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Coastal Real Estate Prices Drown As Sea Levels Rise – Updated

March 15, 2009

“Plan for the future because that’s where you are going to spend the rest of your life.”  Mark Twain

This original article from 2009 shows the results of decades of scientific study and measurement.  It is 2012 now.  What serious consideration have our world leaders shown to addresses the inevitable changes to earth’s ocean  and it’s ability to sustain life?

This article is not wasting it’s time pointing fingers at causes. This article wants to stir active participation by humans, who don’t want to suffer because of world governments’ inaction. Earth is changing, and humans have the ability to adapt to what is coming.  Inaction is suicide.

Our leaders must make the connection between global economy, earth changes and earth’s ability to sustain human life.  Getting rich now by grabbing what the earth has left to offer is a child’s solution with no foresight.  When the resources run out, and the coastline has risen, humans will be packed into ever shrinking habitable places.  Shrinking land mass must be shared with the land our food grows on.  So, the political nonsense the world finds itself in can destroy the human race, if alternatives are not found.

This article states scientific reality and projected scenarios.  The only political angle to the reason for this article, is that today’s leaders are distracted from doing anything about it. Power and money is not going to stop the earth from changing.  Our immediate interests and our future interest in the planet that supports us, must be distinguished. As human beings, we must use the intelligence our species is so proud of, to adapt to earth’s natural cycles.  We know what the earth is capable of because evidence is all around.  What we haven’t learned is what humanity plans to do to survive. 

Learn this new terminology S. L. R. (Sea Level Rise)

Long-Term Sea Level Rise in Washington, D.C. Could Have Significant Impact

Rising Sea Levels Seen as Threat to Coastal U.S.

About 3.7 million Americans live within a few feet of high tide and risk being hit by more frequent coastal flooding in coming decades because of the sea level rise caused by global warming, according to new research.

“Sea level rise is like an invisible tsunami, building force while we do almost nothing,” said Benjamin H. Strauss, an author, with other scientists, of two new papers outlining the research. “We have a closing window of time to prevent the worst by preparing for higher seas.”

The project on sea level rise led by Dr. Strauss for the nonprofit organization Climate Central appears to be the most elaborate effort in decades to estimate the proportion of the national population at risk from the rising sea. The papers are scheduled for publication on Wednesday by the journal Environmental Research Letters. The work is based on the 2010 census and on improved estimates, compiled by federal agencies, of the land elevation near coastlines and of tidal levels throughout the country.

3 FLOOD LONDON c Layout1 (1)

Scientists predict one-meter sea level rise by 2100

STOCKHOLM, March 10 (Xinhua) — Climate scientists warned on Tuesday that sea level rise could exceed one meter by 2100 if governments fail to control global warming effectively, said reports from Copenhagen.


“The upper range of sea level rise by 2100 could be in the range of about one meter, or possibly more,” said a statement released by climate scientists at a three-day gathering in Copenhagen from Monday in preparation for the UN Climate Change Conference due in December in Denmark.

The estimate almost doubles the projection of 18 cm to 59 cm by the end of the century made in previous studies.

“In the lower end of the spectrum it looks increasingly unlikely that sea level rise will be much less than 50 cm by 2100,” the statement said.

Sea rise ‘to exceed projections’

The global sea level looks set to rise far higher than forecast because of changes in the polar ice-sheets, a team of researchers has suggested.

The first 2009 Summit was held in England.  There are more planned for 2009:

3rd Annual Climate Change UK Summit

Given the current economic climate when companies are tightening their belts, how can 1-lwvdatayou keep climate change and environmental sustainability at the top of the agenda and keep the level of growth at the same time?

2009 Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition (MIECF)Date: Apr. 2-4, 2009   Location: Macao , China

Sustainabilitylive! 2009 Date: May 19-21, 2009   Location: Birmingham, UK

The Global Corporate Responsibility Reporting Summit 2009 Date: Jun. 11-12, 2009   Location: Brussels, Belgium

15th Annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference Date: Jul. 5-8, 2009   Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands

Indian Environment Summit 2009 Date: Sep. 14-16, 2009   Location: New Delhi, India

IES 2009 Water & Waste Water Conference Date: Sep. 14-16, 2009   Location: New-Delhi, India


Doesn’t anyone realize the investment bonanza that rising sea levels bring?  Houses must be moved or put on stilts.  

House boats will be the next real estate extravaganza.  “Aquatecture” is the terminology.  Marinas must re-tool to accept more populations.  Many innovative companies have already introduced floating communities.  Many forward thinking futurists have already made advanced proposals accepting the inevitable consequence of global warming and ice melts.  None of these proposals address the cause, they address the effect.  They address solutions.

As fears of global warming induced population displacement are steadily realized, the allure of waterborne aquatecture becomes more and more enticing. Designed by Alexander Asadov, this incredible floating Aerohotel features a lighter-than-air aesthetic that sits serenely atop an elegant system of supports. Conceived as an elevated aquatic structure replete with hanging gardens, the space-age floating island preserves the entire extent of the ecosystem beneath it, contrasting with man-made islands that disrupt their immediate environment with tons of gravel fill.


Netherlands learns to go with the flow

One person with a vision of how the Dutch can adapt to the “living with water” lifestyle is architect Alexander Henny.

Floating home delivery (Image: TVE)

One solution is to build floating houses that rise and fall with the tide

He is one of the country’s top designers of floating houses, and calls his practice “Aquatecture”.

“There’s a concrete foundation that floats, which is hard to understand for most people, but because it is hollow it is lighter than the water,” he told the programme.

“In the lower part of the house, which is submerged, are the sleeping quarters. On the top is the living room and kitchen.”


But living on the water is still only for a tiny proportion of the population. The government has stated that its emphasis is to protect those on land.

America’s Floating Communities,   Home Sweet Houseboat,   Canada’s Floating CommunitiesMarina Wes-Del A Community of Floating Homes  floating-homes

Can earth’s population risk ignoring the inevitable?  Earth’s natural climate cycles swing between extremes of hot and cold.  History and Science have documented dozens of climate changes and life form adaptations.


Creatures that cannot or will not adapt become extinct.  Humans are divided into those  who embrace adaptation and those who don’t.  This is the human condition of denial.  This may be the best scenario in the long run.  Humans, unable to adapt, will fall to the Darwin theory and expire, allowing survival of the fittest.  Sadly, humans in denial have the resources to adapt, but refuse to adapt because of ideological brainwashing.


The North American continent will loose millions of acres of workable land mass.  Much of the remaining land will become swamp.


 The unfortunate consequence, of backward thinking, is the release of more pollution and toxic material from corporate ‘cost saving’ measures.  Fresh water technology will be another market boom.  Scrubbing the waste from past generations in order to supportpoar02a_warming0605 future generations is the most daunting immediate challenge. Remaining land must become dedicated to growing food.

The 1995 movie failure Waterworld contributed insight into an extreme vision of the world after both polar ice caps melt.  The story is long and received poor reception, its concept was too far ahead of its time.  Science fiction of the 1990s was more attuned to outer space scenarios.  Perhaps it would be morelilypad_2 thoughtfully received today.  Underwater cities are also a viable future vision for survival.  After all, if we emerged from the sea millions of years ago, it should be a natural cycle to return as a means to survive.

With what we know now, and the technology available now, humanity has no excuse.  US and World leaders must step away from suppression ideologies, accusations, finger pointing and, instead, focus on:trilobis_pm1

1. reducing contributing factors and

2. preparing for alternative living arrangements

3. seriously working with alternative energy

4. seriously working to prepare human communities

5. seriously focus on the timeframe available to work solutions

6. prepare for the massive environmental diaspora

Check out this great idea … Underwater Habitats2036_200605113017


If you remain skeptical about the natural  processes that define earth’s personality, please don’t stand in the way of those serious about preparing for survival. The water in these worst case scenario maps looks pretty clean.  Think again. All those areas under water have untold amounts of toxic substances from landfills, industrial waste, mining and drilling waste, military waste and general population waste.  Coasts around the world already suffer from water pollution and are struggling for enough drinkable water for their populations. Sea organisms are mutating and becoming toxic, so it is possible the sea will not be able to feed us like it did in ancient times.  There is a lot to consider and a lot to plan for.  What are you doing? What is your community doing? What is your country doing? Inaction is guarantees suffering.

Weather alone should be the best clue that something is changing.  It took the 9/11 catastrophe to awaken Americans that threats from abroad are real.  The increasingly unusual weather patterns should be another wake up call.  9/11 sent America on a war of revenge.  The climate crisis should send us on a war against ignorance.

Resources are improving as reality is becoming more accepted.


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