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Zombie Politics Desecrates Science and Education and Economy

May 5, 2012

Russian Roulette on a global scale, Zombie US Lawmakers gamble with the intellectual destruction of a whole country. If you can justify what you see with your own eyes with the fantasies these extremists are selling you, then you have become a Zombie Voter.  Desecration of intellectual growth is suicide.

Removing science from the toolbox of education is the destruction of a whole culture.  Tearing down the fabric of education in America is contrary to the original Founding Father’s vision.  America was created out of necessity. The colonists spirit needed to grow and discover it’s limits.  Education was integral to this. 

America’s invasion by Europe was opportunistic, based on greed for marketable resources.  This was a survival move for a crumbling Europe.  Refugees from political and religious persecution along with Europeans sent to pay off their debts to a monarch, were sent to establish a foothold on the continent.  The resulting country was a golden opportunity to profit and expand the power of monarchs.  What resulted was the colonists a desire for independence from oppressive, controlling elitists and launch an experiment where progressive ideas were no longer suppressed.  The European elite felt threatened by progressive, inclusive political thought.  The Revolutionary War bought the freedom for the colonists to use their brains for their own advancement, for a change. 

Unfortunately, what has evolved in America, is corporate disdain for any science questioning their methods of conduct.  Corporations use science to create new and wonderful consumer products for profit.  Science has also brought questions addressing the safety and long term consequences for many consumer products.  Each and every product is entrenched in the corporate formula for profit.  Corporations will not tolerate questions until the volume of consequences is too big to deny.  How many court settlements have been made to victims with the restriction of non-disclosure.  Corporations can pay huge sums of money to protect their profit margin.  Corporations can also pay politicians to withdraw or reduce funding to science projects, especially those that may hold them accountable for their misdeeds.  Yes, corporations, in general, are full of misdeeds.  There are some exceptions, but the general rule is profit over accountability, so let’s buy a legislator to help us profit.  We are experiencing the symptoms of this philosophy right now. 

Strategic Budgeting for Faculty & Staff, of college science programs, have been devastated by unprecedented budget deficits within state and federal levels of government…

The recent spam advertising by the Heartland Institute about Global Warming, the extreme right wing (Koch brothers funded campaign to undermine science and deny evidence for climate change), wants us to dump the same science that will save our future asses, if we use it right. Market-based, rather than Government-based science, will not address real earth issues, it will only ensure some elite group will profit while the rest of us perish.  This often politically referenced “Institute” is but a tool by Koch Brothers, Tea Party Extremists, to pander to the under educated voter.  If we elect these Koch Brothers anti-science ‘Zombies’ to Congress, the United States of America is truly doomed.

The Heartland Institute Self Destructs

Zombie CongressIf Rep. Jim Cooper is right, fiscal negotiations are in danger. Big danger.

Not only will the Zombie Congress devastate the system that funds the US Government and education system, it will screw the American taxpayer by failing to address the consequences of allowing the Bush Tax Cuts expire.  The Zombies will complete the ruination of America’s science education.  All to satisfy the “Anti-Global Warming” contingent, funded by the Koch Brothers. Zombie voters provided by the Koch Brothers Tea Party will turn out in swarms to make sure their uneducated “values” will be elected to Congress.

Zombies Walk The Halls Of Congress  – NPR describes a different kind of Zombies populating Congress …

What will new ‘climate zombie’ Congress be like? Ask Utah  – Nobody knows for sure what things will be like, or how bad they will get, once the type of people who are comfortable rejecting the conclusions of the top 80 scientific bodies of the world take power.

Rapid Decline in US Earth Observation Capabilities  – ScienceDaily (May 2, 2012) — A new National Research Council report says that budget shortfalls, cost-estimate growth, launch failures, and changes in mission design and scope have left U.S. earth observation systems in a more precarious position than they were five years ago. The report cautions that the nation’s earth observing system is beginning a rapid decline in capability, as long-running missions end and key new missions are delayed, lost, or cancelled.

Earth observation capabilities in ‘precarious position’ as budgets decline, says study

Scientists sue Arizona for $18 million  – PHOENIX, May 22 (UPI) — A group of scientists in Arizona say they’re suing the state for $18 million in research money cut by the Legislature to cover a budget shortfall.

Hawaii ending universal child health care  – … . Gov. Linda Lingle’s administration cited budget shortfalls and other available health care options for eliminating funding for the program

Texas Education Chief Steps Down  – Scott launched the Texas Science, Technology, Engineering and Math … He also had to downsize the agency twice, after critical state budget shortfalls.

May Day ‘funeral’ for education draws student and employee mourners  – More than 200 hundreds of students, teachers and staff gathered to mourn and protest the “death” of education Tuesday May 1 in the LAC Quad.

The “The Funeral for the Death of Education” was presented on international workers day, May Day, following the Board of Trustees’ decision to lay off of 55 support staff and reduce hours and pay of 96 others.

Lynn Shaw, a professor of electrical technology and president of the full-time faculty union, said, “We decided to do the funeral for education because the students were suffering and faculty feel that students are natural allies so we came up with an idea to draw attention to this that would be dramatic and make a statement.”

No Matter How Right-Wing Media Spin It, Millions Would Feel “Sharp Effects” Of GOP Budget  – CAP: Ryan Budget Would “Strip More Than $871 Billion From Public Investments In Education, Infrastructure, And Science And Technology.” A Center for American Progress (CAP) report compared Ryan’s projected outlays to 2010 outlays for education, infrastructure, and technology, …

Corporate and political denial of long term consequences is in our face right now.  If you missed the past hundred years of examples, you cannot ignore this most recent ‘Mother Nature vs Human Arrogance’ event.  Corporate Humans do not want to think about anything that would interfere with their profit motive, but Fukashima should be the eye opener.  Recent news shows this lesson is being forgotten already.  The risk of another massive disaster, without preparation, will happen in the USA.

It’s Not Just Fukushima: Mass Disaster Evacuations Challenge Planners  – … in the U.S., more than four million Americans live within 10 miles of the 63 sites of nuclear power plants with at least one operating reactor, according to data compiled by the NRC based on the 2000 census. That number swells when the radius extends outward to 50 miles to affect more than 180 million Americans, and includes major metropolitan areas such as , Philadelphia, San Diego and even West Palm Beach, Fla.

In the wake of the and subsequent evacuations, could all these people in the U.S. be evacuated–or take some form of protective action–in time in similar circumstances?

Incomplete science guarantees an uncertain future for humans on this planet.  Mother Nature has erased her errors many times before, but this crop of biological occupants of her planet has taken a lot for granted … Mother Nature will pay humans back for their arrogant desecration.

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