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Earthlings Have Lost Their Mothership

March 29, 2012

If you live on the earth, and some of us don’t, you may find a new perspective if you consider the BIG picture.  Somewhere in the picture below is the center of the universe we live in.  We are seeing this from an earth perspective, which is way out along the edge of our Milky Way galaxy.  Somewhere in the center of this galaxy is the mother ship.  Thanks to the phenomenal efforts, of two UK-developed telescopes operating in Hawaii and in Chile, for over 10 years, this project, known as the Vista Data Flow System, has been gathering data to be used by astronomers to make new discoveries about who and where we are in the BIG picture.


Earth sits just in the galactic plane which appears as a very dense but very long strip of stars arcing across the sky. The galactic centre and the surrounding bulge of stars is here pulled out to show more detail

This enormous tornado erupting from the surface of the sun is big enough to swallow five Earths.

From the center of our galaxy, looking back at the earth, politics, religion and you do not exist. If humankind can ever put themselves into perspective and realize their self importance is only among other humans, this planet may have a slim chance to survive.  Humankind has abused it’s privilege of occupying a fragile and changing world whose mother and landlord reside in the center of the universe.  This world occupies a different reality than humans think.  Very few humans appreciate this fact.  Few humans realize, when they look at the night sky, they are seeing bright spots that were shiny millions and billions of years ago.  Many of the stars, humans have relied upon for thousands of years to navigate around the earth, no longer exist.

Many assumptions humans have held throughout the millennium have been proven obsolete.  Today, many humans miss the old days when shamans could explain all things as mystical laws handed down by mystical beings.  Science is under siege by exploiters who want the advantage of timely profit while the planet they live on is becoming less sustainable.  This is the binge before the fall.

Your Self awareness describes your personal reality, your Self-consciousness is an acute sense of self-awareness. Humans preoccupation with themselves, as opposed to the philosophical state of self-awareness decides how they perceive their surroundings.  Mix that with Egotism, the drive to maintain and enhance favorable views of oneself, and generally features an inflated opinion of one’s personal features and importance – intellectual, physical, social and other.[1] 

Egotism and self importance is the blindfold that will walk humanity right over the cliff.  Without understanding the BIG picture of where we are, we cannot understand who we are. Humans will become just another road kill when the universe has another event.  Ask the 2012 Doomsday Preppers  who think that hoarding food, water and bullets will protect them from a universal event. With some understanding of how the universe works, humans may, at least, have a slim chance to save their species. Humanity is so caught up in the minutiae of controlling how each other behaves, appears and worships, that unconsciousness is the normal.  Humans use up each others resources and fight wars to cull whole populations.  Humans make parts of the earth unlivable for the other humans while they grab dwindling resources.

2012 is a significant year for everyone in the world.  Presidential elections throughout the world will decide the fate of the human species. If the world remains clueless to earth’s position in the universe, the human species on this planet will suffer the same fate as the extinct species we study.

As comfortable and satisfying to remain oblivious to the reality of the universe, galaxy, solar system and our own sun, devolving back into the world of shamans is like burying your head in the sand, with your butt in the air.  Ooops, is that a truck!  If you choose to elect a shaman, who prefers to home school your children without science, to lead the United States of America into 2013, be prepared to become just another greasy spot.

ESO, European Southern Observatory offers free images of their discoveries to the public.

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