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Legitimacy Denied For Rape and Climate In 2012 Election

October 26, 2012

Why is RAPE more acceptable to debate and argue about, in a despicable way, and CLIMATE CHANGE so taboo? 

Is it because CLIMATE CHANGE requires CORPORATE and GOVERNMENT responsibility?  No one wants to make their Corporate Sponsors nervous by suggesting responsible behavior …

RAPE is just a personal crime that GOP Extremists question as legitimate.  GOP is all for embracing babies resulting from rape, it’s part of their God’s plan … The rape victim can be dismissed as an ancillary issue that is experiencing a personal problem.  GOP wants to pick apart this despicable act of assault and degradation, to minimize the victim and celebrate the result.  Tea-publicans make RAPE a public issue instead of a crime. Another day, another Republican candidate in trouble for talking about rape the wrong way. I don’t want them to stop mentioning it, mind you, but wish they could do so with a little humility, and some acknowledgement of the seriousness of the crime itself … and NOT about how a hypothetical pregnant 13-year-old survivor of rape or incest should “make a lemon situation into lemonade.”

Kudos to the artists from BrainWrap and DailyKos for these graphics

For those who care about living beyond this election, and survive the extreme changes that Mother Earth has in store, denying and ignoring CLIMATE CHANGE  is much like RAPE of the PLANET. Yes indeed, the Rape of Mother Earth could be called a “Gift From God”.   It is, however, a Gift to Corporations who refuse to be regulated to act responsibly and consider the consequences of their behavior.  But, this Corporate “Gift” can KILL babies through pollution and abuse of our host planet … Hmmm, betcha the GOP doesn’t want to touch that idea with a ten foot pole.

On Climate Policy, Romney Walks A Tightrope

Romney rarely speaks of climate change; he has written that he believes the planet is warming up. But why it’s happening is another matter. …

Shading Language

Looked at this way, it’s rational for Mitt Romney to tell his conservative base what it wants to hear about climate change. Leiserowitz says that at least makes sense in the current political climate, which is different from what it was during the last election.

“Four years ago, John McCain, the presidential nominee of the Republican Party, had been the primary champion of climate change action in the U.S. Senate for over a decade,” Leiserowitz says.

 Romney was strongly in that ‘do-something’ camp when he was governor of Massachusetts. But he eventually changed his tune, as he eyed a 2008 run for president and staked out some more conservative positions.

Yet Leiserowitz says Romney doesn’t want to alienate the majority of Americans, who see climate change as a real issue, so he’s shading his language, “and so he’s trying to walk that tightrope between those two very different positions.”

That position paves the way for Romney to say he doesn’t intend to reduce carbon emissions. The Romney campaign would not provide a spokesperson for this report. But the campaign’s domestic policy adviser, Oren Cass, laid out Romney’s climate policy at an event at MIT, webcast by E&E TV.

“When Gov. Romney talks about a no-regrets policy, what he means is the policies that we can pursue, that will move forward, particularly with technological innovation, to find solutions without having negative effects on our  economy in the interim,” Cass said.

In other words, research, but no action — other than rolling back some of the Obama administration’s climate policies.


“My view is that we don’t know what’s causing climate change on this planet, and the idea of spending trillions and trillions of dollars to try and reduce CO2 emissions is not the right course for us,” Romney said at a private fundraiser early in the campaign.


… Elizabeth Kolbert: climate policy became the Great Unmentionable  during the 2012 campaign. President Obama did speak about it briefly during his acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention, but he has otherwise avoided it. Romney has a coal-friendly energy policy, and, when he talks about it, he radiates enthusiasm about burning fuels of all kinds; you half expect him to take out matches and show the audience how to light a fire.

Yet arriving at a consensus is vital and urgent. The bargaining required to deal with the country’s debt overhang will create an opportunity to link the tax-rate reforms that Republicans seek to the climate policies that Democrats have advocated. The campaign might have fleshed out the possibility of such a deal; it has not.

In 2012 GOP Race, Climate Policy Is A Non-Issue

 Romney, Obama Make History with Failure to Mention Climate Change in Last Debate

 So far, Republicans, no matter which version you are exposed to, are not making a lot of sense when it comes to RAPE.  Maybe the GOP is not sharing their plans for children that result from RAPE.  Let’s take a head count of loyal Tea-publicans that reach out and offer to raise the unwanted baby.  Hmmm, can you find any?  Let’s just wait for the RAPIST to get out of jail and hand the child over to them, because they have equal parental rights.  Let’s look closer at this scenario …  Someone who commits rape has a control issue over women … and most likely a mental health problem, sometimes drug related.  After 10 to 15 years, if that much, the rapist walks out free and sees an opportunity for “free money” by declaring a child on his tax return and receiving some kind of assistance.  If that child is female … Hmmmm, delicious.  If that child is a little boy, the rapist has a buddy or an opportunity or a burden.  Hmmm, sell him to a gang?

The act of suicide may have been the most honorable alternative for this rapist, but there is so much more to this story, like how many rapes?  Rape is Rape. 

SALT LAKE CITY (Reuters) – A Utah Tea Party activist and Republican fundraiser charged with more than two dozen felony counts of rape and sexual assault has died from an apparent suicide just four days after he was freed from jail on bail, his attorney said on Wednesday.

There seems to be a big disconnect between Tea-publican men and the female image?  Mother Humans, Mother Earth, or just the idea of motherhood?  Obviously they have no problems with the making babies part or making a mess part, it’s just the responsibilities they want to avoid.  So, take the personal rights away from MOTHERs!

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