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A Decade of Manipulation – Bush Legacy

January 8, 2009

bushlogoAt the end of a gross error in American History, the consequences of misdirection and manipulation are being disrobed before our eyes.  Sleazy porn has more dignity than the Bush Administration.  There will always be those who deny the truth and accept the lies.  Hopefully, the truth seekers will outnumber them.  Enough stomach turning revelations about the reality of the past decade,  whitewashed legacy, is temporary and should wear off in our lifetime.  The necessity of misleading the taxpaying public is a sick form of elitism that demonstrates the attitude of monarchy.  Referring to King Bush is not an exaggeration.  The public has no right to know, because God told me to do these things is flat out bullshit. . . at least for the America constructed by our founders.  The act of dumbing down Americans, for the purpose of profit,  has come around to bite our history.  The sad state of America’s education system demonstrates that Americans are not encouraged to think for themselves, but to accept marketing propaganda, whether it is for corporate product or political gain.  There will always be lemmings.  Those are the unquestioning followers, who will jump off a cliff because the front lemming did it.  I dismiss that attitude as irreparable.  Not all Americans have been brainwashed, but many Americans have accepted radical behavior as a method of protest for their angst.  It is now necessary to shift back to the center to allow reconstruction to begin.  Reconstruction must follow destruction.  The past decade has deconstructed America.  For those who are ardent about holding the perpetrators accountable, good luck.  That effort is noble and would allow closure for the injured American psyche.  For now, the act of accepting the challenge of an extreme nation makeover lies before us.  It will take every one who has a conscious, or conscience to shoulder the heavy load.

Bush actually disparages god with the same vigor as radical mullahs and preachers.  Christianity and Islam have taken hard blows because they have been used as weapons.  Religion should be taken off the agenda as an excuse for any aggression.  Religion should be recovered as a personal guide for living.  Education should be secular with emphasis on ethics.  The concept of honor and trustworthy has been lost and must be found.

The Bush Administration’s Most Despicable Act

“This is not the America I know,” President George W. Bush said after the first, horrifying pictures of U.S. troops torturing prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq surfaced in April 2004. The President was not telling the truth. “This” was the America he had authorized on Feb. 7, 2002, when he signed a memorandum stating that the Third Geneva Convention — the one regarding the treatment of enemy prisoners taken in wartime — did not apply to members of al-Qaeda or the Taliban. That signature led directly to the abuses at Abu Ghraib and Guantánamo Bay. It was his single most callous and despicable act. It stands at the heart of the national embarrassment that was his presidency.

The details of the torture that Bush authorized have been dribbling out over the years in books like Jane Mayer’s excellent The Dark Side. But the most definitive official account was released by the Senate Armed Services Committee just before Christmas. Much of the committee’s report remains secret, but a 19-page executive summary was published, and it is infuriating. The story begins with an obscure military training program called Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape (SERE), in which various forms of torture are simulated to prepare U.S. special-ops personnel for the sorts of treatment they might receive if they’re taken prisoner. Incredibly, the Bush Administration decided to have SERE trainers instruct its interrogation teams on how to torture prisoners. (Read “Shell-Shocked at Abu Ghraib?”)


Call for a Recommitment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Read “Actions For Restoring America,” a set of recommendations detailing steps that President-elect Obama should take to restore the Constitution and move freedom forward.

ACLU calls Barak Obama and his administration must engage in a new foreign policy based on these five core


The five core principles

  1. Our nation should invest in peace.

  2. Strengthen the civilian agencies that work on peace and development issues.

  3. Give diplomacy a chance.

  4. Be a part of global peacebuilding efforts.

  5. Create justice through good development and trade policies.

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