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Is Road Rage is a way of life for Texans?

November 27, 2009

The psychological meltdown in America is becoming epidemic. Road Rage or Intermittent explosive disorder is the symptom of a greater threat.  Social and Civil breakdown.  Road Rage is seldom taken seriously by the judicial system. Man Gets 120 Days for Shooting Cyclist in the Head. Road Ragers should be classified as domestic terrorists because they can start a chain reaction of impulsive revenge behavior that costs lives.  Road Rage is often violent aggression with a vehicle as the weapon.  Regardless what triggers it, mental stability is lost and terrorism takes over.

Is Road Rage a Mental Disorder?

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety: Aggressive Driving: Three Studies

Outrageous prices may not be the only thing causing anger at the petrol pumps. A new study, published in the open access journal BMC Physiology, has shown that rats exposed to fumes from leaded and unleaded gasoline become more aggressive.

Gasoline Fumes May Fuel Road Rage

True Cause of Road Rage: Exposure to Gas Fumes? … could there be another reason for road rage besides plain old frustration at the world or pent up anger? It seems there could. According to Science Daily, Amal Kinawy, from Cairo University in Egypt, recently completed a study focusing on the “emotionally incendiary” properties of gasoline fumes.

So in addition to the already known ill health effects, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions caused by gasoline–its fumes may be actually making us angrier and more aggressive.

Edmunds:  Top 10 Tips To Prevent Road Rage

6 Ways to Reduce Your Chances of Getting Doored

CORONA, Calif.—Police say road rage may have led to a fatal shooting near a freeway in Corona.

Cite: ROAD RAGE AND AGGRESSIVE DRIVING by Leon James and Diane Nah In 1996 the American media began to write stories about violent highway incidents using warlike language that highlights a spirit of battle on the roads:

  • It’s high noon on the country’s streets and highways. This is road recklessness, auto anarchy, an epidemic of wanton carmanship. (Time)
  • Road Warriors: Aggressive Drivers Turn Freeways Into Free-For-Alls “Armed with everything from firearms to Perrier bottles to pepper spray and eggs….America’s drivers are taking frustrations out on each other in startling numbers.” (Chicago Tribune)

The Root Cause of Road Rage Road rage has happened to more than half of all drivers. Do you know what’s causing you to be a road rager?

‘Road rage’ gets a medical diagnosis ‘Intermittent explosive disorder’ affects millions in the U.S., survey finds

Intermittent Explosive Disorder SYMPTOMS

My own personal experience has formed my opinion that aggressive drivers are indeed terrorists.  They tailgate.  They cut you off. They pass in ‘no pass zones’.  They have no concept about any consequences of their behavior.  It never occurs to them that a mini van full of kids is right over that hill or around that curve.  All they want to do is get in front of you, at any cost.  All they want is their own gratification that they can get somewhere faster than you.  The rural road I travel to work every morning is a killing field.  The Texas Dept of Transportation has made it clear that road signs and traffic controls are only considered after a certain amount of traffic related deaths on a thoroughfare.  The number of injuries apparently don’t count toward consideration of traffic controls.  In Texas, there are not enough law enforcement or traffic enforcement officers per mile, Gov. Rick Perry thinks everything is just fine the way it is.

The NHTSA has studies focused on specifics. Aggressive driving has become a serious problem on our roadways. What is aggressive driving? Most of us know it when we see it, but NHTSA, after discussions with law enforcement and the judiciary, defines aggressive driving as occurring when “an individual commits a combination of moving traffic offenses so as to endanger other persons or property.” NHTSA provides guides, planners and information to law enforcement professionals and prosecutors to assist in the reduction of aggressive driving.

Roadside Memorials & Descansos of South Texas

In 2007 the NHTSA passed A Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) Based on the Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks (TACT) Pilot Project. Guidelines for developing a high-visibility enforcement campaign to reduce unsafe driving behaviors among drivers of passenger and commercial motor vehicles : a Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) based on the Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks (TACT) pilot project.

This pilot program has done little to reduce aggressive road terror and even less to enforce serious judicial sentencing.  If a road terrorist fails to kill you, they get a slap on the hand and a finger wagging ‘no no’ attitude.  Then road terrorist then celebrates the victory at a local bar and does it again … 

  1. December 15, 2009 7:30 am

    This is true. People seem to change their personalities when they turn that key.

  2. December 15, 2009 3:10 am

    I’m really against road rage — This really can lead to death and this is serious. As a driver, we need to control our temper and think of our actions before acting and reacting on things on the road.


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