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Without Health Options – Where Is Your Voice? OpEd

August 16, 2009

All the debate about the launching of “Public Option” Health Care seems to focus on those who actually HAVE health care.  Those with jobs, where their employer has pre-selected an insurance package, are being convinced their employer will dump that insurance forcing them to take the “Public Option”.  OK!  Perhaps that

Pajamas TV

Pajamas TV

will happen with small companies who are already struggling to cover their employees.  Many small companies are considering dumping coverage anyway, leaving their employees on their own. Large companies will keep providing health care to attract high dollar employees.

Public Option is now  the DEMON for those who HAVE health care!  Public Option is the SAVIOR for those without!

Individual health coverage is exorbitant, expensive and out of reach for the majority of the public.  Looking for affordable personal coverage … even Cobra, is a fruitless search.  Minimal personal coverage costs more than unemployment benefits.   There is NO option at all for those who have run out of unemployment benefits …they appear to be the most unattended group in this whole debate.  Yet, they are the CAUSE for the whole debate!

Why is this country allowing Big Pharma and Heath Corporations to inject misinformation to the public through their expensive advertising and congressional puppets?  “Public Option” threatens THEIR profit margin, so they play dirty.  Congress is funded by “For Profit” Health Industry and the institutes congressmen frequently quote are OWNED by the same industry who fear cost accountability.  These profit mongers are inciting riots.  These profit mongers are building armies of misinformed to inject fear and violence into the debate for providing health care for the uninsured public … they script their congressional puppets to spout fantasy and disinformation to ignite an emotional feeding frenzy.  Lets call it a NAZI solution.  Lets call it COMMUNISM.  Lets call it DEATH.  Really now!  This is a very transparent effort to incite riots.  For profit health industry will do ANYTHING to kill the whole effort.  The more sick people, the richer this industry gets!

Those without health care do not fall into the safety net of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid …

Those without health care are the wrong age, they are in between because medicare starts at 65 years. Medicaid has complex requirements … Poverty alone does not necessarily qualify an individual for Medicaid.

Those without health care once made too much money to qualify and have not been destitute long enough, current financial conditions not considered.  Job loss, home loss, psychological meltdown, family crisis …

Here is the biggest problem.  If Big Health Conglomerates get their way, they will profit from the health meltdown of all Americans.  There will be millions without preventative medicine.  Millions that will carry communicable disease to each other.  Millions will suffer pain and hopelessness.  Millions of healthless, hopeless people will be free to become criminals, what do they have to loose?  All of this allows Big Medicine to charge anything they want for their advertised solutions to the country’s ills.

I watched a prime time network television program this week.  The commercial break had FIVE pharmaceutical ads back to back touting solutions to Erectile Dysfunction, Asthma, Cholesterol, Bladder problems and of course Anti-Depression.  What a depressing commercial break!  The Industrial health system must sell its cures with advertising and collusion with doctors themselves.  They have a system that guarantees profit.  Their excuse is research expense.  OK.  How much research expense also pays for exotic vacations, CEO perks, exclusive rich toys for management  and directors and media advertising?

The long term uninsured must rely on the black market, stolen drugs, and shamanism.  Other options are to commit a crime, go to jail and get watered down free health care.  This is the STATUS QUO.  The emotional robots hired by Big Medicine want to keep it that way.  It is OK to become victims themselves, as long as the image and rhetoric is FREEDOM!  A country of BIOHAZARDS mean PROFIT!

Prairie Fire Enterprises

Prairie Fire Enterprises

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