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BossKitty Takes A Sabbatical

January 29, 2013

BossKitty is tired of it all.  Politics in Texas is a Consumer issue. Those who Consume the most are in charge.

Wealthy Texans CONSUME the political environment. Whoever disagrees with the will of the wealthy will be gerrymandered out of their voice, by a bought and paid for Texas State Congress. 

I know Texas is not the only state where this problem exists.  But, this is MY state and I just live here and have to keep my head low … someone may blow it off because I complain about them on this blog. 

Texas Corruption is only interesting because most Texans are so proud of it.  If you ask a Texan why, they really don’t know, except that’s what they are supposed to say. 

This is the last BossKitty submission.  Uncertain when I will do another post on TruthHugger.  This has been a long and passionate ride.  The dirt in my back yard is cleaner than the Texas GOP. Political dialog in Texas gives me a headache.  If Texas becomes a purple state in my lifetime, I will rejoice.  I thank the Texas Progressive Alliance for their dedication to the daunting task of revealing the puppets and puppeteers that control our lives.

So, after pissing in the wind for several years, while it blows in the wrong direction, BossKitty is taking a break.  Call it a Sabbatical …

WIKI: Sabbatical – is a rest from work, or a hiatus, often lasting from two months to a year.

My topics have been Corruption, Environment, Disasters, Social Inequities, Educational Inequities, Health Care Inequities and a myriad of hopefully interesting rants and raves.


Tendency to Fear Is Strong Political Influence

Feb. 5, 2013 — It’s no secret that fear is a mechanism often used in political campaigns to steer public opinion on hot-button issues like immigration and war. But not everyone is equally predisposed to be influenced by such a strategy, according to new research by Rose McDermott, professor of political science, and colleagues published in the American Journal of Political Science.

Maybe it would be healthier if America divided into separate countries … Secession for the extremists. Every person with a pre-concieved opinion must decide whether or not they want to understand opposing points of view.  If they are satisfied with not expanding their knowledge and understanding, they must choose a country that suits their fantasy.

The question is, how many countries should America become … the only rule would be for each of these countries leave the others alone. BossKitty is pretty certain that the country that beckons will be inclusive and respectful of humanity and the planet. The balancing act among the many diverse views, dogmas and opinions is extreme in America.  The population of moderates, in America. that respect other’s rights is shrinking.  Syria and many Middle Eastern and African countries are facing the result of rigid political and religious dogma … the headlines show ‘Massacres’ of one side or another.

Each separated country would be banned from imposing their rhetoric upon the others.  It would have to be accepted that many families would be broken apart, due to the myriad of conflicting opinions. 

All contact between these separate countries would have to be mediated by a third party and never take place without witnesses. If we still have electricity, contact can be videotaped, etc.

The hate filled, racist, side should separate from America and live in a white, heterosexual, evangelical heaven of their own design … to practice the special privileges given to them by God … consume the earth’s soul and give nothing back.

The more progressive, inclusive side, should separate from America and create their own co-existing, diverse nirvana, and live with dignity.  The progressive side will do it’s best to repair the damaged planet that nurtures them.

All the rich oligarchs, so intent on becoming medieval lords, should separate into their own privileged monarchy, with their own serfs and slaves helping them pollute everything that surrounds them.

The weapons manufacturers should have their own ‘offshore’ country, so they can encourage wars all over the world … but ultimately, they will have to figure out where to spend their profits …

The last person standing will be very rich and very lonely.

Of course this is my own fantasy.  There is no way anyone could reach enough common ground to make secession feasible.  We are all connected and intertwined and co-dependent with one another.  The collective WE has lost incentive to even try.  We are programmed to follow.  We are dependent on others to shape our opinions.  Emotionally exhausted, BossKitty takes a break.
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