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Cannabis Still In The Headlamps

May 14, 2009

Whatever side you stand on, the issue for and against the Medical use of Cannabis remains a topic of controversy.  Intentional bias has been at the root of all the misinformation surrounding marijuana/cannabis for most of the 20th century, in the western hemisphere.  Profit motive has driven disinformation both for and against the use of marijuana for anything at all.  One of the biggest threats is to the recreational alcohol industry and the pharmaceutical industry.  Well, well, well, aren’t those industries among the biggest contributors to political campaigns?  Political profit landing on the side of government empires engaged in all out war against drugs in general, but marijuana specifically because that’s too easy a target.  Those who have benefited from the use of marijuana, for a myriad of medical conditions, will sacrifice themselves for the principle, if not the relief it brings.  Arguments made about the validity of medical applications will be from Big Pharma and the doctors on their payroll.

The FDA has been on the payroll of Big Pharma for too long.  All these recent revelations about drugs recalled only after too many casualties have piled up, do not lend credibility to the FDA.  So, why rely on their opinion about marijuana?  Classifying marijuana along with heroin, cocaine and meth is like arguing that one class of human has less value than another class of human is deliberate propaganda.  Suppressing valid medical studies is as criminal as illegally smuggling drugs!  Like the misinformation surrounding the science of ‘global warming’,  the misinformation regarding cannabis is still embedded in western society.

Big Pharma would rather you “get excited” with Viagra than “get mellow” with Pot.  Its called profit motive … Big Pharma cannot profit without control over a treatment.  That’s where the local, state and federal politicians must genuflect to their contributors!

Marijuana potency surpasses 10 percent, U.S. says


  • Average potency of marijuana passes 10 percent, gov’t officials say
  • Officials warn marijuana’s rise in potency poses serious risk to youth drug users
  • Scientists fear marijuana potency could reach 15 percent in next 10 years

Former Mexican president calls for legalizing marijuana

  • Changes in drug policy must be done in conjunction with the U.S., Vicente Fox says
  • Former Mexico president compares drug battle to Prohibition in the 1920s
  • Call for a change prompted by surge in drug-related violence in Mexico

Roadblocks to Health Care

White House tries to combat drug demand with rehab

  • Drug court supporters say program is more effective than jail time
  • Biden stresses the importance of drug courts in announcing new drug czar
  • Obama vows crackdown on drug war but says stopping all drug flow is unrealistic
  • Legalizing marijuana is not an option, White House says

Obama: Marijuana Legalization Not Good For The Economy

New Drug Czar Calls for End of ‘War on Drugs’

The drug czar doesn’t have the power to enforce any of these changes himself, but Mr. Kerlikowske plans to work with Congress and other agencies to alter current policies.

DEA agents on a marijuana bust

DEA agents on a marijuana bust. Photo:

(SALEM, Ore.) – “We’re not at war with people in this country.”    The nation’s new Drug Czar says he wants to end the “War on Drugs” and prefers the adoption of policies that favor treating drug users rather than incarcerating them.

The news was delivered during a Wall Street Journal interview where former Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske spoke openly about the failure of a national approach to drug abuse. Currently, one out of 31 Americans are either incarcerated or part of the parole and probation system. Many if not most of those serving time were convicted of non-violent drug crimes.In spite of Obama’s statements that the Justice Department would no longer be used to raid medical marijuana dispensaries, the seemingly rogue Drug Enforcement Agency has continued to raid medical marijuana dispensaries, even though both President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, said they would not.

Antidote to Drug War Madness

Pot Continues to Climb in Public Opinion Polls — Zogby Goes Over 50%

  1. May 15, 2009 6:21 am

    Thanks Proud. You have reinforced the point. It will be a mighty task to turn preconceived opinions into educated ones … especially when so many little empires, built upon a myth, have to be dismantled.

  2. proudprogressive permalink
    May 14, 2009 2:59 pm

    Legalization of both medicinal cannibus and Industrial Hemp would re vitalize this county’s economy over night. The products are endless. And you are right its an easy target..It is well over due that the united states get over its reefer madness mentality and stop surpressing the benefit analysis out there.

    They need to free the plant and the prisoners. With the truth about Mary Jane, it doesn’t have to be a third rail issue and not allowing it into our economy , is pure madness. The drug war is a huge waste of money when focused on this plant. Having in on the schedule one of Narcotics is ludicris ! – the sentences are outrageous – longer than murder one in some cases , simply because of the prohibition – imprisonment for MJ has ruined more lives , than the drug itself ever could or will.

    and its medicinal properties are indusputable , user milage may vary , just like with any other medication and and individual.

    great post BK !

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