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Drop the script written by bitter old men!

January 6, 2013

OMG the Sunday Morning talk shows got to me again! America’s politics is nothing but a script written by bitter old men! Who are these bitter old men?  Are they the Republicans who have been in politics for a very long time? Unlike younger Republicans, they have not updated their political stances in the last couple of decades and are less willing to compromise than their more youthful and practical  counterparts.  The problem with the “Old Guard” is that they are entrenched and are “owned” by special interests.  Old Guard on both sides are polar opposites and operational governance is at a standstill!


The CLASH of brick walls is destruction.  Brick Walls crush each other because they are rigid.  Rigid is great until it runs in to another rigid Brick Wall.  The history of human civilizations is paved with crushed walls!  Many times these crushed walls are no longer recognizable, because they have turned to dust and rubble.  America’s politics is quickly turning into dust and rubble!  The American Culture has morphed into the typical formula that “crushed” so many ancient civilizations and is no longer recognizable as the dream of it’s Founding Fathers.

Mitch McConnell is guilty of assuming he knows what a whole, diverse group of people, think, feel and  will act. “All the Democrats want to do is spend”. “The Debt Ceiling is a hostage worth ransoming”. So, McConnell’s oath to Grover Norquist appears to supersede his oath to America! Any proposals by the Democrats and President Obama is poison to “Old Guard” handlers. The Senate Minority Leader deliberately does not put names and faces on the population he wants to cut loose fro those “DIRTY ENTITLEMENTS”, which happen to be everything described in the US Constitution.  The balancing act between government responsibility to it’s people and it’s lenders has become heavy handed on the scale.  One side wants the other side to be responsible for everything.  That argument can be pointed in both directions.

But, of course, the OTHER side is just as guilty of painting a radical picture of their opponents.  All Republicans want to do is exclude the disadvantaged.  All Republicans want to do is protect rich corporations from accountability or liability. NO ONE considers cause and effect, no one considers the consequences of excluding ALL the rich or ALL the poor.  No one addresses what has caused disadvantage in the first place …

George Will argued with Robert Reich, that in order to have the welfare state he said Reich and other liberals want, the Bush tax rates on the middle class would have had to been rolled back, taking the entitlement state off the table.

“There are only three liberals in the country, and you’re one, who are actively hostile to arithmetic and therefore, you know ,you cannot fund a state the liberals want, the entitlement state without taxing the middle class at least. And now you’ve given up that with the locking in as permanent law the Bush tax rates — that’s off the table.”

No one seems interested in Cause and Effect … what causes the mess we are in and how do we reverse the trend.  If it is really reversible. America is drowning in the Economics of Poverty while it wants to throw all the consequences overboard to lighten the load for what is seen as the “Captains” on America’s lifeboat.  Luxuries enjoyed by the wealthy are provided by poorly paid servers.  If they throw them all overboard, there will be no one to row the boat.

I propose that “Both Sides” be required to work in the SAME ROOM and talk to EACH OTHER. Lay out all the issues each representative is faced with and tasked to do by their constituents. 

I propose that the “Old Guard” be required to admit that the population of America has grown and the Baby Boomers are entering the “entitlement” phase of their lives. They have paid in to the “Safety Net” system put in place with Social Security and Medicare.  BossKitty paid Social Security and Medicare taxes for almost 50 years.  That is NOT an entitlement, it was an investment!

It appears that the Right Wing Brick Wall has confused the definitions!  Social Safety Net vs. SocioEconomic Safety Net!  The Brick Wall Tea Party dogma: No Taxes? No Deals? No Compromises! No nothin! Period. The Right Wing Brick Wall cannot consider the dangers of excluding the poorest from their ability to climb out of their poverty.  The misconception the Tea Party has is that these “Blood Suckers” enjoy the free services and enjoy their “poverty” entitlements.

Listening to Newt Gingrich, on Sunday Morning Meet The Press Roundtable, shocked me by making a LOT of sense.  Newt explained the whole Sandy Relief debacle in the House of Representatives.  Why was there no media coverage about the extra “Pork” added to the Disaster Relief bill that had NO relevance to Hurricane Sandy Victims!

On the roundtable, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich chided his Republican colleagues for using the debt ceiling as a political leverage, saying that two other issues, the pending sequestration cuts and the continuing resolution to fund the government, were “much better fights than the debt ceiling.”  Gingrich continued, “The debt ceiling guarantees a crisis. It guarantees that the markets will cave in on the Republicans. And the Republicans in the end will give up.”

Why do these guys sound so good and logical when they are no longer pandering to their owners? When they are separated from their handlers, they are really just people.  When they are in Campaign Mode, they are nothing but ROBOTS!..

But, Socioeconomic safety nets are non-contributory transfer programs seeking to prevent the poor or those vulnerable to shocks and poverty from falling below a certain poverty level..

This predisposition that another group is so dependable is great … in a cartoon world!  This is where “Stereotypes” come from.   So, let’s say I will always act this way … because YOU will always act THAT way!  Therefore, I will never consider your points, because you will never consider my points.  Tea Party dogma: No Taxes? No Deals? No Compromises! No nothin! Period.

Whether you know it or not, you are conveniently stashed into a social/political cubby hole.  Which stereotype YOU fall in to?  You will never know, because a team of analysts have decided who and what you are.  They feed their findings into a computer and design their ideal political robot to grab your emotions … and vote!

Let’s quit NON-action rhetoric.  Drop the SCRIPT written by bitter old men who are nothing more than ‘Front Men/Women’ for special interest lobbies!!!

The RHETORIC that Democrats are SOCIALISTS!  Republicans are NAZIs!  And, everyone else is irrelevant because they are poor, powerless and don’t know Jack Shit!

Some of the facts that are being run over and ignored by the Brick Walls in Congress:

Freezing social spending would be a reasonable goal if America already treated its poorest citizens adequately, or even tolerably. It does neither. In fact, maintaining entitlement spending at current levels will still leave millions of people in abject poverty, with no possibility of social advancement or even basic comfort and security. The only difference between no cuts and cuts is the difference between more of the same and even more of the same.

Currently, an estimated 46.2 million Americans are in poverty. Nearly 44% of poor Americans are in “deep poverty,” meaning they subsist on below half the official poverty line. Median earnings for all Americans have consistently dropped for the past four decades, and inequality has exploded. Americans are working longer hours in worse jobs for less compensation. Socioeconomic mobility is on its way towards functional extinction. And needless to say, all of these trends are heavily stratified along racial lines. This is the status quo which Beltway progressivism is fighting to preserve, because it can only foresee a worse alternative.

As long as America fails to face the causes for all of it’s woes, toxic exposures to legal and illegal drugs, along with environmental pollution (water and soil), dysfunction will continue to accelerate America’s demise.  America’s exposure to toxic substances have made us sicker and richer at the same time.  America has sold this formula to other countries and cultures, so this shared disaster is an epidemic.  The dysfunction is America’s inability to reduce toxic exposure because it is addicted to the money it brings in.  This is the same business model of illegal drug cartels.  It is nothing more than a money model.  America’s version of this same model is more palatable because it makes it’s citizens believe they are participating in the decision making.  When the citizens start suffering from the ill effects of reality, they are fed the placebo of a target group to blame.  This is where the dysfunction reaches it’s peak and ordinary citizens start acting out and committing atrocities against each other.  The clueless Washington Political Machine continues to play the same script and ignore the consequences of dismissing the causes for poverty and disability that has clogged America’s economic system.

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