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Who Has More Rights, The Vanquished or Profiteers

January 25, 2009


“Israel’s right to defend itself”

Where to get footage of Gaza” requests from film makers, activists, etc- free commons license, Al_jazeera’s Gaza Footage

Gaza – The Blood-Soaked U.S.-Israeli “Ceasefire”

BBC refuses to broadcast charity appeal for Gaza aidartbbcgazaprotestafpgi

Israel promises troops legal backing over Gaza war

JERUSALEM, Jan 25 (Reuters) – International calls to investigate Israel over alleged war crimes in the Gaza Strip prompted Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Sunday to promise military personnel state protection from foreign prosecution.

“The commanders and soldiers sent to Gaza should know they are safe from various tribunals and Israel will assist them on this front and defend them, just as they protected us with their bodies during the Gaza operation,” Olmert said.


Rights group Amnesty International has said that Israel’s use of white phosphorus munitions — which can cause extreme burns — in built-up areas of the Gaza Strip was indiscriminate and therefore constituted a war crime.

Israel investigates phosphorus claim

ISRAEL has admitted — after facing mounting pressure — that its troops might have used banned white phosphorus shells during its three-week Gaza offensive.

As the last Israeli troops left the Gaza Strip, the military said it would look at claims by the United Nations and human rights groups that it improperly used the munition, in contravention of international law._41025782_wpfire203

Under review by Israeli officer Colonel Shai Alkalai is the use of white phosphorus by a reserve paratroop brigade in northern Israel. According to army sources, the brigade fired up to 20 phosphorus shells into a heavily built-up area around the township of Beit Lahiya.

‘We are shooting at them, they are shooting at us — nothing has changed’

Holmes: Destruction Level in Gaza Higher than Expected

United Nations Under Secretary General, John Holmes said, Friday, that  the destruction level in Gaza is much higher than he expected, and that the number of casualties is very alarming.

In a press conference held, Friday, at the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), after his visit to the Gaza Strip, Holmes said that over 100 thousand Palestinians, whose houses were destroyed in the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, were left without homes or sources of income, have healthcare problems and are wondering what to do next.

Reluctant to engage in this emotional crisis of human atrocity.  I’ve had enough of political factions twisting excuses to slaughter people indiscriminately.  One bad guy in the center of a village DOES NOT justify taking out the entire village!

Hollywood and governments impress the public with visions of  “surgical” strike capability.  This is the most absurd and blatant lie we have bought.  To actually believe any side prefers to address a perpetrator directly is a fairy tale.  The image of massive collateral damage is more effective.  Public sympathy will fall one way or another.  Angry responses are welcome to the stronger side.  Atrocities are enabling factors for weapons manufacturers and war profiteers.  We have just endured the Bush Administration, who allowed the military industrial complex to guide America’s Foreign and Domestic Policy.  Not only does the atrocity of mass murder encourage war profiteers, but the environmental impact attracts infrastructure re-builders.  There are profiteers around every corner, drooling at the potential provided by destruction.  Making a place unlivable is as criminal as mutilating a population.gazadestroyed

Right and Wrong no longer exist in today’s political world. What we see right now is economics at work.

The people who profit never felt a bullet or a bomb or had to search for food and water to survive.

This behavior is criminal, no matter who allows it.  Whether Bush and his gang will ever answer for their crimes is up to history.  Whether the World will ever recover depends on how many wake up in time to put the fire out.


  1. January 25, 2009 6:00 pm

    Thanks Joe, I put very few rules on my thought process, only my behavior. Right you are about being an idealist. At my age, though, my rosy glasses have faded a bit.
    The end justifying the means is an endless history lesson. I don’t deny it, but the infuriating part is that the ‘means’ always has too much Hollywood makeup on it.
    As for the world ‘terrorist’ … I truly believe that ALL revenge is terror. (That puts us all in the same boat). Pre-emptive aggression is terror that begets more terror. That makes us blind to the ripple effect of everything we do. Since revenge is blind, the ripple effect of collateral damage is inevitable. Thus begins the endless cycle of more revenge.
    Thank you for clarifying your thought.

  2. Average Joe permalink
    January 25, 2009 5:34 pm

    Upon reading my first sentence again I think it needs clarifying. It sort of implies that all Middle Eastern people are dangerous, which I do not believe. We just need to destroy all the terrorists regimes.

    Bosskitty, you must ask yourself if the end justifies the means. In this case I think they do. I’m a realist but can certainly understand the pleasure of being an idealist. You don’t have stupid things like rules to encumber your thought process.

  3. January 25, 2009 3:21 pm

    Average Joe,
    “I wish the world’s democracies would get together and just obliterate all the dangerous Middle Eastern people out there.”
    That’s what they’re thinking, too. Forget the rules. Its all about casualty numbers and headlines. Morality is a meaningless word at this point. All rules of civilization appear broken, law also becomes meaningless. Returning to tribal mentality means God had no plan after all. Everyone should just forget civilization and reboot the system. This planet seems to be thinking the same thing.
    \\\\\\\TILT\\\\\\ GAME OVER///////

  4. Average Joe permalink
    January 25, 2009 3:09 pm

    I wish the world’s democracies would get together and just obliterate all the dangerous Middle Eastern people out there. Lets just get this over with. The ONLY way to beat an enemy that is willing to kill themselves is to kill them, it’s not rocket science and Israel knows this. We knew it when it came to the Japanese and kamikazes in WWII. It is clear that a large amount of the world’s hate comes directly from this region, just look at its history. Go ahead, use white phosphorous. In the “real world” children there are no rules in war, screw the U.N. The U.N. is largely a body of regulation that inhibits expediency on nearly every issue it deals with.

    Rules in war!!?? Is that a punchline?! Let’s say you’re an average sized guy and a huge muscle bound man starting beating the crap out of you. The only way to beat him is to knee him in the family jewels. Is the unwritten rule that a man shouldn’t do that to another man going to stop you from defending yourself? Of course Israel is much more powerful, but that just proves the stupidity for them to attack such a stronger opponent.

  5. January 25, 2009 12:10 pm

    Oh, Ozy – recognize this?
    “Constantly risking absurdity
    and death
    whenever he performs
    above the heads
    of his audience
    the poet like an acrobat
    climbs on rime
    to a high wire of his own making
    and balancing on eyebeams
    above a sea of faces”
    These comments are but a distraction and do not assist the tragic victims of careless destruction by blind ambition, with revenge as an excuse. All parties complicit in wanton destruction of humanity in Gaza, Darfur, Bosnia, Congo, Zimbabwe and countless hot spots feed the insatiable consumer of bones and destroyer of planets.

  6. January 25, 2009 12:08 pm

    Ah, a poet.
    “Poets, come out of your closets … No time now for our little literary games, no time now for our paranoias & hypochondrias,
    no time now for fear & loathing, time now only for light & love”
    I welcome cryptic comments, they are the crosswords of my mind.
    Visit often Ozymandias

  7. Ozymandias permalink
    January 25, 2009 11:40 am

    Truth about dead


  1. Gaza War criminals get Israel’s state protection » Link Muslims

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