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Texas Progressive Alliance April 9, 2012

April 9, 2012

The Texas Progressive Alliance’s heart will go on as it brings you this week’s blog roundup.

Want to know where your preferred legislative candidates stand on the important issue of beer freedom in Texas? Off the Kuff tells you how you can find out.

TruthHugger is disgusted with the candidate for the most corrupt Texas Governor list Rick Perry Fairy Tales For Money Must Go, and that is a long list.

BlueBloggin sympathizes with voting Texans who cannot believe Perry has done it again … OMG Rick Perry Makes Texas Look Stupid, Again.

Libby Shaw reports that our lying Repug leaders continue to do what they do best – mislead the low information voter with their straight up lies. Check it out at TexasKaosLt. Governor Dewhurst Earns F- in Math, A+ in Pants on Fire.

The Democratic primary for CD-7 is getting a little bitter. PDiddie at Brains and Eggs reprinted an e-mail he received about James Cargas’ seedy oil and gas connections, and got a vitriolic defense in response from Hector Carreno of the Cargas campaign.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme notes that the Republicans are getting a twofer – killing higher education and shifting tax burdens to students.

WCNews at Eye On Williamson shows that the “Texas Model” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, The Texas Model – low wages, poverty, wrecked safety net, crumbling infrastructure, while the rich prosper.

Without forgetting that the Texas forced sonogram is state-mandated rape, Neil at Texas Liberal posted on competing shorelines in Galveston. There is so much to see in everyday life.——-Neil will soon be posting again on the fact that the Texas forced sonogram law is state-mandated rape.

The Runaway Scrape – April 1836 in Texas History:

The spring of 1836 was wet, and many roads were washed away.[22] The rain, cold, and lack of food and shelter made the settlers susceptible to many diseases such as cholera, whooping cough and dysentery. They were buried where they died.[10] They also faced Mexican partisans and renegade looters who wanted what little the settlers may have fled with. Many were picked off by bands of Mexican scouts and partisans as well as hostile Indians. With the rivers flooded, the refugees were forced to make crude rafts to cross the swollen waterways, sinking them afterwards to delay their pursuers.

Houston stayed ahead of the Mexican army by crossing the Brazos beginning on the April 12 and marching east from Groce’s Plantation on April 14. Santa Anna had learned of the Texian’s President, David G. Burnet and other officials presence in Harrisburg and split his army by sending a detachment to capture them. The Texians also had also learned of the Mexican’s plan and hurried to parallel the Mexican march. Harrisburg would be torched by the Mexican Army. On April 16, Houston’s army ended the retreat by turning southeast to march toward the eminent confrontation at San Jacinto.[20]

With such a colorful history presenting examples of endurance and survival, Texas freedom is battle scarred and tough.  This state should not allow assaults on their freedoms to go unpunished, however, today’s punishment should be at the ballot box and not at the end of a gun…  Texas today is enduring losses of a personal and political kind that resemble the struggle against Santa Anna.  Texas leadership has it’s hands in everyone’s pockets and takes what it wants, with a Texas sized smile.  The concept of “No State Tax is the shiny object politicians dangle in front of our eyes to convince Texans that Texas ‘stays out of your biz’nez’.  No they don’t.  That is a Texas sized lie.  Texas politicians want to divert all Texas funds to special interest at the expense of education and infrastructure.  Texas State sponsored scams are the biggest ponzi schemes our politicians have pulled over our eyes.  Texas politicians want to control your personal freedoms, control your body, control your love life, pollute your land or just take your land away, for the pleasure of their campaign donors.  Every decision made by the Texas Republican Congress has a big campaign donor behind it and the likes of Governor Rick Perry has his lies exposed on a regular basis.  The ballot box is the greatest weapon Texans have, and even that is being manipulated by these crooks to make sure they have another shot at scamming Texans. Don’t fall for their lies.  Vote them out!

Texas politicians have sold their soul so many times to so many special interest that Texans have no idea where their rent, grocery and car payment went.  Makes you wonder how these crooks keep up with all the deception.

  1. April 17, 2012 9:26 pm

    You nailed it. The Texas Mafia would embarrass the real Cosa Nostra who operated with finess and their sharks code of honor. The Texas Mafia has nothing that resembles honor.

  2. April 17, 2012 1:11 am

    If you have big bucks and mafia in a place you have this kind of natural events, before the need to distribute these mafias ..

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