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Candidate State of Denial: Why Can’t They Buy Rain?

August 2, 2012

The darker the red, the bigger the change over the past decade.

Ex-sceptic says climate change is down to humans

In a US newspaper opinion piece, Prof Richard Muller says: “Call me a converted sceptic.”  Muller leads the Berkeley Earth Project, which is using new methods and some new data to investigate the claims made by other climate researchers.

New study links current events to climate change

Deny This: Contested Himalayan Glaciers Really Are Melting, and Doing So at a Rapid Pace–Kind of Like Climate Change

The consequences of good marketing spin is deception, sleight of hand, propaganda and deliberate misleading critical information.  What is good for a corporation’s profit margin is, too often, NOT good for the health and welfare of consumers, neighbors and innocent bystanders.  Like a magician, what marketers show you in one hand, is often hiding what is happening in the other hand.

By denying Climate Change, and blaming it on convenient derogatory labels, and demeaning names, and scary associations with horrible images depicting crazy people, these hired guns are really good at protecting the bottom line.  Dividends and stockholders are gods, companies you never even heard of make decisions that decide the quality and safety of your future. The “bottom line” encourages more and more consumption,because, more consumption means more money.  Hired marketing shamans guarantee the end of a life supporting planet, through more and more consumption.

There are huge consequences!

Yes, earth’s glaciers are melting, their fresh water is flowing into the oceans and seas.  Seas and oceans are the dumping ground for all things humans don’t want anymore.

Yes, earth’s drinkable water is diminishing at an alarming rate, tipping the balance against planet earth’s population growth.

Yes, tillable land is diminishing at an alarming rate, tipping the balance against planet earth’s ability to grow food for it’s overwhelming population growth.

Yes, the ecosystem that allows humans and other residents of planet earth to survive, is under attack by factions that seek profit before sustainability. 

Makes you wonder, if all these business geniuses are aware that if no one survives, no one can buy their stuff. If all these geniuses are really aware that what they are doing is killing human survivability, are they doing it on purpose?  Maybe they just don’t care.  As long as they can enjoy their expensive moments, right now, the future consequences are someone else’s problem.  Meanwhile, they poison the water, land and air with whatever it takes to make their profits.  Call it PROFITEERING’, at the expense of those who cannot avoid eating, drinking and breathing their waste material.

All the wonderful toys, gadgets and pharmaceuticals that we are told we cannot live without, come with a very high price beyond dollars and cents. 

WIKI: Ecosystem

An ecosystem is a community of living organisms (plants, animals and microbes) in conjunction with the nonliving components of their environment (things like air, water and mineral soil), interacting as a system.[2]

WIKI: unintended consequences (sometimes unanticipated consequences or unforeseen consequences) are outcomes that are not the ones intended by a purposeful action

Unintended consequences of environmental intervention

In ecology, deliberate changes to an ecosystem can have unintended consequences, when these effects escape the control of those who introduced them. Examples include:

  • The introduction of DDT as a pesticide, which led to the accumulation of the chemical in birds, interfering with their reproduction or killing them.
  • The introduction of rabbits to Australia by Europeans, which became economically and environmentally damaging, as the rabbits had no natural predators.
  • The draining of American wetlands since colonial times, resulting in flash-flooding and seasonal droughts.
  • The installation of smokestacks to decrease pollution in local areas, resulting in spread of pollution at a higher altitude, and acid rain on an international scale.[37][38]

WIKI: Environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing

Environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing include the potential contamination of ground water, risks to air quality, the potential migration of gases and hydraulic fracturing chemicals to the surface, the potential mishandling of waste, and the health effects of these, like cancer.[1][2] Many cases of suspected groundwater contamination have been documented.[3][4] The EPA has noted that “Ground water contamination with constituents such as those found at Pavillion is typically infeasible or too expensive to remediate or restore (GAO 1989).”[5] A review published in February 2012 found no direct evidence that fracking’s actual injection phase resulted in contamination of ground water, and suggests that reported problems occur due to leaks in its fluid or waste storage apparatus; the review says that gaps remain in understanding fracking.[6][7] Because hydraulic fracturing was invented in the United States[8] and therefore has a longer history there, most of the studies of the environmental impact have been conducted there.

Injection Wells: The Hidden Risks of Pumping Waste Underground – Over the past several decades, U.S. industries have injected more than 30 trillion gallons of toxic liquid deep into the earth, using broad expanses of the nation’s geology as an invisible dumping ground.

If Presidential Candidates can spend over $6 Billion dollars tearing each other apart, why can’t they BUY RAIN instead?  Republicans, Tea Partiers, Greens, Libertarians and Democrats are so focused on courting the radical right and left of the dial, they are totally ignoring the monster in the room.  Reality is the real monster.  Reality is the natural cycles that earth is serving it’s newest tenants. 

While “Political Parties” are busy inventing imaginary monsters to slay, the real monster, “Climate Change” is starting to consume everyone.  This is a modern version of “fiddling while Rome burns”.  Not sure if that really happened, but it illustrates my point.  Political Parties are spending $Billions of dollars trying to prove how awful their opponent is.  I would be more impressed if these ‘blow hards’ put that money into reducing the trauma of drought by improving America’s ability to actually cope with the consequences.  We need to figure a ‘work around’ to living with less drinkable water, reduced arable crop land, increased pollution of all things people rely on to live.

This is not just an American problem.  This is a GLOBAL problem.  America cannot heal this problem by invading other countries around the globe and outsourcing it’s pollution.  While political parties whine about who deserves health care, people are dying from polluted water, food and pharmaceuticals.  Money can only mask the ultimate results for a short while.  No one wants to be accountable for their actions any more.  You can only fool the people for a short while, before chaos erupts.  Politicians are so immersed into the election circus, they refuse to address the critical issues.  The Climate Monster is upon us.  There are no ‘White Knights’ or ‘Geniuses’ at work to help us to adjust to the new realities.  No leadership is killing all of us.  Chaos is waiting in the wings, to erupt when people start foraging each others stash of food and water.  …

warming patterns have coincided with the unexpected emergence of Vibrio infections in northern Europe, many clustered around the Baltic Sea area. The number and distribution of cases correspond closely with the temporal and spatial peaks in sea surface temperatures. This is among the first empirical evidence that anthropogenic climate change is driving the emergence of Vibrio disease in temperate regions through its impact on resident bacterial communities, implying that this process is reshaping the distribution of infectious diseases across global scales.

… Climate change is predicted to alter global species diversity1, the distribution of human pathogens2 and ecosystem services3. Forecasting these changes and designing adequate management of future ecosystem services will require predictive models encompassing the most fundamental biotic responses. However, most present models omit important processes such as evolution and competition4, 5.

There is a meeting in October of this year that needs world leaders to attend or pay close attention to: Handling Uncertainty in Weather and Climate Prediction, with Application to Health, Agronomy, Hydrology, Energy and Economics.

The Right Wing political parties are no longer Conservatives.  They are Idealogs.  They cannot even agree on which ideal they support, as long as it opposes the current administration.  This kind of counter productive distraction allows the reality of Climate Change to continue to devastate unprepared nations.  No counter actions to climate disasters are being discussed.  Counter actions to imaginary threats to corporate profits and religious dogma are the only missions at hand.  Real conservatives would be addressing conservation of ALL resources.  Real conservatives would be addressing conservation of remaining water, land and general population health.  As long as the right wing pharmaceutical industry, oil and gas industry and weapons industry have their way,  population reduction will be their idea for survival of the human species.  Maybe they are trying to decide who they want to survive in their New World Order and allow the rest to perish.

Ignore melting glaciers.

Ignore toxic contamination.

Create more toxic risk.

Kill off the undesirables …

Do this all in the name of God?


More Update:s Oklahoma is so hot that street lamps are melting, Utilities ask customers to conserve electricity amid Oklahoma heat waveAfter Record Heat In July, Drought Relief Bill Remains StalledHeat and Drought are Hard on TreesDrought’s footprint is smaller but heavier on corn, soybeans, hay and cattle , Thousands of fish die as Midwest streams heat up ….

Welcome to the National Drought Mitigation Center .Campaign money can be applied to the heat, drought, water and health crises relief efforts.  Right now the only ones profiting are media advertisers, sign, button and tee shirt makers.  Congress has the power to enact policies to help impacted farmers and consumers with water saving regulations, land management regulations and product inspection … BUT


Do-Little Congress goes on five-week vacation:   WASHINGTON • Congress’ performance matches its approval rating — abysmal.  Lawmakers headed home for a five-week break with a lengthy list of uncompleted work and little to show for the past year and a half except an eye-popping amount of dissatisfaction: Nearly 80 percent of Americans are unhappy with them. The Republican-controlled House and Democratic-led Senate have set record lows for production and record highs for dysfunction.  Congress stumbled out of Washington for a five-week vacation one day early on Thursday on a typical note: a GOP filibuster in the Senate of a bipartisan cybersecurity bill and the House’s abandonment of a one-year extension, as Republican leaders had planned, of food and farm policy.

And, here we are …Thank you to AllVoices for the cartoons.
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