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Iranian Gaza Protest Targets Wrong Person

January 3, 2009

Iranian protesters have targeted Ebadi, even after her organization has condemned Israel’s overwhelming aggression against Gaza.  She is accused of being soft on Israel.  Right now, as Muslim sympathies gaza011for Palestinians are growing, Arab nations are increasingly nervous about keeping their hands out of the bloodbath.  Weakened American influence on these nations could tip the balance from passive to aggressive.  Ebadi is an example of misdirected anger based on a presumption.  Because she represents Human Rights, she is considered suspect.  Iran’s Government is being eerily quiet about Gaza righht now.

Nobel laureate’s Tehran home attacked

  • Protesters chanted, “Ebadi supports Israel’s murders,” Ebadi’s center says
  • artebadiafpgiProtesters are required to get a permit from the local city office, Ebadi says
  • Ebadi had condemned Israel’s actions toward Gaza, her spokeswoman says
  • EU has called on Iran “to respect their international human rights commitments”

Nobel Peace Prize 2003

For her efforts for democracy and human rights, especially the rights of women and children, in Iran ebadi1_fredscenter_photoand the Muslim world in general.

The protesters chanted, “Ebadi supports Israel’s murders,” according to a statement from Ebadi’s Center for the Defenders of Human Rights.

“Ironically, the chanting of the slogan comes shortly after the Center for the Defenders of Human Rights issued a statement condemning the violence in Gaza and demanding quick action by international organizations,” the organization said.

Iran keeps Nobel laureate’s office shut

  • Iran shuts down offices headed by Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi
  • Human rights campaigner was briefly held during raids on her offices
  • Ebadi earned Nobel Peace Prize in 2003; she is the first Iranian to win the honor
  • Iran shuts down offices headed by Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi
  • Human rights campaigner was briefly held during raids on her offices
  • Ebadi earned Nobel Peace Prize in 2003; she is the first Iranian to win the honor
  • Ebadi said Iranian authorities had no justification for raids, called them illegal

The campaign to silence Ebadi

Ebadi’s role in a potent women’s rights movement may have something to do with the recent attempts to intimidate her. She has lent her international prestige to a grass-roots campaign that has forced a conservative Parliament to accept slightly more progressive changes to a “Family Protection Bill” backed by the regime. Under the new version, a man must receive the permission of his first wife before he can take new wives. This may seem a modest reform, but to the rulers of Iran’s theocratic and patriarchal state the activities of reformers like Ebadi are obviously intolerable.

Fears Iranian raids will see Nobel winner jailed

  • Iranian raids on Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi’s office provoke anger
  • Fellow Nobel laureates concerned she will be arrested again
  • Ebadi says she and clients have filed legal challenge to raids

Global Protests Condemn Gaza Attacks

Demonstrators Decry Israeli Bombardment Of Gaza Strip As Radical Muslims Call For Holy War; Arrests In India, Russia, Egypt.

(CBS/AP) Protests against the Israeli bombardment of the Hamas-run Palestinian territory, now in its seventh day, have swept several Mideast capitals and other major cities worldwide as demonstrator condemn Israel’s air strikes which have killed more than 400 and wounded about 1,700 others.

Arab leaders face Gaza test

The Gaza crisis has exposed the growing disconnect between Arabs and their leaders.

An enraged Arab street is seeking an immediate end to the death and destruction, but Arab governments have been slow to react in the face of the Israeli offensive.

While public anger at Israel, and its staunchest ally the United States, reaches boiling point, protesters at demonstrations being held across the world are attacking Arab governments for apparently failing to act.


Worldwide protests denounce Israel

Angry protests against Israel’s bombardment of the Gaza Strip have continued throughout the world, with two of the largest demonstrations taking place in London and in Sakhnin in northern Israel. Palestinians demonstrate in the Israeli town of Sakhnin [AFP]

“Arab states repeatedly criticise Israel’s actions, but there is only so much they can do, as Israel is not minded to listen to them, and the US is not minded to listen to them either” – Robert Lowe,  Chatham House

391px-iran_awakeningEbadi is a victim of her own brave voice for the oppressed.  Oppressors cannot tolerate accountability.  Oppressors answer to no one.  Does this sound familiar?   Who among us have the nerve to stand up against wrong?

  • 2008 March – Ebadi tells Reuters news agency that Iran’s human rights record had regressed in the past two years. [11]
  • 2008 April 14 – Ebadi released a statement saying “Threats against my life and security and those of my family, which began some time ago, have intensified,” and that the threats warned her against making speeches abroad, and defending Iran’s minority Baha’i community. [17]
  • 2008, 1 September – Ebadi published her book Refugee Rights in Iran exposing the lack of rights given to Afghan refugees living in Iran.

The timing of this aggressive event is perfect because America’s hands are tied for another 2 weeks.  Bush peeps from the White House that its all Hamas  fault.  That may be the short answer.  The long answer has Bush’s fingerprints all over it.

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