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Israel is sliding, America is sliding and the radicals are ready.

October 10, 2010

Is it true … Israel following the same path as Nazi movement and America sliding into Socialism?

This is a very serious election.  America is the deer in the headlights and appears to be frozen.  So, the last thing I want to hear is “its a TRUCK”!  This election is all spin and conspiracy, not that previous elections haven’t been.  But this one is critical because even hinting at rolling back what forward motion has been achieved is redefining the idealism that created this country.  The ‘Age of Empire’ is not a goal, it is already here in the form of global corpora te control.  The romantic ‘Age of Empire’ that extremists seek will return civilization to  feudalism and the economy of the ‘Middle Ages’, with the extremists as overlords.  What a romantic picture this brings ….

Communism or Nazism are NOT the choices American’s face.

Israel is sliding, America is sliding and control is going to the radicals.

Cabinet approves loyalty oath, but only for non-Jewish new citizens

Israel’s proposed ‘Jewish oath’ for new citizens sparks racism row

Livni: Loyalty oath proposal ‘politics at its worst’ – Controversial loyalty oath proposal sparks condemnation from a range of Israeli politicians; MK Tibi: Israel is a democracy for Jews, but not for Arabs.

Kadima chairwoman Tzipi Livni condemned on Sunday the cabinet’s approval of a controversial proposal requiring non-Jews seeking citizenship to pledge allegiance to Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.    “What we have seen today is politics at its worst. The sensitive issue of Israel’s existence as a Jewish and democratic state has become subject to political horse-trading.”   “The government of Israel has become subservient to Yisrael Beiteinu and its fascist doctrine,” said Tibi. “No other state in the world would force its citizens or those seeking citizenship to pledge allegiance to an ideology.”

Hadash chairman Mohammed Barakeh blamed on Sunday Netanyahu and Barak for supporting and promoting “mega-racist legislation.”

Israeli Arab MK Talab al-Sana said on Sunday that “the proposal is a serious blow to democracy and will cause the exclusion of 20 percent of the country’s citizens… [It] will situate Israel as the successor of Apartheid-era South Africa.”

The Israeli cabinet appears to have it’s own version of  the Tea Party Movement where  State and Religion are synonymous.  The Tea Party Movement in America has been advocating this same condition for this entire political season.  What they agree on is that the flavor of ‘their’ religion trumps all others.  The Tea Party contrives a ‘generic’ Jesus and fashion him into their own image.  Tea Party demands, proclamations and justifications  follow the exact same path that pre-Nazi Germany did, leading up to the takeover of the Nazi Party.  The Nazi Party contrived a disaster with their political opponent pre-designated as scape goat.  They justified their radical behavior in the name of nationalism (and racial purity) … The idea that ‘if you are not like me, you are the enemy’  is an old shallow but effective tactic to rally mob support for conflict.

Writing in today’s Haaretz, liberal commentator Gideon Levy said: “Remember this day. It’s the day Israel changes its character … From now on, we will be living in a new, officially approved, ethnocratic, theocratic, nationalistic and racist country.”

Some of the responses to the Haaritz articles are very eye opening:

Politics is smart isn’t it?

Is a Jewish state Jewish ethnic or Jewish religious? Will Orthodox rabbis alone still determine who is Jewish? Could an Arab ever be Prime Minister of The Jewish State? Why this oath now? Isn’t it just an attempt to demean Arabs and ensure that though Jews can return after 2,000 years, Arabs can’t after 60? If Jews outside Israel support this, but still expect their own countries to be secular and multi-cultural, isn’t that hypocrisy?

in a ‘jewish democracy’ everyone is equal but jews are ‘more equal’

The meaning of “Jewish state” in Israel’s Declaration of Independence

Loyalty does not come from an oath. Loyalty comes when people believe that their country is worthy of their respect and admiration. Loyalty oaths are designed by politicians who have doubts about the worthiness, uprightness, and the integrity our their country.

Great Links to disrobe the Tea Party Movement and see it for what it really is:

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One of the many official Tea Party web sites: Tea Party Patriots

Do we have a renaming of the plague from the 1950s?  Just WIKI McCarthyism: a term used to describe the making of accusations of disloyalty, subversion, or treason without proper regard for evidence.  Today McCartyism, the term, is also now used more generally to describe reckless, unsubstantiated accusations, as well as demagogic attacks on the character or patriotism of political adversaries.  Is America stuck between choosing between a Nazi path or a Socialist path?

So what will it be?  Commies or Nazis! >>>>>>>>>>>>

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