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Texas Progressive Alliance December 24, 2012

December 24, 2012


 T’was-the-day-before Wrangle … and all through the blogosphere, not a creature was stirring. So here’s the roundup and the best of The Texas Progressive Alliance

Off the Kuff discusses where the redistricting and voter ID lawsuits stand with the Supreme Court.

BossKitty at TruthHugger enjoyed a fiery sunrise on Apocalypse Morning. But the Sunday morning talk shows laid the cat’s ears back in anger; she has a few NRA Whack-A-Mole Questions.

WCNews at Eye on Williamson says that Rick Perry and the wingnuts’ latest privatization scheme to be exposed is just the latest instance of the scam that’s always been there for everyone to see.

The legal and moral justification for homophobia, as expressed by Father and Son Scalia, is relayed by PDiddie at Brains and Eggs.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme wants you to know that the odious Aaron Peña is an official sellout and Rick Perry is no longer universally loved by the Tea Party.

With Republican Tim Scott of South Carolina set to become the fifth Black post-reconstruction U.S. Senator, Neil at Texas Liberal posted photos and links about Mr. Scott and the four who came before him.

Texas History for the Week of   December 23 – 29

December 23
Scott and White becomes nonprofit hospital foundation (1949)
Black militia company organizes in Nueces County (1879)
“Santa Claus” robs bank but muffs getaway (1927)
Bob Lemmons, “the most original mustanger,” dies (1947)
December 24
Museum benefactors Kay and Vera Fuller Kimbell marry (1910)
Spanish captain’s arrival triggers construction of Presidio del Norte (1759)
The railroad comes to Texas (1852)
Early community incorporated (1838)
December 25
Houston and Texas Central reaches Austin (1871)
Kit Carson signs Sawtooth Mountain (1839)
First Communion service for Texas Episcopalians (1838)
Mexican raiders attack Luke Brite’s ranch (1917)
December 26
Independence Heights is independent no longer (1929)
Future Eagle Pass civic leader born in Hungary (1885)
Pro-Union Tejanos lynch secessionist judge (1862)
First commercial buffalo hunt in Texas (1874)
December 27
Texas Masons hold first meeting (1835)
Stephen F. Austin dies (1836)
Austin incorporates–the first such act with public health provisions (1839)
Eli Whiteley wins the Medal of Honor in France (1944)
December 28
Oldest Jewish house of worship in Texas chartered (1859)
Poet-horticulturist “Fruit Tree” Ramsey dies (1932)
Death of blues king Freddie King (1976)
First oil well in Ector County signals development of Odessa (1926)
December 29
Cartoonist publishes last regular work (1972)
Painter Frank Reaugh born in Illinois (1860)
Texas Folklore Society founded in Dallas (1909)
U.S. Congress approves annexation of Texas (1845)

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