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Ditch the Disinformation – The Supreme Court Will Decide Law

March 26, 2012

Don’t make a fool of yourself!  Before you listen to your buddy or your preacher or your boss, understand the facts first.  The Supreme Court of The United States will determine if any part of the Affordable Health Care Act breaks Constitutional LAW!  Regardless of your political affiliation, most Americans have no clue what this is all about.  Republican Politicians have labeled this Act “ObamaCare”.  This label was designed to make it easier for Republican Politicians to criticize the ACT.  Why would they want to do that?  Republicans are obliged to the big Insurance and Pharmaceutical companies that helped fund their campaign for office.  That “back has to be scratched” before anyone else is considered.  Republicans are so married to their big fundraisers, that the only time they consider their constituents is when they have to sell an idea that benefits their fundraisers. This is not ObamaCare, This is The Affordable Health Care Act.  This act was mutated several times to please REPUBLICANS so they would help pass it.  That backfired because the Republicans only goal in life is to make President Obama look bad, so they jerked him around with changes and he bought it.  Obama should have never mutated what started out as a beautiful bill.  So, what sits before the Supreme Court right now is the disfigured remnant of the Health Care Bill intended to help America’s growing population of elderly, disenfranchised and working poor.Whatever the outcome, every single one of us will get old someday and need help.  Most of us will need medical help someday, especially if Republicans keep supporting toxic, unregulated manufacturing.  Most of us will have to choose to get costly medication or go without someday.  The greatest concern for drug dependent America is that Americans off their meds scare the shit out of me.

Monday, the Supreme Court heard arguments for Case Number 11-398, Department of Health and Human Services v. Florida.

What’s at Stake in the Supreme Court’s Health Care Decisions

Today the Supreme Court begins hearing arguments on the health care reform law. Here we map the possible outcomes, following the Court’s schedule over the next three days. The Court will hear all three days of arguments, even if they eventually decide not to decide the bulk of the case, and is unlikely to issue a decision on the case until late June or early July.

For more information on different states’ progress implementing health care reforms, see this comprehensive list.

Can the Court review the health care law yet?

If it is NO: The law goes into effect, and the Court must wait until at least 2015 to review it.

Most observers think that as time goes on and more provisions take effect, it will become harder as a practical matter to overturn the law.

Under the Tax Anti-Injunction Act of 1867, the court can only review a tax once it goes into effect, because people must first be “harmed” by a tax before they can challenge it. The health care law would impose a penalty on people who don’t buy health insurance as required, and the court will decide whether this penalty counts as a “tax.”

If the court decides it is YES then it must determine if the Individual Mandate is Constitutional.

If the court decides it is constitutional,  the law goes into effect.

Of the estimated 32 million uninsured Americans who will gain coverage by 2016 (most reform law provisions will have gone into effect by then), 16 million will gain health insurance because of the mandate.

If it is NO, The court will decide whether Congress overstepped its authority in requiring most Americans to buy health insurance, or pay a penalty.

Does that mean the rest of the law must be struck down?

If it is NO the law goes into effect without the mandate, and perhaps few other provisions.

Experts predict that if insurance companies are required to cover everyone, but not everyone is required to buy insurance, premium costs may rise.

At issue is whether the rest of the health care law is so inextricably reliant on the mandate that the whole thing must fall. The Court will decide if the other parts of the law (including popular provisions such as the ability for children to stay on a parent’s insurance plan until the age of 26) can survive without the mandate provision.

If the court decides it is YES the entire health care law is thrown out.

The roughly 32 million Americans who would gain coverage under the new reform law would stay without insurance.

Is the Medicaid expansion constitutional?

If the court decides it is YES  The law goes into effect with the Medicaid provision (unless the whole law has been struck down by an earlier decision).

An estimated 16 million Americans become newly eligible for Medicaid in 2014.

Unrelated to the mandate, the Court must decide whether Congress overstepped its authority in requiring that states extend Medicaid coverage to people who make up to 133 percent of the poverty level (about $14,000 for an individual or $29,000 for a family of four).

If it is NO the provision fails.

An estimated 16 million Americans remain ineligible for Medicaid, and many would still be unable to afford to buy private health insurance.

There are passionate arguments for and against this law.  Neither side has all their facts straight.  The bottom line is that without this law, there will be a lot of miserable people in America.  Rich or poor or in between, medical service, medical device and pharmaceutical conglomerates are inflating their prices for profit.  With America’s economy on a diet, Health Care is a luxury after food and shelter..

OPINION:  Affordable Health Care Act Helps Improve Latina Health

Day 1: Health law experts weigh in on the Supreme Court’s review of federal law

On line outside the SCOTUS health law hearing

Awaiting Health Law Ruling, and Preparing Plan B

The protestors were out in force for the first day of oral arguments.  Each one of them were proclaiming what they were scripted to say. They made it emotional and nasty, like they were instructed.  The Supreme Court will determine the LAW, not the noisy protestors.  This Health Care Bill is NOT about religion, it is about HEALTH and about making Health Care available to everyone.

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