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America: Co-dependent on The Drug War – Dysfunctional and Enabling

March 31, 2009


Enablers are codependent – Many people do not realize that co-dependency is an addictive process — a disease just like any other addiction. Co-dependency can be described as a dysfunctional pattern of living in which one overreacts to things going on outside of oneself and under reacts to what is going on inside. It involves compulsive behaviors and dependence upon approval from others in order to achieve a sense of safety, identity and self-esteem. Co-dependents put all their efforts into those around them, neglecting to fully take care of themselves, especially emotionally. Co-dependency is a disease that, if left untreated, can lead to other addictions such as eating disorders, substance dependence, workaholism and compulsive spending.

[The enabler]  feels a sense of accomplishment when in control. The Enabler is motivated by fear, love and hate, caring, frustration and ignorance, and thus plays a key role in allowing dysfunctional behaviors to continue.    Vicki Lavick, M.D.Ed. is the assistant clinical coordinator of outpatient services with Proctor Hospital’s Addiction Recovery Center.prohibition

With the economy pushing a whole population to the brink of an emotional breakdown, the government insists on repeating the mistakes of the 1930s.  This makes sense to those profitting from the underground economy.  Keeping America co-dependent and focused on ‘Effect’, is the best thing for Drug Lords.  Forcing people to accept unregulated, over priced, addictive product amounts to Big Bucks for the most powerful capitalistic industry in the world.  Enabling the Black Market produces Big Bucks for politicians and law enforcement.  The government allocates disproportionate human and financial resources to project a moral point, while enabling the condition to flourish.  The Black Market Drug Industry depends on this co-dependent behavior to profit and expand their own control.  The unstable economy is great for Black Market business.  Recruiting Black Market soldiers is also easy, all yoi have to do is flash a little cash in the face of a desperate unemployed person.  In the news, ‘desperate housewives’ are turning to strip clubs for employment!

More Women Taking It Off To Make Ends Meet …  more women wanting to slip on stilettos and slip off their clothes to earn some extra cash.    “Nurses, doctors, we’ve had lawyers,” – “We have all walks of life in here and the biggest reason is because you can spend more time with your children.”

People are robbing banks to pay their rent!

Dennis R. Winters, 40, was worried about how he would pay his debts when he and his wife robbed Bennington State Bank in downtown Salina on Sept. 5, Winters’ attorney told District Judge Rene Young at his sentencing Wednesday. .

If the ‘Fat Cats’ can rob our life savings and pensions, whats robbing a little bank or two to pay the rent?  This attitude of ‘monkey see, monkey do’ is becoming more plausible for the ordinary citizen who feels both responsible for their condition and victimized by “those in control” who deceived them.  On the verge of nervous breakdown, more and more people turn to the escapism of drugs.  I do not endorse drug use or the Black Market.  I do see, however, the futility of addressing the whole issue from the wrong direction.

Commentary: War on drugs is insane

  • Jack Cafferty: We spend enormous sums to enforce the laws against drugs
  • Mexican cartels have set up operations in 230 American cities, he says
  • Cafferty: Enforcement doesn’t stop Americans from finding ways to get drugs
  • He says there are many other uses for the billions we spend in war on drugs

Someone described insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time. That’s a perfect description of the war on drugs.   What do you suppose the total price tag is for this failed war on drugs? One senior Harvard economist estimates we spend $44 billion a year fighting the war on drugs. He says if they were legal, governments would realize about $33 billion a year in tax revenue. Net swing of $77 billion. Could we use that money today for something else? You bet your ass we could. Plus the cartels would be out of business. Instantly. Goodbye crime and violence.

What’s Wrong With the Drug War?mexico-cartel-influence_123

206million2Drug Cartels play on dysfunctional, misplaced government logic to prosper.  If all the resources now aimed at fighting the EFFECT of illegal drugs and NOT the CAUSE, Drug Cartels will always be in charge.  Government components and sleazy Big Pharma lobbyists in the pocket of Drug Cartels, work tirelessly to keep drugs illegal and focused on the effect.  This is NOT a holistic approach. Cafferty quotes Einstein, insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time”Einstein also gave us this lesson, “A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.

This money could be spent on health care and education …People are becoming more desperate and vulnerable to offers of easy survival money.  Drug smugglers have no problem recruiting more and more soldiers for their industry.  Follow the money!  Besides the Cartels, who REALLY profits…?  Government Agencies, suppliers of weapons, surveillance toys,  and a growing army of DEA, FBI, ATF, ‘Drug Czars’, big rehab clinics, small town law enforcement and judges.   We see in the news every day about who REALLY suffers from this dysfunction, everyday people caught in the crossfire, people without community social assistance, and the IRS would have a fiesta collecting taxes on new revenue sources. Black Market money is not taxed because it is never reported … DUH!  It costs twice as much to locate and confiscate that Black Market money than what is ultimately collected.

Drug Cartels are engaged, right now, in a turf war of their own.  Now is the time to break co-dependency and put these drugs under federal control and regulation.  Put these guys out of business while they are distracted.  Put money back in the pockets of the taxpayer instead of the pockets of Drug Lords and Crooked Politicians.  A major re-think about America’s co-dependency on the drug industry must be addressed right now.

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