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God’s Will And The 2012 Election

October 28, 2012

If the weather is really an expression of God’s Will, Insha’ Allah … Do you think Hurricane Sandy from the East and the Cold Front from the West, aka the “Super Storm’, is a sign?  Will Mother Earth decide the US Presidential election?  Will the next four years be determined by all the attention placed on this storm?

NOAA real time Atlantic satellite view should update throughout the day. If not just click on THIS.

Election day, November 6, 2012, will be tense at best.  The close Presidential and Congressional races will be determined by how many votes are counted.  The news media has speculated about the weather impact on voters.  Possible mass evacuations could disrupt polling places along the United States East Coast. Hurricane Sandy may have the last word …  Climate discussion has been relatively ignored in this election.  More attention has been given to what we do to each other as humans.

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Everyone will spin  their opinions to their liking, but do you think Mother Nature is really concerned about mere human opinion?  Human arrogance is getting a spanking this election year, and it appears that Mother Nature is frustrated. Enter Hurricane Sandy and the big Cold Front from the West to battle it out over the most populated side of the United States of America … at a pivotal time!

Earth’s occupants have disrespected each other and the planet they collectively occupy for millennium.  Earth changes are inevitable natural cycles.  Some of  these cycles may have been influenced by human behavior.  Humans have  the tendency to obsess on trivia surrounding Earth’s Natural cycles … like ancient populations, religions will use this storm as a sign to boost their rhetoric.  Millenia of trying to appease this unknown personality have become religions. 

Humans have become too comfortable passing responsibility for their personal behavior to an unknown personality, they call YHWH,  God, Allāh, Waheguru

There are many interpretations for  God’s Will (WIKI): 

One general monotheistic concept is the Kingdom of God, with God as being a king, and of all “creation” as his kingdom. …

In Judaism, the will of God is said to be encompassed both in the Ten Commandments and in the Mitzvah … There are various Christian views on the old covenant

In Christianity, some assert the Law of Christ, a supercessesionist view that Jesuscommandments” superseded Jewish law. 

In Islam, submission and surrender are terms referring to the acceptance of God’s will, while Sharia is a concept expressing Islamic jurisprudence, or an Islamic form of religious government, claims to be the more perfect fulfillment of the will of God.

In Sikhism, Hukam is a Punjabi word derived from the Arabic hukm, meaning “command” or “order.” God whose is referred to as Waheguru. It is by the command of Him that we are born and we die. In the Sikh Scripture, the founder of the religion, Guru Nanak says: … by the Hukam of God’s Command, we come and go in reincarnation. ((20)) —Japji Sahib Stanza 20

The whole of the Universe is subject to the Hukam of the Creator God. Nothing ever happens without the Will of Him. This is accepted as one of the primary concepts of Sikhism. For the Sikh, the acceptance of His Hukam is a concept that needs to be learnt and understood.

As for Deism, it has been explained: … reason to be an innate faculty of all people. Reason, the very image of God in which all humans are created, makes possible knowledge of the will of God. … The world, nevertheless, continued to function according to the laws that God had established at creation, laws that operate without the need of divine intervention.[1]

A similar formulation would apply to the subtype Pandeism, except that instead of becoming remote, God has become inaccessible and non intervening through its choice to fully become our Universe.

WIKI, Insha’Allāh is said when speaking about plans and events expected to occur in the future. The phrase also acknowledges submission to God, with the speaker putting him or herself into God’s hands. Muslims believe that everything is maktub [lit.: written] and so whatever it is one wishes to do, will only occur if it is within God’s plan. This does not take away from the concept of free will. One’s use of Insha’Allāh indicates not one’s desire to succeed in an endeavor, but rather that the endeavor one embarks on will be within God’s will, which might be interpreted as that which is best for Humanity, the Earth, and all of Allah’s creation.

There are so many examples of the human concept of God, that it can really confuse larger realities.

It must be the human God’s will to create the grand PONZI Schemes called RELIGION and POLITICS … wearing the cloak of authority over the human spirit, but hiding an agenda of exploitation!

The highest reality created a Universe, Galaxy, Solar System and Habitable Planet.

If God’s Will is to create and destroy.  Why do humans, with their own free will, pick and choose who THEY want to create or destroy, and lie that it is really God’s will?  When humans look you in the face and say their actions are God’s Will, they are perpetrating a Ponzi scheme on believers. 

The truth of these matters are unfolding every day.  Reality has a power of it’s own.  Mother Nature and the power that created the Earth, Solar System, Galaxy and entire Universe has no concern for Religion or Politics.  I repeat, Climate discussion has been relatively ignored in this election. 

Frankenstorm: Has Climate Change Created A Monster?

More attention has been given to what we do to each other as humans.  Mother Earth will do as she pleases, whether our politicians or clergy ignore it or not.

By the way, has anyone noticed the flurry of Earthquakes along the west coast of the North American Continent … ? 

Magnitude   Location

5.1  166km S of Masset, Canada
5.5  190km S of Masset, Canada
5.4  151km SSW of Masset, Canada
6.3  159km SSW of Masset, Canada
4.3 58km SSW of Bengkulu, Indonesia
2.5 8km ESE of Santa Clarita, California
5.1 184km S of Masset, Canada
3.9 7km NNW of San Fernando, California
4.3 135km S of Masset, Canada
4.0 166km S of Masset, Canada
4.4 177km S of Masset, Canada
4.0 164km SSE of Masset, Canada
4.2  154km S of Masset, Canada
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