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Campaign Season Op Ed: BossKitty Awakens

November 6, 2011

  Awakening from my 2011 sabbatical,  I’m compelled to comment on the catastrophe that the American Electoral Process is.  I cannot abide today’s state of the country and state of the world without comment.  After all, America’s leaders have brought us to the condition we find ourselves in now.

Through intentional manipulation, America’s Defense Industry has made decisions, for our leaders, that have kept the US involved directly or indirectly in conflicts around the world for over a decade. Whoever America elects will have to genuflect to these industries, regardless of voter’s intentions.

Through intentional manipulation, America’s Pharmaceutical Industry has influenced our leaders to allow inflated prices and mis-marketed too many drugs we are prescribed, daily. Whoever America elects will have to genuflect to these industries, regardless of voter’s intentions.

 Through intentional manipulation, America’s Oil Industry has not only mis-marketed and mis-informed and bullied the Transportation Industry that we all depend on, but they have influenced our leaders to hold them unaccountable for their misdeeds.  Whoever America elects will have to genuflect to these industries, regardless of voter’s intentions.

 Through intentional theocratic manipulation, America’s Education Industry no longer promotes secular, science based education that actually teaches students how to think, more importantly, how to think for themselves.  Each and every one of us has been crafted by our family, our peers, our spiritual influences and our environment.  Each of must navigate this world with the tools that the education industry gives us.  Unfortunately, secular education is under siege, which causes a greater disconnect from the planet we must nurture for our survival.  How our government actually works is never fully taught to students.  Special interests have invaded the American Educational process, at a horrible price.  America’s student priorities have been directed, by corporate marketers,  toward:

  • chemical substances to enhance everything natural,
  • marketing products using sexual images and
  • instant messaging to replace social interaction.

Our politicians are bought and paid for by corporate marketers, their profit needs trump anyone else. Whoever America elects will have to genuflect to these industries, regardless of voter’s intentions.

It is not advertised that the President of the United States of America is NOT the decider all by themselves.  The deciders are the advisors, cabinet, congress, lobbys and PAC members that determine the course of events.  The disconnect between those special interests and the interests of America’s population is horrendous. Whoever America elects will have to genuflect to these industries, regardless of voter’s intentions.

It is the easily swayed uneducated voter decides who will lead the rest of us into the global abyss.  The most unfortunate point is that the uneducated voter does not think globally.  The target of their interest is the next sale at Walmart, NASCAR or sports event and the next church social.  In 2009, a  CBS Column: Uneducated Voters Have Disturbing Effect On Elections  concluded: “With ideas such as this one present and even probable, it’s hard to keep a considerable hope for a better future when it seems that for every educated voter there is an ignorant one to counter his or her vote.”

The American Electoral Process has a sordid history of reducing pressing issues  into one line news clips.  Candidates also get away with targeting segments of the voting public into one line news clips.  Hateful and skewed and polarizing rhetoric is made more potent by  immediate information access on television, internet and mobile devices that leave permanent records.  Instant communication is a terrible double edged sword that allows incomplete thoughts to be shared globally.  When ideas are not fully thought out with logic and subsequent consequences, the shallow voter can latch onto a good, thoughtless idea and run with it.   The uneducated is the great consumer target for the marketing candidate.  The educated voter is the great unwashed to these same candidates.  The favorite scam label for the educated voter is Socialist!

There is a great disconnect between the rural voter and the city voter.  Each have a different set of realities they bring to the voting booth.  In 2011, candidates must balance the needs of city and country without alienating one or the other.  What has happened, since the last election, is the disarray of established political parties has allowed a third agenda to hijack the entire legislative process.  The cats were away and the rats took over.  The result is that no relevant legislation, necessary to  help mend America, can be passed.  Case in point,  while America’s ship runs full speed toward the hurricane, congress had to reaffirm the nation’s motto that was  made official in 1956.  Thank you Huffington Post for the article  In God We Trust’: Choosing Faith Over Freedom

What ever it takes to encourage voters to pay attention to the real issues and hold them side by side with actual candidate track records, please let that begin.  It is not  emphasized that the social safety aspects of the government includes infrastructure and assistance for the less fortunate.  These are the very things that are at risk during the next election.  There is a great possibility that those programs Americans fought so hard for, will be reduced or eliminated by a congress that thinks that tax reduction is the answer for everything … because,  that is what their corporate handlers insist they push for.  This makes it  nearly impossible for an educated voter, because the main stream corporate media (MSM) wants you to know only those things that will make you vote the corporate way.  

An educated voter will research beyond the MSM and discover for themselves that the government is an entity well beyond the control of politicians, even though they want you to think the’re in control.  The power for politicians is in the numbers.  Greater voting numbers in the House and Senate can actually change government.  But when the main political parties are torn apart within themselves and cannot vote together, the radicals can manipulate and intimidate everyone to get their way.  The word is SOLIDARITY.  The educated voter needs to keep this fact in mind and be in contact with their elected representatives to make sure they keep their promises.  I don’t mean for anyone to be distracted by the social manipulation issues, but actual governing issues that effect all of us, every day.

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