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OpEd: Hey Ya’ll, We Are NOT Electing A President

October 21, 2012

All the hype and hoopla Americans are enduring right now is BS!  We are told that we are electing the next President of the United States of America. Ha! Wrong!

Americans are electing nothing more than FRONT MEN for political parties and extreme political agendas that have nothing to do with the faces they show you on TV!  The Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee are the next leaders of the so called “Free World”. We are electing Agendas. The poor sucker who becomes the front person for a political party must sacrifice almost everything that has identified them, so far.  Whatever they believed or accomplished in their lives before becoming a candidate, will become nothing more than tools to define a political campaign and a political agenda. So, remember, when you demonize one candidate or the other, you are demonizing what they now stand for.  What each candidate stands for is a prescription for their political party.  I call that BAGGAGE!

WHY?  Both Romney and Obama Avoid Talk of Climate Change

Don’t you think that a changing climate, that effects how our food grows and how it effects drinkable water is awfully important to the economy, too?

What you see on TV, hear on the radio and experience on the internet are nothing more than political agendas masked as credible people with credible opinions.

The actual leadership of the United States of America rests in the hands of the ruling party in the House of Representatives and Senate.  Presidential veto power is limited and can easily be overruled.

Americans are so gullible that they actually think the personalities of each candidate are at issue.  That is what all the deceptive marketing wants you to believe.  Marketing candidates is a well tested science.

If you want to be a RESPONSIBLE voter, know WHAT you are voting for or against and realize that it is NOT the who!

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