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Texas Progressive Alliance November 26 2012

November 26, 2012

The Texas Progressive Alliance  is rested and ready after the holiday weekend as it brings you this week’s roundup.

Off the Kuff notes that for the second election in a row, the city of Houston voted 61% for President Obama. Keep that in mind the next time someone tries to tell you that Texas is Austin surrounded by a bunch of Republicans.

Success for Democrats in Williamson County has been few and far between in recent years, and has only come through hard work. WCNews at Eye on Williamson points out that little has changed, It won’t just happen…(continued).

Barack Obama’s re-election to the presidency, just as his first election, is defined in large measure by the pathetic quality of his competition. PDiddie at Brains and Eggs observes that while Republicans have only themselves to blame for their circumstances, maybe it’s time for the victors to help them work through their bitterness.

BossKitty at TruthHugger believes it’s time to work on those we elected, to legislate responsible actions and stop polluting America’s water. Water – Supply and Demand, Cause and Effect.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme notes that establishment Republicans hate their base. I can understand that.

Neil at Texas Liberal said that the table of self-respect is always set. The question is will people show up?

Texas History for the Week of  November 26 December 1

November 25
Texas gives up nonexistent New Mexico counties (1850)
Last recorded flight to Johnson’s Ranch (1943)
First Texas Navy created (1835)
Edward House meets presidential candidate Woodrow Wilson (1911)
November 26
Philandering tycoon finds new El Dorado in East Texas (1930)
Kuykendall family enters Texas (1821)
Texans win Grass Fight (1835)
Legislature replaces Alton (pop. 1) as Denton County seat (1850)
November 27
Economy Furniture strike begins in Austin (1968)
Texas Presbytery organized at Sumner Bacon’s home (1837)
Distinguished Texas conductor dies on his birthday (1976)
Hispanic Texan earns Medal of Honor (1944)
November 28
Texas home for Confederate veterans chartered (1884)
Screwmen protest hiring of African Americans (1882)
Gideon Lincecum dies (1874)
Military historian Slam Marshall joins the army (1917)
November 29
A founder of Methodism in Texas crosses into the republic (1838)
Eugene Routh resigns as editor of the Baptist Standard (1927)
Newspaper publisher authorized to outfit privateers (1835)
Spanish military tribunal convicts cartographer (1811)
November 30
Time magazine celebrates ecumenical “love in Corpus Christi” (1935)
Texas general dies with his men in disastrous battle (1864)
Memoirist John H. Jenkins killed in gunfight (1890)
Sam Houston welcomes Mobile Grays to Texas (1835)
December 01
Missouri Pacific enters Texas (1880)
Cartoonist’s career begins (1905)
D. and A. Oppenheimer closes (1988)
Rancher accidentally shot on train (1901)

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