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Do You Feel Better It Wasn’t Terrorism?

August 24, 2012

Empire State Building shooting not terrorism, officials say

It is still too early to know everything about this most recent senseless shooting in New York. So, without any additional information to learn from, CNN and other news sources, Mayor Bloomberg announced that the NYPD determine that this was not terrorism!  So, put your mind at ease.  It has already been determined that no terrorist organization has been linked to this mass shooting.  Sigh your relief now!

A recently fired store worker shot a former colleague to death and then randomly opened fire on others near the Empire State Building… Correction, most of the collateral damage was from return fire by authorities.

If you are hit by a bullet, shrapnel or a brick, your mental and physical state should be less traumatized by the fact that terrorism was not the issue?  Yes! This IS terrorism, American Terrorism.

The mental meltdown, of what used to be a civilized culture, has created an environment of frustration and loss of control. Loss of control, that was always available through basic education that teaches social tools.  Loss of control, because Mental Health is publicly demonized by too many people. Education and Health Care are the targets of choice by candidates seeking election to positions of power.  Anger management is a mental health component.  Social consciousness is an educational component.  Yes! Terrorism is the symptom of legislative neglect.  Political issues that reduce education and health care fan the flames of social meltdown in America.

NO! Religion is NOT the answer to this dilemma. Sometime religion is a vehicle for unstable people to act out violently. YES, there is a breakdown in common sense by America’s legislators, who decide this country’s educational and medical priorities.

At least 10 shot at Empire State Building, authorities say

NO! Gun control is NOT the only issue here.  Legislative accountability IS at issue here.  Legislators, who prefer to pander to their campaign donors, instead of working to make America safer by supporting education and mental health are culpable with every violent meltdown that occurs in this country.  Trust me, even if common sense gun laws were adhered to, violence would be administered by cars, knives, machetes, baseball bats, and countless creative ways to kill, injure or maim people.  If you don’t vote for more responsible leaders in America, then get used to your neighbors loosing control and doing damage to something or someone else.  This is already the American way of life, but put yourself at ease … this was not terrorism!

This topic is discussed in depth in my post: I Have A Gun and I Have A Grudge – Update.

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