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US and NATO Allies too sloppy for war

November 27, 2011

 We hear this over and over.  Ooops, sorry.  How many did we accidentally kill this time?  The US and NATO and the multitude of countries occupying Afghanistan, on an obsessive-compulsive mission to complete the mission started after 9/11/2001.   The Taliban is hurt but not destroyed, Bin Laden is dead.  There is no oil in Afghanistan … even though there are plenty of valuable minerals.  There is always the famous golden egg, poppies. Somebody wants to make money from that, while spending more money to eradicate the same thing, the Golden Goose.  Just like the US war on drugs is doing in America. Spend money on more war toys while being paid by the drug lords.

The US and NATO allies are obsessed with destroying those Afghan poppies, making everything as western as they can, and unleashing proselytizer soldiers.  Yes, Afghanistan is poor, uneducated and subject to the whims of whoever occupies them at the moment.  They adapt.  They suffer from extremist religious suppression … would not want to be a female in that place.  But, it is their country.  We did extract revenge on the last two occupiers of the country (Russia and Taliban).  After all, we put the Taliban there to get back at the Russians.  We put Bin Laden in charge.  We have resolved our guilt, moved the money around the table and reduced earth’s population by several thousand.  We have also created new and wonderful enemies, trained them and given them weapons.  All this to insure we will have to come back sometime in the future to boost the global military-industrial complex, and make money change hands again.

WIKI: Collateral damage is damage to people or property that is unintended or incidental to the intended outcome.[1] The phrase is prevalently used as an euphemism for civilian casualties of a military action.

WIKI: As of November 22, 2011, there have been 1,801 American fatalities in the war in Afghanistan. More than 1,455 of these casualties have been the result of hostile action. But, we may never know how many civilians and non-combatants have been destroyed.

US censures report on drone casualties – Officials reject independent UK study’s finding that up to 168 children have been killed in drone strikes in Pakistan.

Hollywood shows us how strategic and accurate our weapons of war have become … sure.  Hollywood gives the war machine too much credit.  Repeat, Mea Culpa over and over, because we can’t stop ourselves from sloppy warfare.  The billions of dollars changing hands from military-industrial lobbyists to politicians and back to the military-industrial complex promises the moon, but gives inferior star wars technology, made in China, Korea and Malaysia.  Our toys just don’t work as advertised.  Collateral damage is the definition of today’s conflicts.  

US politicians spout convincing reasons for these accidents, after reading the excuses sent to them by the military officers in charge of the missons. The last thing any of  the military reports will give us is the truth.  For those officers in charge, it is bad public relations … and, how would this effect their political future and publication royalties?  

‘Civilians make up over 90% of casualties in US drone strikes in Pakistan’

U.S. Drone Strikes Have Killed 2292 People In Pakistan Since 2004, Including Over 160 Children

Photos from the Ground Show Civilian Casualties

In the US, remote-controlled drones are considered great tools in the war on terror. For years Washington has sent these high-tech weapons into western Pakistan, lauding their precision. But a local journalist says he has photographic evidence that civilians are often the victims.

Drones Radicalize Locals

US drone strikes in Pakistan have killed more civilians than previously reported, including 168 children, according to figures compiled by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.Many people from Waziristan say — independently of one another — that America’s drone attacks radicalize the locals. The attacks are formally condemned by the Pakistani government, but sanctioned in secret, as diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks make clear. “When a house is destroyed and civilians die, you can assume that the people who lived there, their neighbors and their friends all hate America,” says Behram. Violence and economic need have led inevitably to radicalization, he says. The people have no choice: “They’re too poor to look elsewhere for better prospects.”

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism’s key findings

• Since 2004 a minimum of 291 drone strikes have been launched by the US – almost 10 per cent more attacks than previously understood.

• A minimum of 2,292 people have been killed in the attacks – 40 per cent more than generally reported. The number may be as high as 2,863.

• The bureau has identified 126 named militants killed.

• At least 385 civilians have been killed, with a possible upper figure of 775.

• Some 168 children have reportedly been killed in the drone strikes – 56 of them during

Pakistan Militants Killed 2,500 In 2010, Report Says — BBC

More than 2,500 people were killed in militant attacks in Pakistan in 2010, according to the independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP).
Nearly half of victims were civilians killed in suicide blasts. There were 67 such attacks last year, the group said.
The report also said at least 900 people had been killed in US drone strikes during the same period.
The number of people killed by the army is not mentioned, but it estimated to be in the region of 600-700.

US Promises Full Probe Into Pakistan Deaths

The US has offered its “deepest condolences” after up to 26 Pakistani soldiers were killed in cross-border Nato air strikes.

America stressed the “importance” of its ties with Pakistan following the deadly assault on a border checkpoint.

In a joint statement, US Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also backed Nato’s intention to launch an immediate investigation.

NATO Strikes Kill Pakistani Forces, Raising Tensions

The Collateral Damage in Pakistan

Fatalities in Terrorist Violence in Pakistan 2003-2011

Journalists behind drone death report reject CIA-backed spin machine

Afghanistan war logs: Friendly fire deaths plagued invasion from the start

Afghanistan war logs: Reaper drones bring remote control death

Afghanistan war logs: Out-of-control drone shot down by US jet plane before it flew into Tajikistan

I am so tired of the excuses and apologies for the way we Americans do business, the way we conduct war.  

I am so tired of those in charge getting away with assigning blame, for the trouble they cause, onto the least capable among us.  Those who decide to blame the elderly, the incapable, the handicapped and of course the children, are very deluded.   There is a whole movement promoting the exclusive rights and privilege and mantle of ‘God’s Chosen’ to them and not to anyone with progressive thinking.  Wow, those evil progressives have caused the Apocalypse again.  These self-righteous maniacs want to destroy in the name of ‘God’.

Why can’t anyone get the contradiction that everyone is asking ‘God’ to destroy the other guy … who is also asking the same ‘God’ to do the same thing.  What we see right now is the self-fulfilling prophesy.  Each side seeking to destroy the other, asking divine assistance.  So, what is ‘God’ supposed to do?  Well, let’s see what December 21, 2012 brings.


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