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Hurricane Ike Still Hurts – Operation Crayon Helps

September 30, 2008

TPA member seeks assistance for school children:

I know a lot of us were affected by Ike. Lots of good wishes to you all.

A good section of my town was wiped out. We’re okay (gah bad survivor’s guilt about that, especially when I see neighbors, people from our schools emailing asking for help to find housing for their family). Our school opened back up now and is integrating area kids.

The kids are running Operation CRAYON—it’s to help get their buddies who lost everything clothes, school supplies, and back packs.

If you have the inclination or space on your blog to advertise this, I’d deeply, deeply appreciate it.

The information is:

Operation CRAYON
McWhirter Elementary
300 Pennsylvania Avenue
Webster, TX 77598

new or gently used clothing and shoes
standardized dress attire
lunch kits
school supplies

Open: M-F 8 to 4

They are also enrolling students displaced by Hurricane Ike there.

Clear Creek Independent School District is overseeing this kids initiative, so I can assure you it is a quality operation.

Also my town is accepting donations:

City of Seabrook Distribution and Donation Center
Hampton Inn on NASA parkway
running from 9/27 through 10/11

small household items (pots, pans, dishes, small appliances)
cleaning supplies
food (if you send cans, please send pop top or a can opener too)
personal hygiene items

Volunteers are needed!

Karen Campise 713-594-9422
Lori Wauls 281-635-6363

Many many thanks, Julie

Check out

  1. October 14, 2008 5:04 am

    Just launching new website, to help the everyday citizen quickly send items to help in the recovery effort.

    Tyler Dillon

  2. October 1, 2008 12:19 pm

    BossKitty (Julie); glad to help spread the word. Thanks for your words over on Talula’s Barefoot Blog. It is always nice to see feedback and interaction; I tend to get a lot of readers & trackbacks, few commenters. I know particular families there in the Clear Lake Area very well; with a lot of Early Childhood Education colleague interaction over the years there. With all the far reaches you seem to have here, perhaps there is one area you might could touch and effect change in – there is one thing I saw yesterday on the news in San Leon – a little further down the road (Hwy 146). They are desperate for a physician (or other medical help) to come down to their tiny little medical clinic. Maybe a shout-out from you could rustle up some part-time volunteers at least. That town has always had a do-it-yourself attitude & and it’s a good damn thing, since NO County, State, Guard or Federal help has been there until 2 days ago when the churches started bringing food. They lost about 75% of the towns businesses and homes – very much like Seabrook! Any support you could rustle up – might be the difference in saving a child or parent’s life! I will be talking up both of these efforts in person and online. Thanks again and come on over anytime to browse my resources, buy a book, or just chat. Talula

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