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Around The World – Dare To Hope

November 6, 2008

World reacts to Obama’s victory

This is indeed a Global Event.  Obama has more riding on his shoulders than the US economy, global economy, multiple wars, foreign policy mess, enviroment crisis, food crisis, energy crisis.  The  world lost credible leadership and direction.  The world slipped into chaos.  Most of the world did not endorse chaos, but, without hands on the steering wheel, the world carened toward disaster.  With foot to the pedal, the United States played chicken with Armageddon with glee.  Obama is poised to grab the wheel and swerve back to the road.  The world knows this.  We all hold our breath while we watch the hands of this man determine our fates.  It appears that even Bush is tired of his teenaged fantasy game.  He’s busted! He needs to go home and grow up now.  His record will not be expunged.  His record will stand as a lesson to the world that responsible adults need to be in charge.  Obama presents as the hope we’ve all wished for.  The remnants of irresponsible teenaged gang mentality will be the challenge to Obama.  He will need our help.

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