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GOP Presidential Candidate nut case, encourages Holy War

February 23, 2012

The 2012 GOP Presidential Candidates nut cases are doing more to discredit the integrity of the United States of America than any wartime spy. What ever happened to the Golden Rule?  The entire Muslim World has a right to be outraged at the REPEATED blatant arrogance and ignorance of sworn representatives of the United States Government. Gingrich appears to have no concept of responsibility.  His words provoke more incendiary Holy War by showing his disregard for a Holy Book.  If it was the Christian Bible being burned by the Taliban, Newt and his fellow GOP Candidates would drop more bombs in outrage.  So far, none of the GOP Candidates have shown any understanding of cause and effect. Evangelical US Soldiers are keeping the war going by constantly re-provoking the anger and anguish of the same Afghan citizens the US is trying to save from the Taliban. To the GOP, that is acceptable, because they use religion to raise money to run for President.  They do not understand or care about anyone else’s religion, they just want to drain the last drop of oil out of the earth and make a profit before it all goes dry.

Analysis: Can United States defuse Koran burning uproar? – (Reuters) – After a third day of bloody protests over the burning of the Koran, there is a sense that America is lurching from one image crisis to the next in Afghanistan, with no clear path for

CNN photo

U.S. officials to defuse the latest uproar.  President Barack Obama apologized on Thursday for the burning of copies of the Koran on a U.S. base in Afghanistan, an  incident that has triggered far more outcry than another shocking incident: the emergence of a video last month showing Marines urinating on the corpses of what appear to be dead Taliban fighters.


The Koran burning incident is only the latest image nightmare for the Pentagon in Afghanistan. Earlier in February, the Pentagon grappled with fallout from a photo showing Marines with what looked like a Nazi SS flag.

In January, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta quickly condemned the video showing U.S. forces urinating on Taliban corpses.

Just a week ago, NATO-led forces killed eight young Afghans in an air strike that enraged the Afghan government and came on the heels of a United Nations report showing civilian casualties in the decade-long war rose again in 2011.

But perhaps the most damaging incident, at least regionally, took place just across the border in Pakistan last November, when Afghan-based American forces killed 24 Pakistani troops. That prompted Islamabad to cut off ground-supply routes used to truck in essential materials for the war effort in Afghanistan.

How the Koran-burning incident adds to the headaches of American military commanders remains to be seen, but there is palpable frustration in Washington.

Indeed, the scandal is hardly the first involving burning of the Koran. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s predecessor, Robert Gates, was so worried about the fallout from a Florida pastor’s plans to burn the Koran that, in 2010, he took the extraordinary step of calling him personally to try to talk him out of it.

That only bought time. In April of last year, the pastor went ahead and supervised the burning of the book in Florida, triggering days of protests in Afghanistan in which some two dozen people were killed, including seven U.N. staff.

The unrest appears to add to the U.S. military’s challenges in Afghanistan, which commanders are trying to stabilize ahead of the scheduled withdrawal of most American combat forces by the end of 2014.

Then, along comes ‘Virile’ Republican nut cases, showing how macho they are by defending inexcusable actions made by our military on a US military base in a Muslim country.  How would they like it if the “Holy Bible” was urinated on, flushed down a toilet or burned?

On Thursday, Gingrich was the first Republican White House hopeful to criticize Obama for apologizing after Muslim holy books containing extremist language were burned by NATO soldiers.

Gingrich blasts Obama’s apology to KarzaiGingrich tweeted,  “It is an outrage that on the day an Afghan soldier murders two American troops, Pres. Obama is the one apologizing.”

Does Mr. Gingrich really think his argument makes sense after all the “collateral deaths and injuries” the United States and it’s allies have been responsible for?  To the Muslim World, the United States is the bully always kicking sand in their faces.  Death of US soldiers is always tragic.  They are soldiers and are trained that casualties are a part of their job description.  This war is NOT about religion, but the GOP candidates are doing their best to make this a Holy War. But, excusing the collateral deaths of non-combatant women, children, elderly and wedding parties is totally insane.  The Afghan War is between combatants and politicians who get brownie points for body counts, like in Viet Nam.  There are US Forces trying their hearts out to mend the broken image of the United States, and there are US Subversives trying their hearts out to disrespect, injure and kill innocents along with actual combatants, and have the nerve to proselytize on top of everything.  Any Muslim that converts to another religion is called a Murtad and is immediately sentenced to death.  Our Evangelical Soldier know this and do it anyway.  God must be very proud of his arrogant children… especially the thoughtless ones.

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