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Population Control, Climate Change and Zealots

February 17, 2012

Religion is the cheapest and most effective way for governments to control and deceive their populations.  Governments need zealots.  That is why Theocracies are so prominent in the Middle East.  Religion is the cheapest and most effective way for companies to influence and deceive consumers. Companies need zealots.  That is why companies seek endorsement from evangelicals and similar zealot congregations.  For companies, it is easy to pay for endorsements and product influence by influencing the message delivered by preachers or imams.  For countries, it is easy to coerce religions and clerics into supporting oppressive policies.  This is where business and religion become one and the same … The business of Religion.

It is all about control.  It is all about money. Climate change is the greatest challenge for those advocates ignoring the consequences of human activity.  Diminishing water quality is an inconvenience for companies who contribute to toxic pollution.  This deceptive sleight of hand, used by countries and companies, will destroy survivability of this planet’s human inhabitants.  Why would a company want to keep children from understanding earth science and climate cycles?  Because awareness is dangerous to their profit margin!  Awareness is dangerous for recognizing that some food and medicine ingredients are misrepresented as healthy, when they are not. Or, is there a more evil goal, a more sinister agenda?

In America, corporations contribute to, and use, religion to guarantee blind compliance, and acceptance, for their status quo, unaccountable polluting and consumer deception. Usurping common sense, politicians and corporations depend on Zealots to wage war against science, and persons with other belief systems:

Zealot (plural zealots)  one who is zealous, one who is full of zeal for his own specific beliefs or objectives, usually in the negative sense of being too passionate; a fanatic

– are persons who are fanatical about a belief or cause, often religious.  Zealots take the words of their leaders and advertisers at face value to be the truth, they are discouraged from asking questions … “you do not question the words of GOD”!  What is missing from this picture is that GOD speaks to each of us as individuals and not exclusively through corporate religious leaders.

Pollution, such as fracking and other industrial waste, guarantees the contamination of drinking water.  Too many corporations are guilty of funding and endorsing religious leaders and religious educators to dismiss scientific evidence that makes them culpable. What appears to be ignored is the breadth and diversity describing Christian denominations to be influenced. Denying climate change earth is currently experiencing, must be profitable for someone.  Who would benefit from putting millions of humans at risk of dying from toxic water or starvation?  Doomsdayers!!  There is a large group of elitists that actually welcome reducing the world’s population.  These groups are well prepared to survive many scenarios that face this planet.  There is even a television series provided by National Geographic called Doomsday Preppers.  Take a look at some of the episodes.  It is very enlightening and sometimes disturbing.

The bottom line is that if you are aware of any world events for the past decade, you can see for yourself what is happening to this planet. If you read the headlines, you will see more evidence revealing corporations that buy news, education and religions, for their own agendas.

INFLUENCE GAME: Leaks show group’s climate efforts

The tidal wave of disinformation and intellectual manipulation of unquestioning faithful of any religion, is criminal.  Corporations are the Pied Piper bribing religious leaders with money and power.  Religion is no longer pure.  The bibles of all faiths do not endorse products or industries or politicians.  Bibles of all faiths offer guidance for personal behavior. 

Religious control over secular lives is becoming the norm. Even though the United States was created to give people the right to self determination and religious freedom, one religion has become the bully for everyone.  American Evangelicals have determined that theirs is the only religious belief that deserves respect and compliance.  With venom toward other religions, evangelicals have determined they are the only representatives of GOD!  

But the Wall Street Journal thinks: … Where Religion and Business Do Mix, because “some financial advisers. In fact, many of them argue that it’s crucial to speak with clients about their religion or spirituality, as a way to gain a full understanding of their financial goals.” Another adviser states, “… it helps them create a “family values and mission statement,” which typically includes a section about the family’s “spiritual values.”

Harvard Business School addresses Christianity and work: Can Religion and Business Learn From Each Other? Published the book, Church on Sunday, Work on Monday: The Challenge of Fusing Christian Values with Business Life. Must business people leave their Christian values at church?
While many business people have a strong and growing interest in the relationship between work and spirit, few find the church to be a resource in their explorations. How can business people live out their faith at work? And how can the church respond more effectively to business people s needs?
Church on Sunday, Work on Monday takes the “spirituality at work” movement to the next level, offering practical advice on how business people can find and develop better resources within Christian communities. Nash andMcLennan assess the distance between pew and pulpit, articulate how the church is turning off business and professional people, and make concrete recommendations on how church leaders and lay business people can work together in partnership to bridge the gap. They also offer practical help for business people who wish to nurture the soul, create harmony, connect with community, and perform ethically on the job.

What the larger picture does not address is the presence of people of other faiths and belief systems.  Christians appear to have a greater need for reinforcement at the expense of others. Pandering to the gap with highly divisive interpretations of the Bible, The Quran, The Torah, has disrupted the emotional balance of the spiritual fabric of human beings.  They do this on purpose!  “They” sell weapons to kill more people. “They” sell products that contain harmful ingredients. “They” sell products with flaws that kill or maim.  “They” sell ideas that mislead people into doing themselves harm.  Who are “They”?  “They” are Theocratic governments, multinational corporations, drug cartels, power hungry politicians …

The events in the Middle East countries shows population unrest for similar reasons, too much control over personal lives and livelihoods.   Basic necessities, including food and water, are manipulated by governments to control individuals and squeeze the last dime of profit and blind compliance out of their subjects.  This formula has repeated throughout history, often with revolution as the end result.  Keeping low paid workers spending on nothing but necessities almost guarantees they must forgo education.  A population with no hope of education based improvement, will protest first, then revolt.

Scams use name of God to con Christians

The Great Apostasy: Religious Scams & Mind-Control Rackets Exposed

Con artists preying on faithful -Authorities say religious affinity scams skyrocketing across nation

Inside the Business of Religion

The link between money and religion is a grey area, fraught with conspiracy and scandal. Some of the wealthiest organizations on the planet are religions or religious movements – some ancient, some modern – yet the followers of religion and the countries in which they are practiced are often the poorest.  Or become the poorest …

There is no difference between Christian Dominionists and Al Qaeda.  Both take advantage of the deeply faithful and encourage fanaticism.  Both are deadly terrorists. Both exploit religion and reduce earth’s population.

Do not take my word for anything.  Do not take anyone else’s word for anything.  THINK! Check out the facts for yourself! Do your own research, legwork, and inquiries! Ask big questions about accountability to your politicians, doctors, pharmacists, and do not forget your clergyman.  When you hear “Trust me”, “It is GOD’s will”, “Everything is OK”, “There is no problem” “It is your fault or you are mistaken”, then step back and and ask more questions. When you hear “because, GOD said so”, go to your Bible and find the exact words, in context, that is being referenced. Don’t stay misinformed!

Always check out views that are opposed to yours and verify your own facts.  There is a little truth in the arguments from all sides.  The problem is that each point of view deliberately eliminates contradicting facts.  Facts are those verifiable and objective truths that cannot be changed, but they can be lied about.

The World is divided into armed camps ready to commit genocide just because we can’t agree on whose fairy tales to believe.
In the end, Religion will kill us all.
— Ed Krebs

“A tyrant must put on the appearance of uncommon devotion to religion. Subjects are less apprehensive of illegal treatment from a ruler whom they consider to be God-fearing and pious.”
— Aristotle, 343 B.C.

  1. March 15, 2012 2:36 pm

    In Saudi Arabia, all citizens are iureqred to be Muslims, and the public practice of other religions is forbidden. Private practice of other religions is sometimes allowed and sometimes persecuted; there is no law protecting even this.Iran is officially a Twelver Shiite state. Some other religions (Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrianism) are permitted, but are not allowed to proselytize; and they are sometimes persecuted even if they don’t. The Bahai faith is not allowed at all. Sunni Muslims are subject to some restrictions also.In China, all religious organizations have to be authorized by the government. This has given rise to conflict when the government appoints religious leaders different from what the religion itself chooses. There are state-appointed Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, Taoist, and Muslim leaders. These are not always approved by the religious organizations outside of China. Those who practice religion outside these state-approved organizations are subject to severe persecution.In Turkey, since the secularization by Ataturk in the early 20th century, the government permits all religions but keeps them all under close surveillance. Special religious clothing (the veil, the fez) is not permitted to be worn in public. Turkey is predominantly Muslim, and there is some prejudice against other religions.In North Korea, virtually no religious practice is allowed except a limited amount by foreigners. Worship is considered a political offense.Cuba was for years officially atheist, and religious practice was seriously discouraged, with some persecution. But now religious people are even allowed to join the Communist Party. The government is secular rather than atheist, and religious practice is pretty much free.These are a few varied examples of governments which have restricted religious practice. In our time, the States that restrict religious freedom are mostly Muslim or Atheist.I can’t think of any other belief system that does this in modern times.Religion is the source of meaning and values for many people, and restricting it restricts the growth of the human soul. In countries where a religion is imposed, it loses some of its growth potential. In countries where religion is not restricted or mandated by the government, it flourishes and leads to better values and ways of life.


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