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2012 Zombie Voters

April 22, 2012

Just a quick note.  I don’t care anymore.  The Toxic Freight Train of this election season has left me behind at the station.  I am lost in a crowd of fellow voters who could give a shit anymore about the 2012 election.  We just stand at the station and wait for the moment we can actually vote our feelings.  The whole thing is out of our hands, at least until election day, anyway.  What passes for media coverage is disgusting.  You can watch this network and see nothing but right wing propaganda, watch that network and see nothing but left wing propaganda.

The issues that concern me the most are not even addressed by the media or robot candidates that want to control my country and my life.  Media plays to their ratings and only want to strut the sensational crap over the airwaves, to appeal to those who watch news for the entertainment factor. 

My own senators are just robots for the Republican National Committee,  the only politician that actually addresses and responds to my concerns is Lloyd Doggett, and the Texas Congress has screwed up the districts this year, so he will be someone else’s congressman.

The issue that concerns me most is this country’s ability to face the future that contains more extreme weather and earth events. The dynamics of the planet we occupy are completely lost on those leaders who have tunnel vision with dollar signs at the end of the tunnel.

The world has seen the results of more and more natural and man-made disasters over the past few years.  But, America’s leaders are usually caught with their pants down … in more ways than one.  I have yet to hear any candidate give serious attention to protecting Americans from what we know our climate has in store for us.  Each American disaster displaces, injures or kills people with a pattern that is predictable, if enough science is applied to warn and prepare for the hazard.  Science has been given a black eye over and over this campaign season.  The Political/Corporate Advertisers don’t want any questions from voters, they want agreeable Zombies.

American leaders are robots that expect their Zombie voters to just vote for the best advertising campaign or least of all evils.  We are nothing but Zombies to the marketing geniuses who decide how to control the American voter, and control the outcome of the 2012 Presidential race. These marketing geniuses throw tidalwaves of positive corporate spin at Main Stream Media and American voters, much like spammers in your email.

So, let me announce right now that I am suspending any more comments on the 2012 Presidential Election.  My little blog is wasting it’s time against the millions of corporate dollars that are buying politicians as they always have.  This time, though, the entire RNC and DNC is nothing more than an advertising race with made up issues that do not amount to a hill of beans in the big picture.  The attacks on education, science, religion (or lack thereof), and the total war against responsibility and accountability have slammed the door on my brain.  BossKitty will just wait at the train station and look for the bathroom while the freight train barrels down the track.  Once the Corporate Marketing Train is out of site, BossKitty will vote for the least of all evils.

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