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Military Sexual Offenses, Nothing New – Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

February 16, 2010

Women at war: Sexual violence in the US military, BBC

The atmosphere of deception is normal in the US Military as it is in US Politics.  American society is divided between the complacent and the frustrated.  As described in my July 2008 article,  What is Adrenarche and Why Are America’s Services Sexually Immature, the acceptance of sexual misbehavior in the US Military has always been accepted. Not just tolerated, but expected.  The consequences?  America the dysfunctional.

WIKI: Sexual assault in the U.S. military

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office (SAPRO)

SAPRO is the organization responsible for all Department of Defense (DoD) sexual assault policy. The Department of Defense does not tolerate sexual assault. The Department has implemented a comprehensive policy to ensure the safety, dignity and well-being of all members of the Armed Forces. Our men and women serving throughout the world deserve nothing less, and their leaders — both military and civilian — are committed to maintaining a workplace environment that rejects sexual assault and reinforces a culture of prevention, response and accountability.

ARMY – NAVY – AIR FORCE – MARINES – COAST GUARD Morale Article Index : Current 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

Sexual Assault Task Forces Urges More Oversight

U.S. military struggles with internal battles

Pentagon to track assault of contractor employees

Fort Bragg Soldier Arrested In Alleged Burglaries And Assault

Sexual Assault Permeates U.S. Armed Forces – CBS 2009 report: Shocking Report On Frequent Attacks, Low Rate Of Investigation, Prosecution

Sex Trafficking High Around U.S. Military Bases Abroad

How American’s deal with their sexual drives has a long twisted history of abuse and disinformation. By condemning natural sexual development as ‘evil’, ‘unhealthy’ and ’sinful’, American men appear to be sexually stuck in a puberty cycle (adrenarche).  This applies equally to heterosexual and homosexual Americans. American females are equally repressed, but have learned to exploit weaknesses caused by male sexual immaturity.  Sexual acting out, with the help of drugs, alcohol, or religious dogma, leads to sexual abuse, and has finally surfaced for modern public scrutiny.  Christianity shares this repression with Islam … This behavior has been around since America began.  There have always been tolerances to protect American men when they act out, called euphemistically “indiscretions”.  The “boys will be boys” attitude follows teenaged boys during sexual discovery.  Then, sexually repressed and immature adults can enter the military where sex crimes have been accepted, masked and covered up throughout history. Rape and pillage have always been rewards for soldiers from the beginning of time.

Some part of today’s society must bring mother nature back into the human maturation process.  The double standard must be healed.  America’s double standard is  sexually unhealthy and it contaminates our policies and governing ability.  Senators, Congressmen and other elected and appointed officials use sex to define their inflated egos.  Sex is the tool used, by manipulators, to influence politics and policy.   Time to enter the 21st Century.  We know too much to allow this primitive repressive behavior to continue.

Mother nature had a plan, we see evidence of that in every species we discover.  Mother nature does not tolerate tampering with sexuality any more than she tolerates rape of her earth.

The ‘lip service’ given to sexual misbehavior in the US Military is rampant, but the cure is nowhere in sight.  As long as killing enemies takes priority over protecting the ideal of civilized society, ethical standards will never be applied.

History reveals military ethics remain despicable today .

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Military Sex Offenders Registry as of January 17, 2009

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To:  U.S. Congress:  Sex offenders are a small population within the U.S. military, but cause long-lasting damage to the victims they attack and the reputation of the military. Nonetheless, the Department of Defense has done little to ensure that offenders are brought to justice through trial and conviction. Hundreds of sex offenders involved in substantiated cases each year continue to serve or are released into the civilian population without being convicted and added to the sex offender registry. The systemic problems that allow so many offenders to escape justice have yet to be addressed.

Sex offense is known to be a chronic issue for most offenders, who have offended in the past and will continue to offend until they are caught and stopped. Solving the problem is as simple as ensuring that the small numbers of offenders serving in the military are brought to justice. Instead, more and more military victims from all branches of service have come forward with accounts of how they suffered for reporting the crime while the offender got off scot-free.

This problem has raged on unabated for decades, and it is time that something be done. The first step in solving the problem is understanding exactly what is causing it, beginning with a thorough Congressional investigation that includes all service branches. This should include reviews of past sexual assault cases to determine what caused them to fail. It should also include an inquiry into cases that were proven but not sent to trial. As many victims as possible should be offered opportunities to discuss how they were treated surrounding their allegations. Sex offenders have no place in the military. It is time to determine what allows a small handful of criminals to cause such widespread damage as their victims suffer for coming forward.


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