talk shows on 12/23/2012, were all about the NRA push back against any responsible decisions about guns and keeping them out of the WRONG hands.

NRA Whack-A-Mole solution to mass shootings falls short of common sense because those solutions are too simplistic and idealistic.  Don’t tread on the 2nd Amendment …

Second Amendment – Militia (United States), Sovereign state, Right to keep and bear armsA well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.[60]freedom-second-amendment-to-the-united-states-constitution

NRA issues point-blank ‘no’ on gun control

NRA wants an armed America with no accountability, do you think our Founding Fathers anticipated this development?  Is that really what the 2nd Amendment means? 

Q – Who really has the WRONG HANDS?  Who makes that decision and how fast can they do something about it?

Q – Who offers to FUND this very expensive effort … in a cash strapped America! Budget cuts threaten social programs everywhere.  Republicans, i.e. Grover Norquist, refuse to consider higher taxes to pay for any government programs. However, emphasis remains on making sure that guns remain unregulated … no problem there, America’s regulations are a joke anyway. Congress won’t agree on funding.  Regulations and Enforcement are VERY expensive, maybe the private sector? or maybe churches?  Yeah, let’s make the churches fund all the programs our government doesn’t want to pay for.  Let’s let industry keep on being irresponsible to the American Public by blasting us with advertisements showing how our lives will improve with their un-regulated products. 

NRA offers NON-fundable solutions.  NRA has not offered to fund their own solution to  put armed armed GOOD GUYS in schools. Schools, and the entire education system in America, already suffers from cutbacks and de-funding because taxes for their support have fallen too low. So, school systems can’t pay for the NRA solution.

NRA wants teachers to have guns in their classrooms.  NRA will pay for that!  Bethcha NRA will fall short of  training those same armed teachers to be ready for ALL the scenarios they may be faced with … Not guns-for-teachereven Law Enforcement can anticipate ALL scenarios.  Hmm, that makes me feel much better, armed teachers and janitors with inadequate training would improve student behavior, wouldn’t it? What if a teacher goes “Postal” …

  NO follow through for any dreamlike NRA solutions have been offered. 

The expense of monitoring and deciding who is Good and Bad would require a huge intrusion on personal rights concerning medical records. Isn’t that the 4th Amendment?

The Drug Industry wants everyone on THEIR drug … and the Weapons Industry wants a gun in every home because of the crazies on drugs … or off  their drugs. 

Ahhh, the mental health issue … Today’s mental health is decided by Marketing and Advertisement, from industry intent on controlling what the population should use or own to improve their social status … America blows this way and that by marketing winds.  Americans must be convinced that purchasing stuff that is cleverly advertised will make them better Mothers, Fathers, popular in school and great in bed … but not always greater Citizens.

NRA President LaPierre is convinced that every gun related tragedy can be solved with more armed people.  NRA guarantees more shootouts in our future …

More GOOD GUYS having shootouts with more BAD GUYS will make the public safer?  Somewhere within this discussion something is missing …. what could that be? 

Q – WHO decides which one is the GOOD GUY and BAD GUY???? What will it take to make that JUDGEMENT CALL and ENFORCE it? Isn’t there another Constitutional Amendment that would be violated if personal intrusion is used to determine Good and Bad?

Q –  Who is paying for all this?  Hire certified ARMED protection for (schools, malls) EVERYWHERE!

That’s just great! In this economy, that demonizes “ENTITLEMENTS”, don’t you think that the expense of armed, trained personnel is an “ENTITLEMENT”.  The expense of housing MORE FELONS instead of releasing them is very expensive, especially with “Private Prisons” taking over.  And, making sure FELONS cannot get guns LEGALLY, only ensures they WILL get guns ILLEGALLY.

Hell, Congress can’t even justify supporting and funding any regulatory enforcement for food products, drug marketing, fraudulent medical billing and tax collection. The NRA wants MORE LAW ENFORCEMENT to prevent felons buying guns … REALLY?

We cannot even protect anyone from DOMESTIC VIOLENCE … plus, too many Law Enforcement employees participate in DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, so there is too little sympathy for the victims … and too much “good ‘ol boy” attitude about enforcing existing laws. 

We cannot guarantee if a perfectly stable person snaps and melts down into violence, that what was once a GOOD GUY is now a BAD GUY.  The line between Good and Bad is VERY subjective and subject to interpretation … mostly by the justice system.  Hmm, the justice system in America is so overloaded and overwhelmed with backlogs that many Bad Characters wander around until they have their day in court.  Taxes collected in America are not enough to support meaningful enforcement of ANY laws … unless they are high profile enough to give political capitol to some politician somewhere.

This is guaranteeing more and more shootouts in crowded places.  NRA wants everyone to believe that any responsibility applied to gun purchases is a threat to the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution.  REALLY?

Any solution requires addressing multiple things that no one wants to pay for …

1. regulate availability of firearms

2. improve the mental health system – the health system in general

3. regulation and enforcement of irresponsible marketing, advertising concerning sales of drugs and weapons

4. asking Hollywood to limit the glory of war, violence and chaos will be tricky

Americans have the Constitutional Right to be Mentally Ill … as long as they don’t hurt anyone! Don’t tread on the 4th Amendment!fourth-amendment

The Fourth Amendment guards against searches, arrests, and seizures of property without a specific warrant or a “probable cause” to believe a crime has been committed. Some rights to privacy have been found in this amendment and others by the Supreme Court. Including Medical Records!

NRA SuperPac Weapons Industry has ruled America for decades along with supporting industries.


~~~~ NRA Disinformation ~~~~

Pants on Fire!

  NRA says Barack “Obama admits he’s coming for our guns, telling Sarah Brady, ‘We are working on (gun control), but under the radar.’ ”

POLITIFACT says they are full of Sh**

So, I guess it boils down to which Constitutional Amendment you want to tread on … Our Founding Fathers lived in an era of adventure and discovery and quest for common sense that allowed freedoms most Europeans were not privileged to have.  Most early settlers were hired to work off their debts and sent into a great unknown land to make profits for those back on the continent. Pioneers were responsible for their own security and had to hunt for their meals.  Today that scenario is a quaint memory.  America is divided between Urban and Rural realities.  But, even the Rural reality does not expect the individual to kill it’s own meal or fight off Indians and bandits without assistance.  Today’s criminal is more sophisticated and personal safety has to play catch up.  The only criminals who resort to violence are those uneducated or mentally deficient enough to have missed out on computer crimes that rake in the big bucks.Violent criminals are desperate for some reason … lack of drugs whether legal or illegal, usually pushes them over the edge. So, if you want to wag your finger at the culprits for the social and psychological meltdown of American Culture, look at both the Drug Industry and the Weapons Industry and their GIANT lobbies who fund our Congress and Senate campaigns.

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  1. January 3, 2013 5:18 am

    Which would be a silly argument, ulsens you want to argue that one can magically wave a pixie wand and make all guns disappear. No more than one can wave a pixie wand and make all prostitution go away. That’s the slippery slope of singling out certain naughty products and activities for criminalization and not others. Neither guns nor prostitution will go away in the event of criminalization, so why should one be outlawed and not the other? You can’t honestly tell me that you grew up in Southern Minnesota and never once went hunting, can you? I did go hunting on several occasions. I’ll repeat for the third time I’m NOT antigun. I’m simply playing devil’s advocate here and juxtaposing your libertarian gun argument with your anti-libertarian prostitution argument as evidence of conservative disingenuousness on these matters. For one, that argument is almost certain to lose in the Supreme Court, and even the “liberal” Justices didn’t seem to keen on it. Secondly, it’s a self-contradicting argument. The militia in Colonial parlance was every able-bodied male in the country. You can’t simultaneously argue that there’s no individual right to own weapons and then argue that the Founders intended for the militia to be able to have weapons. The militia and the people were the same thing in those times. My interpretation of the well-regulated militia language in the 2nd amendment is rooted in a foundation of paranoia of Big Government and the need for the peasantry to be armed in defense of it. I’m not personally invested in that interpretation, however, and certainly respect the opinions of those who interpret the language the way you do. But even if your interpretation is in fact historically correct, is the right to bear arms limitless? Does the right of the people to be armed grant them permission to an arsenal? To carry concealed weapons on one’s person onto another’s private property? To handguns? To semiautomatics? To bazookas? To Sherman tanks? Do we ever reach a line where the right to bear arms is not absolute and/or infinite? Or are the Founding Fathers rolling over in their graves to see their language supporting a musket-wielding National Guard interpreted as constitutionalized rights for convicted felons to walk down the streets of Minneapolis at night packing a Glock 9 under their shirt? Except the eating of pork doesn’t involve the commodification of the human person, whereas prostitution does. But it does involve the commodification of pigs, which could be just as immoral to people of other faiths as commodification of humans is to Catholics . If we’re gonna justify the criminalization of prostitution based on your faith-based morality, why is it wrong to criminalize other activities based on other people’s faith-based morality?

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