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Pakistan ISI – Party to Mumbai Terror

December 1, 2008

Al-Qaeda ‘hijack’ led to Mumbai attack


– A plan by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) that had been in the pipelines for several months – even though official policy was to ditch it – saw what was to be a low-profile attack in Kashmir turn into the massive attacks on Mumbai last week.

The original plan was highjacked by the Laskar-e-Taiba (LET), a Pakistani militant group that generally focussed on the Kashmir struggle, and al-Qaeda, resulting in the deaths of nearly 200 people in Mumbai as groups of militants sprayed bullets and hand grenades at hotels, restaurants and train stations, as well as a Jewish community center.

The attack has sent shock waves across India and threatens to revive the intense periods of hostility the two countries have endured since their independence from British India in 1947.

Mumbai attacks probed as India-Pakistan relations strained

  • Official’s offer to step down follows resignation of home minister
  • Suspect says he is from Pakistan, Indian authorities say
  • Report: India considering suspending five-year-old cease-fire with Pakistan
  • 179 killed, about 300 wounded during attacks, according to federal officials

Taj Mahal hotel chairman: We had warning

  • Taj had heightened security in response to warning, Tata group chairman says
  • Increased measures wouldn’t have stopped gunmen, Ratan Tata says
  • Tata surprised at level of planning, familiarity with hotel shown by attackers
  • “We’re indignant, but we’re not scared,” Tata says of nation’s resolve

Mumbai gunmen trained in Pakistan: investigators

Lets see how this plays out.  The implications are devastating to the peace and cooperation between India and Pakistan.  The world must pay close attention and possibly intervene, if the ISI is proved to be complicit.  Kashmir is the Palestine of Asia.

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