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Federal Government in the crosshairs – OpEd

October 24, 2010

Let’s call it the Tea Party!

Accelerating the current trend, the Federal Government, as flawed as it is, may be dismantled soon.  The Tea Party may be the tip of the iceberg.  There have always been groups dedicated to reducing federal control and increasing state control.   This sounds great. But, there are so many “what-ifs” giving states control rivaling the federal system, that the potential for dissolution of America could actually happen.  A united America is tough to beat. A divided America is easy pickings for anyone who is really organized.  If America becomes a loose federation of independent states, all programs and responsibility for regulation will fall into individual state hands.  No more “Federal Entitlement” programs like Social Security.  No more regulation of anything.  That would fall to each state.  That will be great, except if one state refuses to recognize certifications from another state, there will be chaos.  I am not just talking about marriage.  Federal regulations are what ensure general safety and maintain “infrastructure”.

What exactly is the infrastructure politicians use in their rhetoric?  That is mostly about the services for roads, bridges and pipe lines that carry drinking and waste water throughout their state.  State transportation departments may do the work around the states, but the funding comes from the federal government.  Did I forget oil and gas lines?   At the extreme end of this, The United States of America would have to rename itself The States of America, a loose federation … All those wonderful state programs you use without realizing it are funded by the federal government … that government gets it’s funds from you and me in the form of income tax.  So, we are complaining about income tax are we?  OK, let’s remove income tax from the equation.  You are now personally responsible for funding your state, local and community infrastructure and services.  Fix your own pot hole.  Dig your own sewer and make sure it connects to the rotting system that takes it to the treatment plant … or who knows where.  In today’s economy, not all states are prepared to go it alone.  Let Texas and Alaska secede.

Pick the state that allows you to practice your faith the way you want and go there now.  When the snowball starts rolling, and radical views hijack what used to be the fiscally conservative conscious of America, the dream will end.  Religious conservatives cannot leave anyone alone and just practice their faith.  No, they are compelled to impose their beliefs on anyone who cross their path.  Did I also forget, the satellites that bring the news, weather, communications and Fox News entertainment exist because of partnerships with corporate contractors for the Federal Government?  Without the bargaining power of the Federal Government, you and I would not be able to afford that service.

But for those “dissidents” who want everyone to be like them, or let them decide our personal lives, politics in today’s bought and paid for democracy is not enough.  Today’s US Supreme Court has granted those same corporations to buy national elections by marketing strategy to each community voting base.  They have to get power any way they can, so they demonize anyone who gets in their way.  This is revenge for calling the previous administration out for the deception and crime they sugar coated for the public.

The dream target is President Obama.  For those who cannot see beyond their own community, President Obama represents loss of control over personal and private preferences.  The Republican Party of old is no longer recognizable and pretty much in its own privately funded nursing home.  So, conveniently, larger political movements, funded by corporate interests, have found the G-Spot for the community dissident.  Let’s call President Obama a socialist, a Hitler, a demon from another land.  Let’s use a catchy, patriotic title, and pretend the “little guy” finally has a voice.  The Tea Party Movement, hmmmm that sounds great.

Fortunately for these corporate manipulators, it does not take much to rile these communities into a mindless frenzy.  Let’s use religion.  Let’s use socialism. And for the older ones, let’s use Hitler.  Unfortunately, these communities are short on understanding the meanings of some of the words they enthusiastically use.

Here is what I see.  The Federal Government is the glue holding states together with common interests.  The old “united we stand, divided we fall” analogy applies here.  States may differ with some relevant unique issues and make laws accordingly.  The federal side has the task of protecting everyone within its borders and make states behave accordingly.

But, if the states become independent of the Federal system, they would have to raise their own funds, and call it something besides taxation … They would have to use their State Guard in cooperation with local law enforcement to protect its citizens.  State vigilante groups would have actual responsibility now.  Who knows if they could be held accountable?  Who knows if they would prevail if the Aztlan Movement decided to take the American Southwest back?

These changes would not happen all at once, thank goodness.  But, snowballs get harder to stop the longer they roll downhill.  A divided America is easy pickings for anyone who wants to rename North America by defeating us state by state.


  1. October 24, 2010 9:48 pm

    Thanks Steve. Boy you are up late … but then you always are. Bet sez hello …
    I just had to get this sequence off my chest … if you take the Tea Party passed it’s initial agenda, States Rights are the ultimate issue. Each state may have to declare it’s preferred religion, preferred ethnicity, etc. See where this leads? Pick your state now before it’s too late. Most of us cannot afford to cross back into Mexico or Canada. Canada is getting sick of dissatisfied Americans anyway.

  2. Steve permalink
    October 24, 2010 8:34 pm

    Great read!!! I shared this on twitter and facebook. Keep up the good work.


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