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Who Will Carry The Kennedy Torch? Op Ed

August 26, 2009



The passing of Ted Kennedy may have dealt a blow to progressive humanitarian warriors.  The Senate is missing the most effective voice for the disenfranchised.  From his perch atop the mountain of comfort built by his family, Ted Kennedy used his position to battle legislative discrepancies that short changed the less fortunate.

Ted Kennedy was fortunate enough to outlive his youthful antics.  Redemption came every time he voiced support and fairness for all people.   He added weight to inclusive legislation and condemned exclusive treatment imposed upon America’s diverse population.  There are few legislative voices left with as much credibility and power in the senate.  It will take a group of legislators to carry the heavy torch that Ted Kennedy bore.

Congressman Lloyd Doggett Statement on the Death of Senator Edward M. Kennedy

“A great loss at this critical time in American history. Having worked with Senator Kennedy personally, I am inspired by his lifetime of service. Now, following his leadership, we must redouble our efforts to provide access to affordable, quality healthcare to all Americans now.”

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