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Half Truths Don’t Protect Our Children From Dirty GOP Toxic Trash

September 14, 2012

As time passes, our children will experience the consequences of environment abuse, damaging our future survival. There is almost nowhere to go, anymore, to find a pristine environment. There is almost nowhere to live without discovering waste from long ago factories or businesses, that had no concern for where they dumped their waste products.  The most convenient dump place was the nearest water source or shallow pit.  Over 100 years of more and more sophisticated manufacturing has progressively produced more and more dangerous industrial waste.  Industrial waste, Urban waste and Personal waste all end up in our water and our soil.  Waste dumped on soil ends up in our water. Even the waste products dumped into soil or water, end up in our air … so, we breathe and drink what we flush.

For the last few decades, American Industry has fought to distance themselves from accountability for their waste products.  Those under the most pressure have shipped their manufacturing overseas …  not only for cheaper labor, but for the advantage of being able to dump their industrial waste without scrutiny. It is so much easier to bribe those in authority, in disadvantaged countries, with the carrot of cash and local jobs. Those same disadvantaged countries enjoy the infusion of money, both over and under the table, until their populations start getting sick. More money under the table softens the scrutiny and complaints, almost every time.

This election year, candidates say it’s all about jobs … that half truth gets a lot of play.  But half truths don’t protect anyone from exposure to the toxic wastes erupting from their hiding places to ruin our Air, Water, Soil.  There are plenty of jobs available for cleanup and remediation.  High and low tech jobs abound for industry tasked with trying to undo what other industries have done.  Pollution is not a crime, but it should be.  Pollution only makes money for lawyers who defend toxic industrial polluters and lawyers who represent the victims.  You could say the legal industry profits from toxic behavior.

Worst AIR Pollution

GOP is the political arm of Industries who refuse accountability for their toxic manufacturing methods.  These Industries don’t want the expense of changing their ways to protect the environment: Air, Water, Soil.  Their refusal to accept responsibility or expense.

There are more  SUPERFUNDS than will ever make it to the official list.  That’s because, after a factory or small business runs it’s course, it leaves … For over 100 years building or manufacturing almost anything in America has produced waste products.  As the industrial age progressed, manufacturing waste became more and more complicated.  When laws started to intrude on the free dumping of hazardous material, many countries took their business overseas to disadvantaged countries where they dumped even more waste.

American people need to address how we are to deal with government regulatory agencies that fail to protect the public health and safety. EPA, created in the 1970’s, has knowingly failed us for decades. How do we do that?  We make sure the people we elect give teeth to the regulatory agencies that were created to protect us from negligent business practices.

By blocking all legislation that holds industry and manufacturing accountable for safe conduct, the GOP has put the whole burden of recovery on it’s victims.  GOP lashes out at growing health costs caused by the toxic behavior of their own campaign donors.  Injured and disabled employees, along with victims unknowingly exposed to damaging toxins inadequately disposed of are dismissed


The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act was enacted by Congress in 1980 in response to the threat of hazardous waste sites, typified by the Love Canal disaster in New York, and the Valley of the Drums in Kentucky.[2]

The EPA published the first Hazard Ranking System (HRS) in 1981, and the first National Priorities List (NPL) in 1982.[3] The implementation during early years has been criticized as being ineffective due to the Reagan administration’s laissez-faire policies. During his two terms, 16 of the 799 Superfund sites were cleaned up, and $40 million of $700 million in recoverable funds from responsible parties were collected.[4]

The Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986 (SARA), made several important changes and additions to CERCLA including increasing the funding of Superfund to $8.5 billion and providing for studies and the use of new technologies.[5]

In 1994, the Clinton administration proposed a new Superfund reform bill, which was seen as an improvement to existing legislation by some environmentalists and industry lobbyists. However, the effort was unable to gain bipartisan support.[6] Until the mid-1990s, most of the funding came from a tax on the petroleum and chemical industries, reflecting the polluter pays principle, and Congress yielded to corporate pressure.[7]


USA Today has published a well researched and comprehensive GHOST FACTORIES SERIES


Long-gone lead factories leave poisons in nearby yards


Some neighborhoods dangerously contaminated by lead fallout

What is left behind is a poisoned toxic soup of negligence.  Back when the general business population was “ignorant” or “careless” or just didn’t care, everything that was left over after it’s use was just dumped on the ground or sent to the local landfill.

EPA to clean up lead in yard soil in N.J.

VIDEO: EPA, state respond to lead smelter sites in New Jersey

Old factories often spewed lead particles into the air, contaminating surrounding properties with the wind-blown fallout, government reports have found. The lead can remain in topsoil for hundreds of years. Studies show that even tiny amounts of lead dust, ingested when children play in contaminated yards and put dusty hands or toys in their mouths, can result in lost intelligence, attention disorders and other health problems.

New World Encyclopedia: Land Pollution

What is Soil Pollution

Soil pollution refers to the contamination of the soil by means of excess fertilizers, chemicals, insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, etc. Soil pollution results in the decreased quality of soil and is caused by soil erosion, excess or deficit of moisture content, decrease in plant nutrients or soil microorganisms, and high fluctuation of temperature.

Soil pollution, in a way, also leads to air pollution and water pollution. Soil pollution naturally leads to air pollution by releasing such compounds into the atmosphere which are likely to explode. Soil pollution also contributes to water pollution if poisonous substances percolate into ground water, or if contaminated overflow reaches streams, lakes, or oceans.

Effects of Soil Pollution

Soil pollution adversely affects the human beings as well as animals, as it results in decreased agricultural production and the consequent food shortage. The chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are used to increase agricultural production not only degrade the soil due to their excess use, but also enter the food chain and affect the health of the people who consume that food.

Business making an anti-regulation pitch to voters

WASHINGTON (AP) — The National Association of Manufacturers, U.S. Chamber of Commerce and National Federation of Independent Business are working to make the anti-regulatory fervor their members share an issue in the last weeks of the campaign.

In the Bowels of the City, Blocking Wastewater Overflows

It happens dozens of times a year, undermining water quality, closing beaches and endangering aquatic life: Hit by major rainfall, New York’s sewers release raw sewage and polluted storm water into New York Harbor. These “overflow events” account for an estimated 27 billion gallons of pollutants annually in the city’s waters.

The Face Of Today’s Deregulation Movement

Despite a century’s worth of tragic, fatal lessons, many on the right continue to insist on rolling back safety, health, environmental, and consumer protections that were put in place to safeguard the lives and health of the American people. Leading the deregulation posse is Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, who would prefer a Wild West-style corporate landscape with limited government influence.

Huffington Post: Steven Cohen –   It’s true that regulation costs money, and some short-sighted business leaders seem to have a reflex that causes them to oppose regulation whenever it is proposed. On the other hand, it’s also true that lawlessness and an absence of rules can be quite expensive. Although many of the costs of regulation are borne by individual businesses and their customers, the rest of us pay the costs of non-regulation. Blanket opposition to all regulation is not the approach taken by most businesses, but when coupled with the anti-tax and anti-government ideology of the Republican party, anti-regulation creates a powerful and dangerous political dynamic. Maintaining leadership in the modern global economy requires skill, political will, strategy and resources. We need basic research, an educated population, infrastructure, consumers willing to invest in long-term purchases, and businesses that produce and compete without destroying the planet. A growing and sustainable economy requires an aggressive and strategic partnership between government and the private sector.

The danger of the Republican right-wing’s zeal against government and regulation is that it inhibits our ability to deal with the complexity and interconnectedness of modern life and the modern economy. The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in Japan and the damage to the environment caused by gas hydrofracking in Ohio and Pennsylvania are all examples of inadequate regulation. Not too much government, but too little. The U.S. Department of Interior failed to adequately police deep sea oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. The Japanese government did not require the Tokyo Electric Power Company to guard the Fukushima plant against the threat of tsunami.

Since so much is known about the cause and effects of AIR, SOIL, and WATER pollution, why has so little been done about it?  Who would profit from clean air, water and soil? I would!  Who would have to spend a little more money to keep their manufacturing process clean?  Oh, you already know the answer to that.  Just call your GOP representative.  

  1. October 16, 2012 11:05 pm

    Yes, Rural Farming, Democrats have to support big business, no matter how dirty it is. Big business employs people. The big difference is that Democrats are more accepting of laws and regulations supporting clean manufacturing, safety and accountability to the public. Republicans demonize regulations and falsely call them job busters, small business killers, etc. Republicans and the 1% don’t want to be accountable for their actions. Best case in point is the current meningitis outbreak and recent toxic spills. No regulations or laws were applied to this new compounding technique. Manufacturing does not have to be dirty. Most of it is dirty because it keeps prices down in the short run. Profits are made in the short run. But when it breaks down and spills or accidents happen, Big business remakes itself by bankrupting and starting back under a different name. Republicans cut funding to employ regulators and inspectors, so most dirty manufacturing goes undetected until an accident.
    Most, not all, Democrats want to prepare this country for whatever changes are coming because of climate or war. Manufacturing will have to change to accommodate a new reality. Democrats are better suited to help prepare us by regulating accountability enforcing it. War is the biggest polluter, but we are trashing other countries and military real estate in this country. There is no quick fix, because big business has more money to fight accountability. They pay that money to both political parties … but I believe Democrats will be more inclined to keep them accountable.
    BTW, I love your website.

  2. October 16, 2012 10:27 pm

    I am sorry don’t Democrats also vote for and support big business? Don’t they get millions if not billions every election cycle from these same businesses? Many union workers actually work for big dirty businesses. Isn’t the whole Detroit car machine just one big dirty industry? The coal industry is mainly unionized, they are almost to man Democrat. War itself is a dirty nasty businesses all around; making the weapons of war, dropping bombs all over the place including depleted uranium shells, etc. I guess one thing about war is that it elimates the problems to humans that pollution causes, it kills them so they don’t suffer from the effects, i guess? Please don’t be so brainwashed, both parties are in bed with companies that pollute, and they can’t get by the next election to do something about it. The reason nothing is done is that they both don’t care to get it done.

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