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Climate Change Controversy May Be A Conspiracy

December 12, 2011

Could the Climate Change detractors have a sinister agenda?  Follow the thread … after all we are but a year away from the advertised Apocalypse … This story will always be incomplete, because, like an archaeological dig, new facts are being uncovered everyday.

Score another hit for (conservative) Big Oil.  Canada formally pulls out Kyoto Protocol on climate change

The protocol, initially adopted in Kyoto, Japan, in 1997, is aimed at fighting global warming. Canada’s previous Liberal government signed the accord but Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government never embraced it.  Kent’s announcement comes a day after marathon climate talks wrapped up in the South African port city of Durban.


“The Kyoto Protocol does not cover the world’s largest two emitters, United States and China, and therefore cannot work,” Kent said. “It’s now clear that Kyoto is not the path forward to a global solution to climate change. If anything it’s an impediment.”

Canada’s anti-Kyoto stance sours climate-change discussions in Durban – Vancouver Sun – Signs of progress emerged Saturday at international climate change negotiations as thousands took to the streets urging global leaders to step up their efforts.The demonstration came one day after China indicated it was considering joining a “legally binding” deal to reduce emissions. At the same time, the conference also received a draft text that offered different options for negotiators for achieving a $100-billion-per-year green fund by 2020 to help developing countries tackle the causes and impacts of global warming. Read more.

Canada’s anti-Kyoto stance angers China at climate talks

The Canadian government’s anti-Kyoto Protocol views have angered emerging economies at international climate change negotiations that suggest that Environment Minister Peter Kent’s position is putting global action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions “in peril” and out of reach.

Welcome to COP17/CMP7

The 17th Conference of the Parties (COP17) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the 7th Session of the Conference of the Parties serving as the Meeting of the Parties (CMP7) to the Kyoto Protocol, have now come to an end.

U.S. Stumbles At U.N. Climate Conference

Despite dire planetary consequences, America shows weak leadership

The Great Durban Agreement on Climate Change

Industrialized nations got what they wanted – the developing world agreed, for the first time, to participate in binding emission cuts in the next accord.

Global Warming & Climate Change Myths

100+ Quick Rebuttals to Common Anti-Climate Change Arguments

Anti-climate change study is copied off someone else’s crummy paper

In America, thanks to the elitist, mindset, and arrogant manipulation of the Kock Brother’s, their bigoted father Fred’s John Birch Society and Grover Glenn Norquist lobbying, the GOP is extorted to rearrange the power structure in the United States of America.  The GOP is determined to impose a twisted interpretation of the United States Constitution.  Koch Industries are still privately owned, because they cannot survive ethical scrutiny!  When we don’t pay attention, and when the mainstream media is bought off from alerting the public, we end up railroaded. RAILROADED!

All the obstacles built by corporations to block the responsibility for human safety and environmental safety, are profit motivated.  The well lobbied GOP mantra that climate change is a hoax only helps the profits of their corporate sponsors.  This deception is criminal.  This deception ruins lives and property and the future stability of civilization.

The decisions made in back rooms and elite retreats, like Bohemian Grove, know the full consequences of their actions, or inactions.  They have made plans for addressing any populist complaints about casualties that result from their actions.  Each step of their plan provides another way to make a profit.  The end justifies the means for the elitists that seek to accelerate attrition of human life on the planet.  They know full well that the earth is reaching the end of human sustainability. Human Population Control is a fact of life and death for planet earth. The elitists want to make room for themselves, to hell with everyone else.

Grover Norquist Reminds GOP Lawmakers Of His ‘Naughty Or Nice’ List

Are there really famous “Secret Societies” we usually dismiss as paranoia? Are they actively implementing their plan?  Instigate, instigate, instigate! Create wars between religions, races, ideologies and political systems.

WIKI: Proponents of Bilderberg conspiracy theories in the United States include individuals and groups such as the John Birch Society, political activist Phyllis Schlafly, writer Jim Tucker, political activist Lyndon LaRouche, radio host Alex Jones, and politician Jesse Ventura, who made the Bilderberg group a topic of a 2009 episode of his TruTV series Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.

The Clashing of cultures, religions, economies and entire civilizations is the best way for elitists to reduce the planet’s populations, along with sanctioned starvation of whole populations.  What these egomaniac self centered elitists don’t want to hear is that Mother Nature is trying to beat them to it.  Mother Nature could give a shit which one of us is elite. She  can be an equal opportunity cleanup service.

Don’t let the facts get in the way.  Mother Nature doesn’t need facts.  Mother Nature IS the fact.

 Facts from experts: EPA, NASA, WIKI, NOAA

The Cost of Climate Inaction: Extreme Weather Causes Billions in Damage

70% more food needed to feed the world by 2050 A quarter of the world’s land is now highly degraded: UN

… The report found that water around the world is becoming more scarce and salinated, while groundwater is becoming more polluted by agricultural runoff and other toxins.
In order to meet the world’s water needs in 2050, more efficient irrigation will be necessary since most systems currently perform well below their capacity, the FAO said. The agency called for new farming practices like integrated irrigation and fish-farm systems to meet those demands, as well as overall investment in agricultural development.

Climate: Facts, dangers and what you can do

EDITORIAL: Toxic cleanup projects create jobs, preserve vision [Tri-City Herald, Kennewick, Wash.]


  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Methane (CH4) are the main greenhouse gases (GHG) contributing to global warming
  • Over the last century the earth has warmed approximately 1 degree Fahrenheit
  • The multinational Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA) report concludes that in Alaska, western Canada, and eastern Russia, average temperatures have increased as much as 4 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit (3 to 4 degrees Celsius) in the past 50 years.
  • The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has risen from 290 (ppm – parts per million) in 1900 to nearly 400 ppm.
  • Industry, Electric Power Generation, Agriculture and Transportation are the four top sources of greenhouse gases (see graph below)

The past decade was the warmest ever on record, according to NASA data.

NASA maintains a database of climate indicators.

United States Global Change Research Program.

View climate change data from the United Nations Human Development Reports.

View climate change data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Past climate change data and charts from the Environmental Protection Agency.

* Statistics from government sources

  1. January 2, 2012 7:48 pm

    Thank you Mr Welch, Where the climate change is coming from is not as an important issue, to me as the fact it is not being seriously prepared for. I do agree that we are experiencing a normal earth cycle. What makes this cycle so critical, this time, is the huge population of the planet and the location of the world’s major cities.

    Nevertheless, climate change is coming. I do know that methane released by melting ice fields is the most dangerous ingredient to our ability to grow food.

    I do know that the average American is disconnected from the ability to survive weather extremes lasting over a month or two without electricity.

    As long as the general population remains obsessed with cute electronic devices and commercial advertisement remains the driver for consumer attention, any cataclysm that occurs will eliminate them first.

    I do know that the political condition in America and many other technically advanced countries, does not seriously address solutions to the fact that change is happening. I see more political interest in reducing word populations to the point that assists serious survivalists. Arms sales help perpetuate population reducing wars …

    My point is that there are groups are preparing for the consequences of natural resource reduction and weather pattern change. These groups are not interested in much else but their own survival. Local tribalism will return because mass communication with a central authority will be gone or very limited. Survivors will have to join with their close neighbors to pool resources.

  2. Richard Welch permalink
    January 2, 2012 6:29 pm

    Man-made global warming is merely the latest in the long line of mass delusions that make up most of human history. Not only is the recent warming episode well within the normal range of the Holocene, it is now clear that CO2 does not cause warming. It actually works the other way around: Natural warming increases CO2 Both the historic pattern and geopulsation theory indicate we are near the mid-peak of the preseent interglacial period — which will be followed by another Pleistocne glacial advance, as has always been the case for the past million years or so (see Roots of Cataclysm, Algora Publ. NY 2009).

    • January 9, 2012 1:27 am

      At last! Somneoe who understands! Thanks for posting!


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