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Op Ed: Crazy Weather Really A Liberal Conspiracy?

July 8, 2012

Extreme weather being experienced across planet earth during 2012 A.D., must be a liberal, communist, progressive, Democrat Party conspiracy.

It is so clear that God wants America’s, part of the planet,  to return to slavery, remove women’s right to vote or have the same medical benefits enjoyed by their men. God does not want the unemployed, elderly or disabled to be assisted, put them all back to work! God wants hardworking white evangelicals to turn America’s part of the globe into a theocracy, with the KKK and large Corporations in charge.  History has seen this script before.

Somehow, these terrible, liberal, free thinking, tree hugging heathens, are causing:

1 – record temperatures to rise in the the United States, and around the globe

2 – drought to fry the crops, the the United States, and around the globe

3 – fires to ravage the western United States, and around the globe

4 – floods to ravage parts of the United States, and around the globe, that are not already experiencing killer drought

5 – God to punish everyone for the behavior of the few … Hmm, may be a little hard to prove which political party pissed God off the most.

So, there you have it.  The self-proclaimed, most free nation in the world, finally elects a black president, and God just throws a tantrum.  White evangelicals are horrified that someone representing an inferior race and bred to serve them, has actually cheated his way into the most powerful job in the world.  After all,  there’s that issue with his birth certificate.  And, of course, he has to be a secret Muslim, who just went to that crazy preacher’s church in Chicago to convince voters he was Christian.  Only the devil can have that gift of mesmerizing crowds with those speeches.

There is a whole population living in a state of denial regarding cause and effect.  Earth’s processes are really out of human control … Simplistic reasons for extreme weather events, somehow must be God’s punishment for something that displeased him/her.  Well, that may be partly true.  Giving God a familiar personality may be the most dangerous part of this state of denial.  But, giving God a political Party or specific religion is beyond stupid. No one is really questioning the existence of a higher power. On the contrary, that higher power is the reality of how the universe works, as best any human can comprehend it, with or without using the scientific process.

Here we are in 2012.  The residents of this planet are sliding into another intellectual dark ages, beating their chest and experiencing an anxiety attack.  Whatever personality humans have attributed to earth’s natural cycles, is as primitive as our ancestors sacrificing their children to please their god.

The consequences of focusing on a “Higher Power” personality that must be appeased, are catastrophic for human survival. We have seen this error repeated throughout history.  No references are given for this fact, because if you know history you will see it, if you do not know history, you won’t believe it anyway.

If you really believe that extreme weather conditions, seismic events and various man-made disasters, that America and the rest of the world are experiencing, are the result of a liberal, communist, progressive, Democrat Party conspiracy, then you are indeed hopeless.  You have joined the choir of a small loud minority that are willing to sacrifice everybody else to satisfy your selfish rhetoric.

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