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Answer That Question Republicans!

July 18, 2010

Listening to these Sunday morning political talk shows until I want to PUKE! Republicans want to “balance the budget”. They refuse to answer the questions about slashing Social Security, Medicare, and Health Care and UNEMPLOYMENT! They package all of these programs as “ENTITLEMENTS”. They want EVERYBODY to be responsible. Boy, that sounds good. Still, Republicans refuse to define COMMON SENSE ENTITLEMENT!

John Cornyn wants people to get off their BUTTS! Thank you Mr. Cornyn. If there are no jobs for them or unemployment benefits, what do you propose they do to feed their families! On top of all the bullshit he is spouting, Congressman Pete Sessions says “We need to live within our means …” … Oooooh, I hear resentment and a lot of denial.

Pete Sessions says “We need to live within our means …”  Meet the Press  “What will GOP agenda be if it regains power” at (4:33-4:50, 5:16 )

Cornyn on NPR— said the influence of the Tea Party on the GOP was a “positive development.”

— He said the influence of the Tea Party on the GOP was a “positive development.” But as for the charge by Tea Party activists that Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski was a RINO — a Republican-In-Name-Only — he dismissed that out of hand. And as someone whose role it is to make sure the party’s incumbents are returned to office, he had warm things to say about her and another senator being challenged in the primary by the right, Arizona’s John McCain.

Cornyn..”influence of the Tea Party on the GOP was a “positive development.” Meet The Press…Slanderous to accuse the Tea Party of racism

Republicans want it all. They envision a world of elite overlords who are the sole deciders for the minions that work for them. They want the power to send their minions to fight wars to boost their profit margin … Oil can grease the Republican machine. They whip up their support base by zooming in on nonsense moral issues that can take the blame for everything … as long as the real issues stay on the back page.

Mitch McConnell is a little more serene about refusing to define entitlement. He does admit Bush Tax Cuts must stay, and extended unemployment benefits must come out of the existing Trillon Dollar budget. He says that taxes must not be raised. So … Republicans decide that to balance the budget, personal entitlements must be cut back … however, I have heard nothing about the cost of foreign wars. I have heard nothing about the details … that’s where the DEVIL lives. The details would paint the Republicans for what they are. See results from his latest interview on CNN.

CNN’s Candy Crowley talks with Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) about jobless benefits and the deficit.

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