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Neda, Icon and Martyr – All Day On Twitter Watching Iran – Updates

June 20, 2009

Who was Neda? Slain woman an unlikely martyr

  • Neda Agha-Soltan, 26, was the second of three children from middle-class family
  • Friend said she was happy, serene, spiritual — with a quirky sense of humor
  • Neda once played the violin but gave it up; she wanted to learn to play the piano
  • In her last moments, she’s seen observing a protest when single bullet hits her

Her Name Was Neda… Neda Soltani2Neda Soltani2Neda Soltani2Neda Soltani

Early today, a beautiful young woman, Philosophy Student, Neda Soltani, was demonstrating in Tehran, along with her father. When friction between the Basiji – the brutal packs of militia that patrol the streets of Neda Soltani2Tehran, beating women and children and students — and the demonstrators broke out, it was her ill-fortune to become one of the first victims of Basiji homicide, though she was doing nothing more than standing by innocently, watching.

It is said that a Basij sniper shot her through the heart, simply to see her die.

The final moments of her tender young life leaked into the pavement of Karegeh Street today, captured by cell phone cameras. And not long after, took on new life, flickering across computer screens around the world on YouTube, and even CNN.

The words of her fellow students, her fellow Iranians are already burning an indelible message into cyberspace. Within minutes of her name being identified, it became the fastest-rising ‘trending topic’ on Twitter.

Her name was Neda, an innocent bystander shot dead just for watching.APTOPIX Mideast Iran Election
We are Neda and all those who fell with her.Iran_06_15_09_Athanasiadis_Tehranmarch_edit
Neda is one Iranian. Neda is all Iranians.
RT May God cradle #NEDA in Peace and wake her soul to show her that she was not lost for nothing, her blood rained freedom
The World cries seeing your last breath, you didn’t die in vain. We remember you.
It has been reported that the name Neda means voice or call in Farsi…

Her name was Neda…

She is the voice of the people. She is a call to freedom.

Unrest-Iranian-Presidenti-001I feel very GREEN today.  I signed up for Twitter, today, to see what all the Iran action was all about.  Whoever you are, wherever you are, if you had access to Twitter you would have been riveted.  The unfolding drama is still mesmerizing and frightening to read personal experiences real-time.  Learning about the Ayatolla’s personal mercenaries, homicidal Basiji thugs.  Who are the Basiji?  I found a www.reuters.comrevealing piece from an archived article on the National Post.  WIKI: Basij

So far using Twitter, “iranelection”,  “Neda”, and “Tehran”  and seeing updates, in the hundreds, every few seconds was overwhelming.  Trying to keep up and watch trends about how to protect from tear gas, how to slow down Basiji retaliation, how to find medical help was amazing.   I can see how the Twitter Effect can be all consuming.

RT Up to 57 martyrs. Updated list of revolution martyrs. 07:30 21/06 Do not let them be forgotten.

realdemocracy6jtRT:If sec forces from out of town, will need to use street signs. Remove signs and house numbers or change them around.

RT “On 9/11, the world said we were all Americans. Tonight, we’re all Iranian” Red

RT If an innocent girl gets shot halfway across the world, does she make a sound? Yes, and the whole world hears her. #iranelection #neda

RT We have all died a bit today with #Neda… but the people’s movement lives on in the memory of her and the other Iranian dead.

Image of ‘Neda’ becomes rallying cry for protesters – The CNN Wire – Blogs #Tehran #IranElection


‘Neda’ becomes rallying cry for Iranian protests

  • “Neda” was reportedly killed on Saturday during Iranian protests
  • Her death captured on video has sparked worldwide debate
  • “Neda” had become one of top “trending topics” on Twitter by late Saturday

People on Twitter starting forming a discussion group with the “hashtag” .neda to post their comments about her death and media coverage of the killing, as well.

“Neda, ojala que tu muerte no sea en vano,” one poster tweeted. “Neda, I hope that your death is not in vain.”

SKY News:   Murdered Teen Gives Protesters Global Voice

Foreign media are banned from reporting on non-official events in Iran, where the state censors and regulates the information seen by its citizens and those abroad.  But a video clip showing a girl known as Neda, who is thought to have been no older than 16, bleeding to death while frantic attempts are made to save her life has been broadcast across the globe via the internet.  Reports from the country say the teenager had been watching Saturday’s protests with her father when she was shot by Iran’s militia.   A message posted with the original footage on YouTube alleges she was intentionally shot in the chest.  “I am a doctor, so I rushed to try to save her,” the video’s poster said.  “But the impact of the gunshot was so fierce that the bullet had blasted inside the victim’s chest, and she died in less than two minutes.  “The protests were going on about 1 kilometre away in the main street and some of the protesting crowd were running from tear gas used among them, towards Salehi St.  The story of Neda’s death has resonated with protesters across the world.  In America, pictures of her face have appeared on posters at protests against the Iranian government, hailing her as a martyr, US media reports.  Anti-government bloggers using Twitter to thwart the authorities’ attempts to stop them communicating have started using her name as a call sign, making it one of the most mentioned words on the site.   Thousands have taken to the streets  “RIP NEDA, The World cries seeing your last breath, you didn’t die in vain. We remember you,” reads one Tweet.  Another reads: “Neda, you have become the VOICE of your peoples suffering and you will always live in our hearts as a hero.”

Sky News foreign affairs correspondent Lisa Holland said: “In movements for change there are usually defining momements, and in Iran this may well be one of them.    “There is a palpable sense that after this there is no going back – that the course to take on the theocracy of Iran has been set.”

Photos: Who Was Neda Agha-Soltan?

Not much is known about the young woman whose death has become a symbol of the Iranian anti-government movement

[Tuesday, Jun. 23, 2009]

I am searching desperately to get a biography for this teenager.  She was a Philosophy Student, Neda Soltani. Her family is at risk by the sitting power in Iran.  Iran has made a symbol out of Neda, the Ayatollas have demonstrated that CURIOSITY is lethal.  The disgusting part of all this is, that families of opposition and protesters are being targeted by the Iranian Administration to make the point that, “if you defy us, your family will suffer”..

Police Arrest 5 Family Members Of Iran’s Leading Opposition Figure

Mayur Pahilajani – AHN News Writer:   Tehran, Iran (AHN) – Iranian security forces have arrested five family members of one of Iran’s most powerful figures during the protest, state media reported on Sunday.  The daughter of former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani was arrested along with four relatives during an anti-government protest in Tehran on late Saturday, according to PressTV, citing a local newspaper.  Among those who were arrested include Faezeh Hashemi, a well-known women’s rights activist, former parliament deputy and head of women sports in Iran.  Ayatollah Rafsanjani is considered as a key rival of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and head of Expediency Council in Iran.

Like her father, Hashemi has emerged as an important figure in the opposition and has been a critic of Ahmadinejad’s policies.  The four others detained include Faezeh’s daughter, as well as Hossein Mar’ashi’s wife, daughter, and his-sister-in-law. Hossein Mar’ashi is a cousin to Hashemi-Rafsanjani’s wife, according to PressTV.

jalili20090621142523187‘Five Hashemi-Rafsanjani relatives arrested’

21 Jun 2009 14:14:24 GMT -Iranian security forces have arrested five close relatives of Iran’s Expediency Council head Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani, including his daughter Faezeh Hashemi.   Last night, five members of the former president’s family were arrested, Iran Newspaper on Network reported.   The five include Faezeh Hashemi and her daughter, as well as Hossein Mar’ashi’s wife, daughter, and sister-in-law — Mar’ashi is a cousin to Hashemi-Rafsanjani’s wife.    The five have been reportedly arrested for having participated in an illegal rally “in [Tehran’s] Azadi Avenue and inciting and encouraging rioters” on Saturday.

Other unconfirmed reports also indicate that another one of Hashemi-Rafsanjani’s children was seen elsewhere in the capital participating in the unrest in “Toheed Square.”
He, however, fled the scene after being recognized, the reports added.

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