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Do You Hear Me Now?

September 27, 2012

Corporate Manipulators, and the media outlets they own, shout propaganda and disinformation and their loyal audience believes them!

So, for whatever good it does, my rants about “Corporate Manipulation” has been justified.  I have complained for years that the likes of the Koch Brothers, and their sinister teammates, have bought all the screaming dis-information spewed from the mouths of Fox News Celebrities.  (The fact that an entertainment channel poses as an honest news source, is terrifying).  The dis-information Fox Fans insist has to be true, is poisoning any attempt to conduct an honest election, on any level.

Latest News on NFIB

Secret, Big Funding of “Small Business” Group Exposed at New Website —

Contributions compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics show that in 2010 the NFIB Small Business Legal Center (SBLC) received $1.15 million from Donors Trust, a major supporter of the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity Foundation. Read more here.


  • Center for Responsive Politics compilation of donations to NFIB and affiliates
  • Donors Trust IRS form 990 for 2010 (see p. 65)
  • Bradley Foundation IRS form 990 for 2010 (see pp. 72-73)
  • NFIB Exposed.jpg

    The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) is a lobbying group that calls itself “the voice of small business.”[1] However, the group has been shown to lobby on issues that favor large corporate interests and run counter to the interests of small businesses.[2][3] News reports have also found that NFIB, which claims to be non-partisan, engages in partisan politics, and receives millions in hidden contributions.

    Small business owners run the gamut politically. For instance, 33 percent identify as Republicans, 32 percent as Democrats, and 29 percent as Independent.[4] However, NFIB accepted a $3.7 million gift in 2010 from Crossroads GPS, a group affiliated with Republican political operative Karl Rove that overwhelmingly endorses and financially supports Republican candidates.[5] According to new data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics (CRP), in 2010 the NFIB Small Business Legal Center (SBLC) received $1.15 million from “conservative 501(c)(3) conduit group” Donors Trust, a major contributor to the Koch brothersAmericans for Prosperity Foundation. Other contributions include the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, which gave to a wide range of conservative groups including the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).[6][7][8][9]

    In June 2012, Congress launched an inquiry into NFIB’s hidden sources of funding, which include large individual donations of over $1 million. However, NFIB has refused to disclose its donors.[5][10]

    A 2006 report quoted NFIB members who said the group was inflating its membership size of 650,000.[11] NFIB now claims 350,000 members.[12]

    While the average small business owner makes slightly over $100,000,[13] NFIB filings with the IRS show that CEO Dan Danners salary in 2011 was $743,676.

    Entities associated with NFIB include the SBLC,[14] the Young Entrepreneur Foundation,[15] NFIB Research Foundation,[16] and the Political Action Committee SAFE Trust (Save America’s Free Enterprise Trust).[17]

    Romney: an “Investment” for the 1%?

    by Brendan Fischer

    “People can invest what they want,” billionaire industrialist David Koch recently told Politico.

    Koch wasn’t discussing the stock market or oil futures. He was talking money in politics: wealthy donors “investing” in elected officials, apparently with the expectation of getting a return. In total, donors like the Kochs, along with Sheldon Adelson, Harold Simmons, and “outside” groups have pledged to raise a total of $1 billion this election to elect Republicans, particularly President Barack Obama’s opponent Mitt Romney.

    With support from these deep-pocketed outside donors and organizations, Romney could be the first candidate in modern history to outraise and outspend the incumbent president.

    Read the rest of this item here.

    Well researched information, from reliable and official sources is important to allow voters to vote responsibly.  Using your auto pilot emotions, as programmed by your social circle, and your favorite news entertainer, has consequences beyond your comprehension.

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