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UPDATE: Response to HR 10 Consequences

December 23, 2011

December 23, 2011

Dear BossKitty:

Thank you for your communication regarding our shared outrage over the radical regulatory reforms proposed by the Republican leadership in Congress.

This drastic restructuring of our regulations, which passed the House over my strong objection, would undermine a system that has protected the public for more than 100 years by making it nearly impossible for federal agencies to protect workers, the environment or human health. Further, these dangerous proposals would tilt the regulatory process in favor of those who want to end all regulations by, for example, requiring Congress to consider and act on technical, scientific issues for which it has neither the time nor the expertise. The already lengthy process by which it takes to develop and implement public safety and health standards would only be increased by these far-reaching reforms.

Please keep me advised of any other federal matters on which I may be of assistance.

Lloyd Doggett

This is why I vote for this man.  He actually listens and responds to my concerns.  I was actually distraught at the idea electing an untested stranger to represent my best interests. Home sick one day, I watched CSPAN and Lloyd was speaking.  I was proud to see and hear the passion he demonstrated on my district’s behalf.  I am grateful to be in his district and feel well represented.  He will speak to each and every one of his constituents, he addresses our concerns, so he makes himself available to us. Texas Republicans are still trying to redistrict Lloyd away from me. I hope this Gerrymandering insanity is stopped.  I don’t want to have to move.

Republicans don't even want to know how to play fair.  I guess if the fight isn't dirty, it's no fun.

Republicans don't even want to know how to play fair. I guess if the fight isn't dirty, it's no fun.

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