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Republican Whack A Mole Misses the Point

November 13, 2011

The point is:

While the Republicans struggle to dethrone the Obama they hate, the country is suffering from inattention daily.  To quote the precious gun lobby, “we just need to enforce the laws we have.”  That would be great if the GOP would quit deregulating and withholding funds from enforcement agencies.  Today’s America is a candy store for criminals.  Law Enforcement, safety enforcement is hit and miss in today’s America.  Add crooked politicians to the mix and you have the old ‘big boss’ political structure in counties and small towns across the country.  The Republican tactic wants the voter to focus on social and moral issues.  As politicians, moral issues are a joke and should be totally left out of the election.  We already know that won’t happen.  As far as social issues, Republicans want to target less fortunate segments of the American population.  Cut existing government systems or deny funding is their solution to about everything.  These solutions are too broad to be taken seriously.  The direction of this country has changed. The needs of this country have changed with retiring Baby Boomers who have paid into a national “Entitlement” system called Social Security.


1.      States’ rights are a prime Republican issue, but it appears that states are distracted right now with their own economic survival problems.  Too many states have washed their hands of responsibility for criminal actions taking place in their precious colleges and universities.  The Penn State debacle is a glaring example where a chain of command was followed and failed.  Too many failures in pursuing and enforcing justice are caused by too much political interference. “Pennsylvania needs to change its law in the wake of a scandal over alleged child sexual abuse by a then-member of Penn State’s football coaching team, the governor said Sunday.”  Hands off sports figures attitude is rampant across the country … because its all about the money.  Once more, victims take a back seat to enforcement. Even crime reporting depends on whistle blowers who put themselves at risk every day.

2.      Entitlements: Meanwhile the BIG picture haunts us: The presidential, and ancillary debates, appear to be deciding the premise of individual responsibility versus social responsibility.  The GOP touts individual responsibility is the only way to escape the debacle multiple wars have mired us in.   This idea sounds great and doable on the surface.  But, because we live in a conglomerate society, which is intertwined and very tangled, social responsibility should be the priority with individual responsibility as the support system.  You cannot amputate a whole segment of society just because they are less functional or less fortunate.  The debate about how they got that way is another issue altogether.  Individual and Social responsibility are connected and rely on each other.  This is a life lesson learned throughout the ascent of mankind out of the trees and caves. You cannot have a society of individuals without including the support of those surrounding them.  This country has not been able to keep up with Social Security enforcement … they do not have the investigators or enforcers to make a dent in the abuse of the system.  We must depend on whistle blowers who put themselves at risk every day.

3.      Environment:  I will cite quote a on BigThink:  “…so the population grows beyond the available food supply” ~John Ross~   “…planet Earth is NOT growing, but slowly shrinking with each volcano and earthquake as it has ever since its creation. Therefore, if we humans really want to survive as a dominant species we must shrink and stabilize our population and our economy and safely recycle 100% of all our human-generated waste products. If not, ecocide and extinction are inevitable. ~John Ross~  We cannot ignore that today’s advanced societies have advanced into a state of total disconnect from the planet we occupy.  We have fossil fuel mega corporations utilizing military PsyOps tactics to cover the dangers of extracting fuel gas with their favorite technique.  Big business owns the politicians, so the most they will be held accountable is a slap on the hand fine.  Again, enforcement is negligible and depends on whistle blowers who put themselves at risk every day.

Thank all the whistle blowers for picking up where government investigators and enforcement run out of steam.  Ask yourself, how do Republicans treat whistle blowers?  Thank the tree huggers for keeping us aware of the deteriorating environment around us.  Ask yourself, how do Republicans treat  tree huggers?  Thank the activists for alerting us to the poisons being poured into our water system, food chain and air we breathe.  Ask yourself, how do Republicans treat activists?  We all occupy the same planet, breathe the same air, but some are fortunate enough to filter out the poisons the rest of us must intake.  Ask yourself, how do Republicans respond to complaints about the quality of anything, if it effects their pocket book?
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